Gay test For teens(guys only)

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Are you gay? Take this test to see

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    Scenario 1 Q1:

    Your best friend (guy) asks you to go to there's for a sleepover and you think he is gay but you're not sure. What do you say?

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Tig (95879)
10 hours ago
Im 12 im bi but got 50% gay btw how do you know if a boy likes you
Knew I was Gay (71564)
7 days ago
I already knew I was gay I just like taking these tests, but I am also scared to come out to my friends because a lot of them don't really have the fondest opinion on gays
Taken (81165)
28 days ago
100% gay I all ready new I was gay 12btw. All ready came out
The real 1 (55888)
37 days ago
Dear any one who needs help coming out just know that it will be fine just try
Cheesy AF (23735)
41 days ago
The Cheese

LGBTQ help (59066)
41 days ago
Dear anyone who is gay/bi and wants to come out,
First off, your parents will love you no matter what. Never let the fear of rejection stop you from being who you really are. Tell your parents at a time that there isn't much stress in your family, so they will be less likely to react negatively to you. Whenever you find a time, start thinking about what to say. Look your parents in the eye and remain that contact. Start with, "Mom, dad, I have something important to tell you." Then say simply, I'm gay/bi. I like boys/boys and girls. Try explaining your feelings to them and tell them what made you realize you were gay/bi. Then tell them you love them and you are still the same person. I know it seems hard, but trust me, you have the strength in you. All of you. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Mark my words, the real you is the best you.
Love and support, LGBTQ help.
Scared but Gay (23735)
50 days ago
I’m Gay, but how do I come out... and I think a girl likes me
Djdj (41265)
54 days ago
bi 71%
Travis B (36136)
76 days ago
I dont have a problem with gays
Eugene (29449)
78 days ago
I'm 57% gay. It was so interesting)
Travis100%straight (13488)
81 days ago
I have no problem with gays
Bob (03993)
82 days ago
93 percent straight, is it possible to get 100 percent?
Brandon (20975)
94 days ago
I got 86 gayand it was right 13 percent by the way
Josh (24543)
96 days ago
I got 79% and I'm gay and I'm loving it
Omg (29251)
98 days ago
I am 17 and i am 58% gay
Yeet (61948)
131 days ago
I'm CONFUSED help! 😣😣😣
Ninja (87724)
132 days ago
I am 0% Gay Wow! And 79% Straight I feel great.
Jason (31771)
134 days ago
Wow I'm %43 gay n it doesn't bother me as a matter of fact I like it!
I’m e (96816)
134 days ago
It says I’m bi but I’m not sure that this I right I’m 15 btw
I am straight (72575)
137 days ago
Am straight and I am straight