Let's Talk About Sex (Quiz 1)

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Sex is meant for procreation not recreation.

  • 1
    Men think about sex more than women.
  • 2
    Men can will themselves to obtain an erection.
  • 3
    The sex of a child is determined by the size of the male penis.

  • 4
    Women with a happy disposition will have free flowing lubrication (naturally wet) during sex.
  • 5
    Kegel exercises can improve the intensity of your orgasms.
  • 6
    The size of a man's hands, feet or nose can clue you in on the size of his package.

  • 7
    You can hurt the baby if you have sex during the woman's pregnancy.
  • 8
    The only way to achieve orgasm is from direct clitoral stimulation.
  • 9
    Certain positions make it easier to get pregnant.
  • 10
    If you're in a relationship you shouldn't need to masturbate.

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148 days ago
Wow! That was interesting.
1139 days ago
what the heck is this
1806 days ago
yeahh very interesting.. i wish i could see the correct answers to the onesi i got wrong..
1839 days ago
ummmmmmmmmm.........................yah, no kidding...
1845 days ago
Alrighty then... That was interesting.