Are you a Fake TØP Fan?

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Are you a real fan?

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    What is the name for the Twenty One Pilots fans?
    What is the name for the Twenty One Pilots fans?

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Simone (26046)
217 days ago
er was I supposed to count how many times Tyler blinks? Or know Josh's hair brand? How come none of these questions are about the actual music...
edgy trash (08628)
218 days ago
not trying to be shady but like these questions are kinda dumb? like, who counts how many times Tyler blinks during a music video? and the hair dye one.

other than that, it’s a decent quiz. 👍
susidididi (83911)
242 days ago
skeleton clique, not stalker clique
susidididi (83911)
242 days ago
these rnt real questions ab the actual band, i know a hell a lot ab them but i’m not intruding into they’re lives and asking the weirdest questions
ClarrissaTheTrashCan (57403)
254 days ago
I'm not trying to brag in any way, but I knew how many times he blinked, the brand he uses, and the shade of his hair... Is that bad? Lol
TwentyØnePanickingCrybabies (58292)
263 days ago
Honestly, who counts how many times they blink in a music video? I’m in the skeleton clique but not the stalker clique...
justAtrashcan (81189)
265 days ago
i got 7/10. How the hell i am supposed o know what brand of hair dye Josh uses?
Kawcøøt (70417)
271 days ago
These questions are kinda weird...
Trinity (94509)
336 days ago
These are almøst stalker-status questiøns why døes everybødy treat jøsh and tyler like they knøw them persønally. I love them because øf what they create and what they say nøt because øf freaking hair dye
That one person you try to avoid (76526)
368 days ago
Welp, guess I need to count how many times Tyler blinks now-
Jishwa (26086)
369 days ago
But I knew how many times he blinks
jaz (12167)
376 days ago
this is trash some of these questions are extremely difficult and i am a huge twenty one pilots fan :(
kay (86782)
409 days ago
idk y everyones mad like its not that serious obviously we wouldn't know how much times tyler blinks in stressed out...everyone is so sensitive
Emotional Clique (68263)
459 days ago
Seriously? You're a fake fan just because you don't stalk every single thing they do? This is ridiculous.. just because i don't count how many times Tyler blinks in Stressed Out i'm automatically a fake fan..
That fan girl in the corner (25637)
487 days ago
How am I supposed to know some of this I'm not a stalker
Twenty one pilots (71330)
511 days ago
epic quiz, though, some questions are tough. like how many times tyler blinks in stressed out, so you think im a stalker?