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What Type of Magic Weapon Would You Have?

33.29 % of users had this result: You would have a ring of darkness! A ring of darkness is by far the most difficult magical weapon to obtain and master, but can yield near limitless power!  While using this ring, you can disappear into shadow, topple great castles into ruin, and flatten entire armies with a wave of your hand.  However, you must not be careless, lest the ring overcome you!

17.81 % of users had this result: You would have a ring of light!  This is a magical artifact used mainly to heal and restore, but can still be used as a defense in times of need.  It cannot bring anyone back to life, but can pull you away from the brink of death.  It can create shields of light and can be used only by one of pure mind, so it is very rare.  This ring strives alongside you to bring peace and prosperity to the world!

13.21 % of users had this result: You would use a staff of the wild!  While holding it, you can speak to animals and maybe even plants!  With a strike into the earth, a great tree can rise, and you can enchant birds to carry you!  With this staff, you will protect nature from the harms of humanity.

22.38 % of users had this result: You would have a sword of fire! With this great weapon, you can shoot fire at your enemies, coat the blade in white-hot flames, slice a fire to put it out, or even cover YOU in fire that will not harm you, but will burn others.  This blade is wild and free, and can barely be harnessed by any human, but you would be one of the few who could restrain it!

13.3 % of users had this result: You would have a magic bow!  This is perhaps the most common of the magical weapons, but do not mistake it for some useless thing.  This bow has brought many legendary warriors to greatness!  You will never run out of arrows with this bow.  In fact, you don't need arrows at all!  Just pull the string back and an arrow will appear.  This bow shoots the fastest, sharpest arrows of any, and it's impossible to miss!  And remember, if the time comes when shooting arrows won't do the trick, you can always whack something with it.