When will you get your first period?

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This quiz will give you an estimate when you will get your first period.

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Help (73078)
98 days ago
Help plz I’m the same way you are. Even the doctor thing!
Help plz (27957)
115 days ago
My older sister got hers when she was in fifth grade. My mom got hers in 7th.
I have been having the worse chocolate cravings EVER!
I’ve grown like 2-3 inches
My feet have grown like 6-12 inches recently.
My 💗 are very small but round.
It hurts if they hit something.
I have discharge most days anywhere from a little to a lot. I’ve had it for about 3 months.
I have black pubic hairs that are getting curly and cover most of the area.
The hairs on my arms are getting longer and darker- same with my legs. My doctor said in a year to a year in a half about 6 months ago.
I have short blonde hairs on my armpits. I get quite a bit of acne.
When will I get my first period??? Someone please help.
Less rhen a month (78338)
144 days ago
Less then a month!
Tory (67004)
276 days ago
Artastic (01835)
I think you will get it in 8-15 months
Artastic (01835)
375 days ago
Can someone help me please!¡
I'm 11 will be 12 in 2 months
I am 5'4
I weigh 75-80kg
I have ALOT of hair on Ma legs but can't shave
Have LOTS of pubic hair
Have a decent amount of discharge, had it for 6 months
Arm pit hair for about 3 months
Leg hair for ever
Breasts size A-B
Growth spert of about 2-3inches
My mum got hers at the end of grade 6
Please HELP thanks to who does
Artastic (01835)
375 days ago
I did this test 2 times the first time it said 2-6 months!and then it said 1-3 months!¡
Rosia (75812)
421 days ago
It was pretty accurate. I already have my period and it said 1-2 months
When is my period (59218)
462 days ago
Where were the results
Jordyna3 (60823)
470 days ago
Hello some one plz do me
im 12 will be 13 in 5 months
i am 5'1
i weigh 100-110 lbs (haven't weighed myself i a while)
i need to shave my legs and armpits
have lots of pubic hair
have a lot of discharge and have had it for about 9 months now
Have had armpit hair for 2 years now
have had leg hair about 6 months
my breasts are in stage 3 and are a size 34-36 a
had a growth of about 3 inches
I have no clue when my mom got hers but my aunt got hers at 12
my breast started developing about 3 years ago
Thank you whoever replies first.
Peirod girl 18 (20005)
475 days ago
wait what?! men dont have their period only girls do unless there is something wrong
💗 (83597)
485 days ago
im 21 and a male and my period will start in the next 1-3month this say any tips????????????????????????????
Catherine (75629)
487 days ago
I have taken like 3 of these kinds of tests and all of them said from as little as 2 months to 7 months. I'm scared :-
TABith (76274)
491 days ago
ella this was made 2/25/17 sooooooooooooo and u posted it 4 days ago get ur facts straight btw it said 3-5 months other ones said 2-5 months sooooooooooo ok preatty accurate to other ones but my friend with already periold said 1-3 months and she had it for 4 months
Ella Bella (43344)
495 days ago
This is sort of accurate I got 3-6 months and 2 1/2 months later I got it... I guess it just gives you a rough idea
Maddie (85607)
503 days ago
Hi this quiz is not accurate please try mine instead look up when will i get my first period and the third quiz on page 7 by "Maddie" me is pretty accurat
Angel harts (49205)
509 days ago
What your soooooooooo wrong