Are you bisexual? For girls

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  • 1
    Have you ever dreamed of another girl sexually?
  • 2
    Have you ever flirted with a girl?
  • 3
    Do you react the same way to an attractive girl as you would to a boy?
  • 4
    Have you ever dated a boy that was gay?
  • 5
    Do you honestly think you are bi?
  • 6
    When a girl calls you hot or cute do you feel the same if a boy would have said it?
  • 7
    When you see a hot girl do you get sexually aroused?
  • 8
    Would you accept if a girl asked to go on a date?
  • 9
    Would you ever leave a guy for a cute girl?
  • 10
    If a girl had something to get you interested in them would it turn you on?

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Ash Ketchum (89432)
288 days ago
I am a boy. I did this test. REBEL
mrwag1 (59332)
289 days ago
fancy a snog later round the bin sheds
Lauren (46561)
294 days ago
sorry i ment 40% ""pure"" and 60% ""impure""
( i put the "" because ist what the tet told me the test said "you are 40% pure!") wow just wow!!!
Lauren (46561)
294 days ago
60% pure?? so the 40% bisexual part of me is apparently bad????
please change me,Ellie, and TCastro find it affenceive (idk if other people find it offensive but we do!)
TCastro (78813)
314 days ago
I agree with Ellie, I'm not quite sure where you guys are headed when choosing the term 'pure' in the sense that the other half of our percentage result is either good or bad.
So if someone is, say 90% 'pure' that insinuating that he/she is a better person then, say someone who was only st 20% ?
As it is online quizzes tend to be general with results, there's no need to make people feel like their sexual identity is wrong or right. Instead of using a term such as 'pure', perhaps a less offensive word or answer could be "20% bi-curious" or even more of an actual summary (ex: "...while you may find yourself occasionally attracted to the opposite sex, you're more than likely just curious or open to new experiences without using labels...").
Otherwise your result explanations come across as crass & demeaning.
Ellie (80948)
359 days ago
The fact you say I'm 70% pure makes it seem to be that being bi or gay is bad and 'impure'. Unless you are against social justice, please alter this as it has caused offence.