First period calculator

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    How old are you?

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Yalo (05445)
21 hours ago
Got 2-5 months so happy can't wait
Yasssss (49439)
2 days ago
2-5 months yayayaya so exited
YAS (03820)
4 days ago
11-6 mOths!?! yASs
cass (33809)
6 days ago
0-5 months! wow that is so short omg
Alex (59688)
6 days ago
I just dropped my phone on my boob and it hurts like hell!!!!!!!!
Itsyaboy (20110)
10 days ago
Any day now??? I am so sxcited!!!!!!
Ginger hamster (28329)
11 days ago
I just got brown discharge I’m nervous I don’t know what that means. I have have lots of cramps cravings and mood swings? Can someone tell me if my period is soon? I got 2-5 months. I’m scared😳
Anonymous (86669)
12 days ago
I got 2-5 months, I am so exited
Raine (47263)
15 days ago
I'm 9 years old and I have some hair on my legs but no hair in my armpits I have cramps alot my bra size is a 36A and I am 100 pounds
julia (32288)
17 days ago
Please estimate me:
Age: 11, 12 in 2 months
Weight: 91 pounds
I'm 5.3
Discharge: almost 1.5 years (wear pantyliners every day)
32A bra
💗hair is dark, getting thicker
blonde armpit hair
mood swings a few times a week
my mom got hers when she was 12
hungry all of the time
Fat kid (83047)
63 days ago
I way so much! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy..........!!!! Only ten: 47 kg. I love being fat!!!!!!
Estimate please (48594)
63 days ago
I'm 12-13
I do sports
I have a lot of hair on my 💗
I'm on stage 3 on my 💗
I have a LOT of discharge
I'm 5.2
I weigh about 80-90
My back hurts a LOT
I crave a LOT
I have a few mood swings
Trouble falling to sleep
Please estimate
Unicorns (49725)
67 days ago
Ok -random girl -
I changed my name to this but I'm talk to me
Estimate me please
Training bra
Craving chocolate 🍫
No mood swings
Back pain once but no stomach cramps
I'm prepared for my period
Trouble falling to sleep at times (don't know if it's part of it)
~random girl~ (89876)
68 days ago
@Talk to me (02867), hi, well i just got my period a week ago so you can't estimate me but if u want i can estimate you; trust me i know a lot about this stuff (i'm a teen)
Dancer4life (33697)
68 days ago
Hey y’all!!
12 years old
82 pounds
About 5 foot
💗 are buds but they’ve been growing a lot these past few months and are sore a lot
Maybe had spotting once
Discharge every day and a lot
Cramps a few times a week
Cravings a lot
Mom got it around my age
Pubic hair is a lot but not totally thigh to thigh
Leg hair is quite a bit and getting pretty dark
Armpit hair is getting more and turning dark
Some acne

Please help friends!!!!
Talk to me (62725)
68 days ago
I got 1-1.5 years I'm not sure if I want my period or not most of my friends have started
Talk to me (02867)
69 days ago
Hi guys is anyone chatting?
Talk to me (02867)
69 days ago
I'm here if you want any help or estimates
Talk to me (02867)
69 days ago
Pretty close would say 2-5 months
2-5 months
Both pretty close
Elena (15138)
74 days ago
Hi pls estimate me
Age: 11
Size: 34A
Height: 5,4
Discharge: I've had it for 10 months but a lot everyday, I wear liners daily
Spotting: I've had it twice and it was a dot of brown mixed with normal stuff
Moody; I yell, I cry, I laugh all in the same minute
Skin: Rough, 6 pimples, greasy, dirty pores
Cramps: About twice a week
Bloating: Everyday at the most once
Hair down there: almost fully covered, dark brown coarse curly hair
Legs: I shave legs every week, blond but lots
Armpits: only a little light brown hair
Voice: Voice cracks all the time I'm like a boy going through puberty! 😂