First period calculator

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    How old are you?

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Happy (79351)
2-5 ladies my other tests said it was close too
Lana (31727)
6 days ago
and now it says 2 to five. 💗
Lana (31727)
6 days ago
results were......... 6 TO 11 MONTHS! NOOOOOOO! TO SOON! TO SOON!!!!!!!!! O.O
Skye (06425)
12 days ago
And also my result was almost there 6 - 11 months
Skye (06425)
12 days ago
Mom got hers at 11
I’ll be 10 in a month
Small amount of discharge for a few months
Getting curvy
TONS of mood swings
Craving everything
I feel like a different person than I was half a year ago
Stage 3 breasts
4”11 and was 4”10 like a month ago
Even though I’ve read basically every book about puberty...
Ugh (40459)
12 days ago
Can someone estimate:
Mom got hers at 13
Discharge heavy sometimes
5”1 and a 1/2 at 10
Craving everything
Cramps HURT
I’m 10
Think im about to get it
Mood swings
Headaches everyday
I feel different
So can anyone help me out and if so thx!
No name (41789)
14 days ago
It says anytime know 😁😬😰😢
Desperate 7th Grader (96127)
21 days ago
Please answer my last post
Desperate 7th Grader (96127)
21 days ago
I am so nervous/excised to get my period. I am going into 7th grade(as you can see)

12 years old.
Junk foods is like all I want to eat now.
Mom got hers when she was 11
Really sore💗
All my hair(everywhere) is long and dark
Leg hair is all the way up my thigh( for about 3 years now)
Cramps like crazy.
Discharge like no tomarrow.
please (73582)
23 days ago
massive growth spurt 4 inches
pubic hair covers whole area
armpit hair shave every week/ leg hair
ton of discharge nedd pantyliners
34a/ sore 💗
crave chocolate and fatty foods
can't sleep/ cramps are bad
mood swings every dy/ can this roller coaster stop already
mum got hers when she was 15
can someone estermate me PLEASE!!!
clw (73582)
23 days ago
i got 2-5 months and another said 2-3 weeks so pretty close answers
Eee (66362)
27 days ago
2-5 months im nervous and excited at the same time
Yalo (05445)
29 days ago
Got 2-5 months so happy can't wait
Yasssss (49439)
31 days ago
2-5 months yayayaya so exited
YAS (03820)
33 days ago
11-6 mOths!?! yASs
cass (33809)
34 days ago
0-5 months! wow that is so short omg
Alex (59688)
35 days ago
I just dropped my phone on my boob and it hurts like hell!!!!!!!!
Itsyaboy (20110)
38 days ago
Any day now??? I am so sxcited!!!!!!
Ginger hamster (28329)
40 days ago
I just got brown discharge I’m nervous I don’t know what that means. I have have lots of cramps cravings and mood swings? Can someone tell me if my period is soon? I got 2-5 months. I’m scared😳
Anonymous (86669)
41 days ago
I got 2-5 months, I am so exited