What is your superpower?

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There are 10 scenarios. The options define your most likely reaction to the stated scenario. Choose wisely!

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    You are ready for a trip to your favourite island with your friends!

    It starts raining heavily on the day of your trip and all flights get cancelled.

    You will....

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283 days ago
I Was hoping for something like darkness or fire or something animal related BUUUUUUUT oh well i got time minipulation and healing. Sorry for the big words >~< (i confuse my bestie all the time with my word choice) 😅
309 days ago
NOWWWW HOW DO I ACTIVATE IT????? "Thinks" hmmmmmm
Ahh well my life is ruined i canf heal all the sad puppies if the world also including all of the other animals 🐶🦊🦁🐵🐔🐺🐺🐛🐜🦎🦐🦈🐅🐪🐎🐕🕊🐉🐇🐩🐖🐫🐃🐳🐠🦂🕷🦋🦆🐧🙈🐮🐻🐱🐭🐼🐷🙉🐦🦅 🐌🐌🕸🦀🐟🐋🐂🐘🐐🐈🐁🐀🐓🐏🦏🐄🐊🐡🦑🐢🐚🦄🦉🐤🙊🐽🐨🐹🐰🐯🐸🐒🐣🦇🐞🐍🐙🐬🐆🦌 🦍🐑🦃🐿
309 days ago
I can also heal all of the injured people and animals 🤕
309 days ago
I got time control and healing
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy i can skip school😁
I usually skip classes anyways but still this is WAY better
335 days ago
Telekinesis. Heck ya
495 days ago
Time control and healing
510 days ago
Wooo i got Mind reading yea boiiiiiiiii
660 days ago
For 50% you are: Your superpower is Telekinesis!
You can control and move any object of for that matter even living things anywhere.
You rule over Movement!


Now how do I activate it?
721 days ago
Timr control and healing! Two! Also pretty awesome as I want to be a doctor when I'm older.
822 days ago
Your superpower is Mind control!
You can influence and control anybody's mind.
You can change anyone's feelings, decisions and opinions!
You basically are the Ruler of Minds!
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934 days ago
I will change the climate and make everyday rainy and dark. 💀💀
936 days ago
Now I will stop time and sleep!!!!
1001 days ago
Yo! I got healing powers and time control. Now I can freakin do anything I want while all you scrubs are frozen! Take an L! I could also do things I normally wouldn't 😏😏. But does this mean I can also defeat death if I can stop time before I die?? Cool. I wish I really had this superpower! 😝😜😛🤑🤑😶😏😏😀😄😄😄👑👑💵💵💵💵🍑🍆
1013 days ago
This is nice, I got time control and healing, yay i can stop the clock!!!!! Yea baby and while I'm at it I can kiss as many cute boys as I like and ditch school for awhile cause yall will be frozen and I would not cause I stopped the clock!! Haha!!
1016 days ago
I got healing and time
1065 days ago
I got time control and healing
1083 days ago
Is this only for girls?
1087 days ago
I got Telekinesis!!!!!!!
1093 days ago
I got telekinesis, did anyone else? Well it said only 14%😛
1106 days ago
oh my god I cant belive it said shut ur friend up!