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A non-specific quiz about The Legend of Zelda

  • 1
    In The Legend of Zelda (the first game), how many heart containers could Link have by the end of the game?
  • 2
    Which of the following moves only ever appeared in one game?
  • 3
    In Link's Awakening, where can you find the Boomerang?
  • 4
    In Link's Awakening DX, which of the following tunics does not exist?
  • 5
    What are the sages in Ocarina of Time named after?
  • 6
    In Ocarina of Time, which of the following is a way to obtain a bottle?
  • 7
    How many fairies are in each dungeon in Majora's Mask?
  • 8
    In Ocarina of Time, which mask serves a real purpose?
  • 9
    In Majora's Mask, what is Twinmold based off of?
  • 10
    In a Link to the Past, how many times do you fight Ganon, in any of his forms (not individual phases).
  • 11
    In A Link to the Past, how many levels of sword are there?
  • 12
    In how many games does Vaati appear?
  • 13
    Which of these mechanics is unique to the Minish Cap?
  • 14
    In the Minish Cap, which of the following areas is NOT unique?
  • 15
    In which game was Ganondorf first mentioned?
  • 16
    Which enemy has the most complex AI?
  • 17
    In the Wind Waker, who is the King of Red Lions?
  • 18
    In Spirit Tracks, which characters reappear from previous games in the flooded Hyrule timeline?
  • 19
    In Twilight Princess, which of the following items cannot be purchased, and is unique?
  • 20
    In Skywards Sword, how many gratitude crystals are there?
  • 21
    In Skyward Sword, how many minigames are there?
  • 22
    Of the following, which is a list of Link's travel companions?
  • 23
    In The Faces of Evil, what can Link not wait to bomb?
  • 24
    In Hyrule Warriors, how many iterations of a single weapon can a player have at most?
  • 25
    Which of the following is a list of all the major Zelda enemies?
  • 26
    After what game does the official Zelda timeline split, and into how many alternate timelines?

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409 days ago
Correction, above the clouds (or basically any sky theme) isn't unique to the minish cap as Twilight pricess had it as well.