How To Tell If A Girl Likes You!

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Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? It can be tricky, but I've had tons of experience, and I think I've learned enough about it to help you out. Take my quiz right now - in just a few minutes, you could know if she likes you! And if she doesn't, it's her loss - and you'll be free for the better ones who do!:-)

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    First off, do YOU think she likes you?
    First off, do YOU think she likes you?

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32 days ago
Not many of the questions on here give me the right answer for me, but I haven't experienced much of this yet
32 days ago
Hey i am a girl, but i took the quiz and apparently the girl i like is into me as well, but i dont know if she is into girls :-
41 days ago
okay so I took this for no reason but I made it about the girl that’s obsessed and she has asked for💗before and I don’t want it
101 days ago
So everyone on this cite you technically don’t need to do the quiz I didn’t do it before and I have a girlfriend now like just be yourself that’s what I did and it worked so like guys just be there for the girl you like and then she’ll probably Start liking you
113 days ago
She really didn't care yall. She just felt bad. Ain't ever gonna be happy ever again.
122 days ago
Man, I took this quiz and thought it was completely wrong but I thought, "I ain't got nothing to lose". So we had this glow dance at our high school and i walked up to Izzy (the most beautiful, smartest, funniest person ever) and asked her out and she FULL ON KISSED ME. I swear i was dreaming guys. I was in heaven. We held hands the whole night and when she got tired she fell asleep on me and then I kissed her. And I swear she made a weird noise but it was cute.
This quiz is a hundred percent, correct bro.
123 days ago
Reta i like u and i go to ridgeview middke school
132 days ago
Is it gust me or did every boy on this find a girl from school
132 days ago
So if you think she likes you and the tast said
That she likes you retake the test and she might like you or possibly love you. :D
132 days ago
hey so i met this girl and i have a huge crush on her and my friends say she likes me but im so nerveous that ill get regected by another girl so what do i do
142 days ago
Hey guys so I'm a girl and honestly I think your girls like u too. I like this boy a LOT right now. But he said he has a crush but I took a quiz on him and it said he likes me. I don't want my heart to get crushed again (yes it's happened) so I'm not taking a huge risk. We have a bunch of classes together and he always is nice to me and my friends say he likes me. Who am I supposed to believe. Him or my best friends? He's in my math class, band, and kind of gym. He took a test on his crush and now... I dont know What to think. I need your guys's help. Plz
143 days ago
She dose like me see why quiet and huges me
156 days ago
Hey so i like this girl and im not sure if she likes me or not. Shr usuallu texts 1st and goes out of her way to find me. She laughs at mean in a joking way whenever i say something like, "i have soo much homework" and she calls me wierdo in a joking way. We text all the time and she is really nice to me but kinda shy in person. Do you think she likes me?
187 days ago
Also anyone who helps me thx in advance
187 days ago
Yeah so my friend Angela sits next to me in one of my classes and I gave her a pen and Christmas gift and she wears the necklace all the time but I'm still even after taking this quiz like a million times in still not sure if she likes me
190 days ago
OMG! GUYS... I asked her out after I did this quiz and she said yes... we love eachother thank you!
196 days ago
Hi Taylor! Sorry but I am a girl too and from your description the guy REALLY LOVESSSSS U! If he replies you that’s really good and straight away! You guys tease each other too! If you are bold enough, try go to prom or dances or balls with him (my school’s old fashioned, they got balls) try for it!
196 days ago
Hello Carter i’m A girl and I am not suppose to be Cupid but first you have to know why does she hate you. A girl hates you does not mean she really hates you. If she kicks or punches or... simply whatever that you don’t feel comfortable with, she maybe really likes you! And you said that you guys liked each other before, so maybe she wants the relationship be even more! Try and don’t give up!
201 days ago
Any advice??? this is supoosed to be LONG
201 days ago
The girl i like literally hates me. Even though we USED to really like each other