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Why you are an Adult Baby?

60 % of users had this result: EMOTIONAL You are standard psychic Adult baby, you want go back to your childhood and enjoy everything joined with it. You have emotional reason to be AB. You want escape far away from adult's problems, and be just kid, who haven't got any responsibility and can be fool. You want be cared by your „parents“, major motive to be AB is need of someone, who will take care about you and love you. Second motive to be AB, can be your wish, to experience again childish things, or just try, what is to be like baby.

22.56 % of users had this result: SEXUAL You are paraphilic AB, you feels sexually aroused when you feels like kid, it is form of BDSM, you want be restricted, punished and forced into diapers and other childish things, and role of submisive child of dominant parents are for you ideal.

17.44 % of users had this result: LIKE „CHILDISH“ THINGS You are special type of AB, usually not classified an AB, you are very similar to standard AB's, but your reasons to be AB and though during your „ageplay“ are, that do „childish“ things you simply enjoy, you not play with toys (and do other „childish“ things) because it do your „roleplay“ more real, you plays with toys (and other „childish“ things you often do), because it enjoy you. But you are mature adult, and you not want, nor need be cared by someone, you have interests in „childish“ things and you like do „childish“ things, nothing less, nothing more.