First period quiz

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12 Questions - Developed by: Lianna - Developed on: - 9.085 taken

Take this test to find out an estimate for when you will get your period. Not an expert just an estimation

  • 1
    How much do you weigh?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair do you have? (Hair down there)
  • 3
    When did your mom or sister get it?
  • 4
    What size bra are you?
  • 5
    Have you been moody lately?
  • 6
    How's much discharge do you have?
  • 7
    How long have you had discharge?
  • 8
    Have you had cravings or felt really tired lately?
  • 9
    How much leg hair do you have? (If you didn't or don't shave)
  • 10
    How much armpit hair do you have?
  • 11
  • 12
    Do you want your period? (Won't affect your score)

Comments (40)


Itsyaboy (20110)
10 days ago
Eeekkk in the next 2 months!!!!! Im soooo excited
D00t D00t (95995)
44 days ago
Ashley (09352)
108 days ago
Emily OH MY GOD same!!! I got mine 2 weeks ago on my birthday (which sucked) nd still haven't told my mom!!
Kotryna (92200)
109 days ago
Fir sara! You period shoud come in next wekk or so it can be now. So be ready.congrata gurl😘!
sara (75241)
111 days ago
hai guys!!!
Breasts: c cup, almost d, it’s full and round, almost like my mom’s
Vag hair: a lot, curly dark, thigh to thigh
Armpit hair: getting more and more, curly and dark
Sweat: literally all the time and it stinks, I even sweat thru my deodorant and get sweat stains ewww
Discharge: every day, i’ve been wearing pantry liners for like one year, but these few weeks it soaked through my panties (ewww)
Spotting: i saw pinkish gooey substance a few days ago, and today when i wiped i saw it again!! but it’s not my period
Cramps: every day!!!! it’s so pain someone help me!!!!
Bloating: YES OMG
Cravings: i crave so much food
Height: 165cm!!!And I had a growth spurt of 5 inches a year and a half ago
Weight: 55kg
Acne: not rlly bc i have clear skin but i have tons of black heads
Moodiness: oml so much!! I go from happy to annoyed to happy so quickly ugh
My age: turning 16 in a week!!!! (i’ve been starting puberty since 13)
someone pls help me estimate as i have swimming competition next week, and i don’t wanna get my period during it cause it’s gonna be so troublesome.
lots of love thanks !!!❤️
Emily (39494)
122 days ago
Omg I just got mine a week ago it is so scary I haven't told my mom can someone tell me how do I tell her I feel nervous talking about this sort of stuff around her. Please help me
Flo (38625)
150 days ago
Mine said any time now it could be tomorrow yayyyyyyy omg
Anonymous but happy! (62203)
161 days ago
I got 2-4 months on this, and on the others I got either 1-4months or anytime now! I’m actually really excited ahh x
Lucy (31103)
178 days ago
I got 2-4 months, i really want to get my period. I cant wait!
Mags (83182)
194 days ago
2-3 months! So scared!
Anonymous (58457)
198 days ago
You could get yours anyday now. it sounds like you are very close
You could get it anywhere from 1 day to 1 month
Brianna (43974)
198 days ago
I am 13
I am 5" 6'
I weigh 130 pounds
I wear cup size c
I have a lot of discharge I have to wear pantyliners
I have had discharge for 2 years
I have cramps almost everyday
I have mood swings almost everyday
I have dark thick hair on my legs and armpits
I have fully grown pubic hair
My mom was the same age when she got her period
I don't know when I will get my period someone please help
Anonymous (58457)
199 days ago
Everyone I know has it execept for me and I feel left out.☹️ Some tests tell me a few months but others tell me a year now I’m confused😂
Anonymous (74246)
214 days ago
Amy, you sound like you'll get your period very soon. You might get it in 1 day - 1 month 💁💁💁
Amy (87587)
234 days ago
Pls can someone do me
13 - 14 years old
32A bra
Extreamly tender breasts
Big black bushy pubic hair for 2 years
Shave everyday
Grew 2 inches in 2 months
Need pantyliners for 2 years for discharge
Wierd pains ( not cramps ) below the abdomen for 6 months
Lots of voice cracks
Hair gets really greasy
More spots than usual
Food cravings every day
Mood swings every day
Thanks to who ever does me
Snoopy girl (90237)
250 days ago
To Jordya3 it said 2-4 months
Keke (75300)
251 days ago
Love (89996)
284 days ago
Now-2 month so ready
Torromow or sometime next month okay can't wait
Swimmer (61420)
292 days ago
Mine said 2-4 months but others say 1-3 months and one sad 1 year now I'm confused
Ava (69018)
293 days ago
Now-1 month yay 😁😁😁!!!!