When will I get my first period?

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    First off, how old are you?
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    This may sound a little awkward but have you ever experienced vaginal discharge? It's that whitish or clear "goop" in your underwear...well don't freak out if it's happened! It's perfectly normal...it's there to help clean and lubricate the vagina, it's also a sign of your period!
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    Speaking of vaginal discharge how much are you getting?
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    While we are on the topic of the vagina, how much hair do you have..."down there"...
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    Breasts, what stage are they in?
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    What Bra size do you wear?
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    Let's rewind to where I spoke about hair, how much hair do you have on your armpits or legs?
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    So, let's talk about pain, have your breasts been tender? Have you had cramps? (In case you don't know, a cramp occurs in the lower tummy where your uterus is, it hurts before on your period because the muscles are contracting shedding the lining, which results in your period!)
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    Now that we covered physical pain let's talk about mental or emotional pain, PMS (PMS is things like...mood swings ex. One moment you're mad the other you're sad and the next you're happy, and it's also things like cravings for certain foods and wanting to cry while eating a whole tub of ice cream)
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    Now, during puberty your body releases sebum which causes acne, it also releases a different sweat chemical causing body odor! Has this happened to you?
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    When was it when your mom started her period? It's genetically linked...
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    Let's rewind ALL THE WAY BACKKK to the first question, about vaginal discharge...have you ever experienced spotting? That's were bits of blood got in your discharge! It's a sign you'll start soon!
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    Now that's covered, weight (pounds) how much do you weigh? Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but it's normal for girls to be self-conscious a bit...learn to love your body because we are all different and you are beautiful <3
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    Now here's height! Again sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but it's important to determining your PERIOD presence! (See what I did there) (oh and it's in feet to inches)
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    The last question! What's your body shape? Plus I hope you had a great time with this quiz xoxo

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Anonymous (62279)
241 days ago
Hi can someone estimate me please
I’m 12 almost 13 and my mum started at 16 but she was a competitive gymnast so I think I’ll get mine earlier.
I get cramps about 3 or 4 times a month and I have a lot of hair down there and on my legs and arms only a few in my armpits though.
I sweat a lot and I can get super moody lol.
I weigh about 90 pounds and my💗are on stage 3 and they sting sometimes .

I don’t have discharge but one time I wiped and blood came off I’m not sure if this is spotting or not,
Thx soz this is soooo awkward 🤣
Tory (67004)
272 days ago
Jordan (57336)
I think you May start your period in 0-3 months😘😄 start carrying pads with you..
Jordan (57336)
348 days ago
Can someone estimate me
I have discharge everyday
I wear pantyliners because it leaks through my underwear
I have been spotting lately
When I wipe I'm spotting
I wear a size 32A bra
I shave my legs once a week I have so much hair
I shave my armpits twice a week they get hairy fast
My pubic hair is dark curly and covers the whole area
I'm getting really bad cramps more recently
I always have cravings and they're really bad
I'm always moody
I weigh 115 pounds(I'm a competitive dancer)
I'm 13
My mom and sister got it when they were 13
I have 2-4 pimples every week
And my breasts have been really sore lately
akm (46168)
421 days ago
omg omg omg !!!!! the test said that i will get my period in a week to a month
Kayla (37785)
456 days ago
I believe you may start your period soon. You are showing basically every symptom. You're pretty much feeling how I felt a month before my first period. You should probably talk to your mom about it, and start carrying around pads.
Nikki (21021)
457 days ago
Can someone estimate my symptoms?:
For the past week I have been getting tons of discharge (almost going through my underwear), my breasts are probably AAA or AA cup, I've been moody lately. Also, my breasts have been very sore (it hurts to even touch them) and I have lots of dark, curly pubic hair. I shave my legs every other day because I get so much hair, but I don't have that much armpit hair. Thanks
Aby (40153)
459 days ago
So I'm 13 in 10 days!! Only just today I woke up with sore breasts. I have pubic hair but I just don't get armpit hair!i get a lot of discharge and I had a few cramps yesterday! Do you think I will be getting my period soon??
C💕 (66588)
460 days ago
And by the way these tests are not always accurate. I have small 💗 for a fact yet I have my period, just look out for signs especially discharge
C💕 (66588)
460 days ago
I had symptoms for ages and I got mine without any particular warning, just some brown discharge, then later on in the day I got it. Just remember your body will be ready when it's ready😊Enjoy being a child while it lasts
Blob (77447)
460 days ago
And I've been moody and my breasts hurt a lot and I've had cravings. I've spotted once about. Amonth ago. And I wear a b+ bra. Idk when my mom had her period
Blob (77447)
460 days ago
Can someone estimate my symptoms?
I have a ton of discharge. I'm 12 13 in a month. I have cramps and have been bloated for around a week. I have pimples​ and zits all over my face and. i shave my legs and arms pits almost everyday. Please and thank you💜
Your Name (82915)
462 days ago
Anonymous i estimate that you will get it pretty soon but I got my period a few years ago and I had no pimples no leg/armpit hair so just saying you can get it at anytime
Anonymous (08514)
466 days ago
Will someone please estimate the time for my first period. My symptoms:
I have a lot of discharge. It always makes marks on my underwear
My public hair isn't fully developed but on both side it's one inch from the hip
I shave legs and armpits every day or every other day
I've never had cramps
I've been pretty moody lately
I wear a B Cup sized bra
Christin (82915)
467 days ago
It said 1 year but I got it today so just a reminder that quizzes aren't always correct