How to Tell if a Girl Likes You!

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    First off. Do you personally think she likes you?

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K.K. (83166)
18 hours ago
Dudes man up and ask the girls they WILL like it take it from me i should know

I am a girl and they will like you i think
Jeff (82991)
14 days ago
You can if your heart wants to
Anonymous (07044)
23 days ago
Took the test 4 times always got that she likes me.Should I tell her
8th Grader (50814)
32 days ago
To girlwhilikesaguy thanks for the opinion. But i doubt she likes me. There's has been lot of conflict between us including her gettinf really mad at me for a while. Long story short she ended up blocking and today marks the 107th day of when it happened. Anyway, if you think that he likes u, just go for it. Personally I would want to know if a girl likes me. And who knows, he might give you a chance. I would say if you talk a lot and joke around, he stares at you a lot, smiles at you, and if you say something stupid or weird and he laughs, he probably does. From my experience thats how i act around her. All the tests that i take for her say that either im in the middle, or she likes me. I'm still really confused. I took one of myself to see what it said about that and it said that i love her. Anyway, I hope this helps
girlwholikesaguy (02381)
32 days ago
to 8th grader the girl probably likes you but does not want to admit it
girlwholikesaguy (02381)
32 days ago
There is this guy i like but i dont know if he knows i like him and i want to see if he does because sometimes he'll joke around with me start a conversation but other times he doesnt talk to me i wonder if he knows i like him because my friend always tells him that but i deny it so what should i do?
8th Grader (50814)
40 days ago
Well first off it said im in the middle. However i asked her out a while back and she said no. So I don't understand how she can "like me", but not want to date me. This test isnt very good i guess. We talk a lot, and joke around a lot. Even tho she knows I love her. It's weird sometimes but she never brings it up. It sucks
SquirtleTheTurtle (26574)
45 days ago
So I’m a girl. The only reason I’m here is cuz im trying to tell myself I don’t like this guy because my friend also likes him. By taking this test I was planning on it saying that I didn’t like him course it said I do. So 💗 my life. I don’t know how I’m even gonna tell my friend, she’s already said it seems like I like him. And the fact that sometimes in class me and him just look at eachother at the same time sends chills down my spine. I don’t know if he likes me and I definitely don’t want to hurt my friend (even tho she’s hurt me multiple times) It just sucks. I really want to ask him if he likes me but im scared. The other day we were playing a game with basketballs and I didn’t make the basket on my first try and neither did this other kid. So the kid who couldn’t make it came up to me and started making fun of me for it. So my I guess crush walked over to him and said “so what if she didn’t make it, You didn’t either. Just back off okay” then he looked at me and said “you can make it” so when it was my turn to shoot I made it and my crush started cheering and said “She made it! And that was a good shot too.” (I’m pretty sure I was blushing) but then after gym was over our teacher told us to give our teammates a high five. So my crush gave a few people high fives then looked at me like he wanted too (which I did too) then he kinda looked down and walked away. IM SO CONFUSED!!!!
Jace (07249)
48 days ago
She likes me a lot yeesssssss
anonymous (35699)
53 days ago
even though I got in the middle I'm still never asking her I'm way too awkward
Anonymous (39185)
55 days ago
I’m just saying I took this test and this is accurate!!
Cole (36503)
58 days ago
I'm 14 and my crush is 15, tho we're only about 9 or 10 months apart, and i got definetly!!! yay
K.K. (83166)
58 days ago
I'm a girl and just let me say WOW you guys really need to post more often on the one for girls someone posts something every hour or sooner
Jace (78697)
67 days ago
This girl I like is very small and I am very tall. She plays football with me and my friends
Nothing (78697)
67 days ago
So this girl she is in my class and we had snow outside and I hit her with a snowball . Her name is kalee. I also have a person who likes me but I don’t
Ben TMNT (56885)
79 days ago
I was 18 and this girl was 15 and we had a crush on each other and then one day I told myself to stop because she is too young for me and i thought that she should concentrate more on her school work as she is really smart asf and me too to focus on mine..and this test tells me that she probably still does like me and it's true coz when I'm around her and her group with my friends she starts to look shy and looks away but when I'm looking away she starts talking loudly with her friends,but I still like her but I don't want to fall in love at this age as school work is much more important...but I do hope that we both will be together after high school and university when have both have good jobs in life
Someone (63502)
80 days ago
So, I'm a girl who took this test because I wanted to know if anyone (particularly my crush) knows I like him. I don't think my crush knows. Judging by the way he acts around me, he doesn't have a crush on me, but again, he could because he always looks away when we make eye contact and he never looks me in the eyes.
someone (24593)
81 days ago
Mine said totally. I know why cuz we're currently bf and gf. I know we're only 11, but i've kissed her so much. I hope we have kids. She lives right next door so i can see her all the time
xXUnkown_SpectrumXx (91295)
86 days ago
(first off check me out on Roblox) Ya i dont know what to do cuz I am currently dating someone above my grade, and I hang out with her friends, but then I told a joke to one of them and this other girl turns around and starts laughing and smiling at me. Then she always looks at me and trys to get into a con. and its gets awkward, then afterwards I walk to my bus and she walks with me, and I talk to her and I get on my bus, but 💗, I dont even frickin know this girl and gets into a convo. with me and some other girl, jesus
anonymous (33817)
88 days ago
Got a definitely! Ily Lucy!