Am I A Good Singer?

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If you love to belt out some tunes, you'd like to think you're a pretty good singer. But it's really hard to listen to ourselves and know for sure whether we're truly good or not. Take this quiz to get a more objective opinion!

  • 1
    Which of these songs do you sing best? (Try each one now!)
    Which of these songs do you sing best? (Try each one now!)
  • 2
    Estimate: How many times a week does someone compliment your singing?
    Estimate: How many times a week does someone compliment your singing?
  • 3
    How often do you sing?
    How often do you sing?
  • 4
    Do you ever post videos online of yourself singing? Where?
    Do you ever post videos online of yourself singing? Where?
  • 5
    Rate how much you like singing.
    Rate how much you like singing.
  • 6
    Which singer is your IDOL? If they aren't listed here, choose the closest.
  • 7
    How would YOU assess your singing? (Star rating)
  • 8
    Do you play (an) instrument(s)?
  • 9
    (Almost done!)

    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 10
    OK - and the final question: Did you like this quiz?
    OK - and the final question: Did you like this quiz?

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Comments (68)


23 days ago
This qiz cannot be accurate without hearing you sing so don't bother
25 days ago
This was a really cute test!!! I learned that im a good singer, but even though people never tell me im still really good!!!!! thanks you so, so much for this amazing test! I hope everyone has a great day!!! :)
29 days ago
I got that I’m an ok singer and a good singer. Said that if I keep working hard I will get a beautiful voice. My friends are always telling me that I have a good voice. I love singing and I am in honor choir. So yeah. That’s true.
30 days ago
I got 100% everyone I know is always saying I look and sound like Ariana Grande I sung at my school fair I sung titanium by David Guerra and everyone clapped ,my sister's friend Rosie was crying because my voice was so day I'll be a famous singer like my 2 idols Sia and Ariana grande.ive been singing since I was 2 years friends at school love my singing.their alway like omg Emily sing again sing again!!!I I really enjoy singing I sing literally everywhere even in the shower!my headteacher heard my singing at the fair and in my school report she ended it with"I especially loved Emily's singing and would enjoy it if she sung to me in school hours"I did and all the other teachers were there I sung my heart out the song I sung was dangerous women by Ariana Grande I got no note or lyric wrong.i absolutely love singing
32 days ago
Im so happy with my result. I have a massive concert tomorrow and I have a solo in front of a couple thousand people and I needed some encouragement.I do musical theatre play four instruments(drums piano flute and violin) I’m grade eight in singing and have recently been accepted in a west end musical so I don’t rlly know why o took this quiz but I’m happy with my result 😅
37 days ago
I got wonderful singer 👩‍🎤 and I am working for grade 8 even though I’m only 10. Grade 7 I got 💯 percent!! I do loads of musical theatre 🎭, Opera and pop. My favourite song is defying gravity and I sang it for grade 7. I have sang since I was 1 and a half and I love 💖 it!!! I really like this quiz because it gives everyone a compliment and it is really nice 👍 thanks ☔️☔️☔️
57 days ago
I dont think that everyone should depend on the doesn't go into enough detail to actually know your voice because it depends on who is listening to your voice to know how good you are
62 days ago
I got a brilliant 70%
63 days ago
I got wonderful singer at %40
73 days ago
I guess I'm the only person that got "wonderful singer" and "bad singer" both at 30%, which was my highest percent.
83 days ago
106 days ago
I clicked how far I'll go one of my fave songs. I don't idolize taylor or ariana or anyone... Except idina mendez aka elsa.
106 days ago
Thanks I can sing awesone!!! Everyone compliments me when they heat me but were they lying? No!!!
116 days ago
Why do all the quizes say I can sing, but when I try for a high note (ex. "I'll be with you from dusk till dawn, baby I'm right HEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE) I sound like a dying whale
120 days ago
It said I was a wonderful singer, i don't know if that's right but i guess i'll stick with it.
129 days ago
I got a wonderful singer... don’t know if that’s right...
144 days ago
I got OK singer, I'd like to think I'm a pretty good singer but the thing is, there's been a problem with my nose like forever but in the last year or 2 it's gotten a bit worse so basically it's blocked and I have never been able to breathe out it and I always am having to blow my nose, so that probably makes me sound pretty bad, my real voice probably sounds less blocked than that, I'm getting invasive ent surgery so hopefully that helps the doctors figure out to fix it then I might be able to sing a bit better
166 days ago
i got great☺happy because the last 2 groups i auditioned for accepted me. but before that everyone said i was pretty bad :'(
187 days ago
I’m also hoping to get private vocal coaching soon :D
187 days ago
I’m happy with my score. I’m a wonderful singer I guess. I pressed the song “How Far I’ll Go” but after I saw my results it said I pressed the “I can’t sing any of them” button ..... I really want to be an actress in MuSiCaLz when I grow up and after the Summer Holidays I really want to join the drama department in my new high school! :D I have sung in my choir in front of over 2,000 people just about once or twice every year since 2015 and in front of all my school’s parents as a soloist twice.