How To Tell If A Girl Likes You!

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Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? It can be tricky, but I think I've learned enough about it to help you out. Take my quiz right now - in just a few minutes, you could know if she likes you!

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    First off, do YOU think she likes you?
    First off, do YOU think she likes you?

Comments (59)


Anoynomous (67317)
18 days ago
if a guy leaves you on read after you said ok or same or something like that what is that suppose to mean
Anonymous (53515)
18 days ago
The girl I like apparently likes me in the middle, but for some of the answers I put not sure so I'll take the test again and I'll try to notice the stuff I didn't know.
Erm… (95098)
19 days ago
It says “She likes you! Continue to do whatever you're doing because, my friend, she likes you! Congrats - we'd all like to be in your shoes!” I can’t help but be cynical, since she shows almost no signs of liking me. Plus I don’t really hang out with her outside of school. (At all.) Best case scenario, she does like me, worst case scenario I got kicked out of the friend zone the way I came in.
Anoynomous (67317)
27 days ago
If you really like a girl or think shes pretty or nice tell her if you cared about her and thought she was worth it you would tell her cause you cared about her. Because if you dont tell her how do you know shes not lying in bed every night and wondering why shes not good enough for you.
jeff (33534)
35 days ago
also the other comments by people named jeff isnt me just saying
jeff (33534)
35 days ago
of course ALL the girls like me
Eli (04584)
35 days ago
She stares and is shy
Sith (60641)
47 days ago
Well apparently the quiz says she is in the middle. I kinda disagree but that is just me. At the moment the girl I like is dating someone and it doesn't seem like they are going to break up any time soon. Once highschool starts though, he will be going to my school and she will be going to another. While this is good because that is increasing the chances they break up, that is bad for me because I only see her once a week and she sees many other guys daily at her school. She acts nice and I don't know if she is hinting that she kinda likes me, but I know for certain that her older sister has become much nicer towards me and so has the mom. I want to say something but not while she is dating someone because that would ruin any chances I had with her. I guess it is a waiting game? To be honest I don't know what to do. Anyone have any advice? Please help!
K.K. (83166)
52 days ago
Dudes man up and ask the girls they WILL like it take it from me i should know

I am a girl and they will like you i think
Jeff (82991)
65 days ago
You can if your heart wants to
Anonymous (07044)
74 days ago
Took the test 4 times always got that she likes me.Should I tell her
8th Grader (50814)
83 days ago
To girlwhilikesaguy thanks for the opinion. But i doubt she likes me. There's has been lot of conflict between us including her gettinf really mad at me for a while. Long story short she ended up blocking and today marks the 107th day of when it happened. Anyway, if you think that he likes u, just go for it. Personally I would want to know if a girl likes me. And who knows, he might give you a chance. I would say if you talk a lot and joke around, he stares at you a lot, smiles at you, and if you say something stupid or weird and he laughs, he probably does. From my experience thats how i act around her. All the tests that i take for her say that either im in the middle, or she likes me. I'm still really confused. I took one of myself to see what it said about that and it said that i love her. Anyway, I hope this helps
girlwholikesaguy (02381)
83 days ago
to 8th grader the girl probably likes you but does not want to admit it
girlwholikesaguy (02381)
83 days ago
There is this guy i like but i dont know if he knows i like him and i want to see if he does because sometimes he'll joke around with me start a conversation but other times he doesnt talk to me i wonder if he knows i like him because my friend always tells him that but i deny it so what should i do?
8th Grader (50814)
91 days ago
Well first off it said im in the middle. However i asked her out a while back and she said no. So I don't understand how she can "like me", but not want to date me. This test isnt very good i guess. We talk a lot, and joke around a lot. Even tho she knows I love her. It's weird sometimes but she never brings it up. It sucks
SquirtleTheTurtle (26574)
96 days ago
So I’m a girl. The only reason I’m here is cuz im trying to tell myself I don’t like this guy because my friend also likes him. By taking this test I was planning on it saying that I didn’t like him course it said I do. So 💗 my life. I don’t know how I’m even gonna tell my friend, she’s already said it seems like I like him. And the fact that sometimes in class me and him just look at eachother at the same time sends chills down my spine. I don’t know if he likes me and I definitely don’t want to hurt my friend (even tho she’s hurt me multiple times) It just sucks. I really want to ask him if he likes me but im scared. The other day we were playing a game with basketballs and I didn’t make the basket on my first try and neither did this other kid. So the kid who couldn’t make it came up to me and started making fun of me for it. So my I guess crush walked over to him and said “so what if she didn’t make it, You didn’t either. Just back off okay” then he looked at me and said “you can make it” so when it was my turn to shoot I made it and my crush started cheering and said “She made it! And that was a good shot too.” (I’m pretty sure I was blushing) but then after gym was over our teacher told us to give our teammates a high five. So my crush gave a few people high fives then looked at me like he wanted too (which I did too) then he kinda looked down and walked away. IM SO CONFUSED!!!!
Jace (07249)
99 days ago
She likes me a lot yeesssssss
anonymous (35699)
104 days ago
even though I got in the middle I'm still never asking her I'm way too awkward
Anonymous (39185)
106 days ago
I’m just saying I took this test and this is accurate!!
Cole (36503)
109 days ago
I'm 14 and my crush is 15, tho we're only about 9 or 10 months apart, and i got definetly!!! yay