Am I cis-gender?

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    Do you ever feel like gender stereotypes/expectations keep you from being yourself or making it harder for you to be yourself?
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    Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to have the "anatomy" of the opposite sex? (aka having boobs/no boobs or the opposite sexual organs)
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    In situations for example in sports class/PE when you were asked to divide the group into male and females, have you ever felt like you don't really belong into the group you got assigned?
  • 4
    Have you ever wanted to wear clothing from the opposite sex' section in the store?
  • 5
    When you look at trans people, do you feel inspired or jealous of them because they're transitioning/being themselves/are out?
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    Have you ever felt that the pronouns you were assigned (somewhat or at all) don't fit you?
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    Have you had people ask you why you were acting gay? (Masculine people of female sex and feminine people of male sex often fit society's view of gay people, if you answer yes this doesn't mean you're automatically gay. If you answer no, this doesn't mean you're automatically not)
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    Have you ever tried to bind/pack? (Or seriously thought about it?)
  • 9
    When there was an opportunity for you to "pretend to be the opposite gender" (as in a theater/play/etc) have you had the desire to take that opportunity so you could express yourself (without being judged)?
  • 10
    Have you any knowledge of different gender identities or do you want to "educate yourself" on this subject/general LGBT+ themes?

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58 days ago
I've been questioning my gender for a while now. I'm biologically female, but I don't feel like it. But I don't know what I do feel like. Sometimes I feel like a demigirl, sometimes I feel nonbinary and aaaaaaaaaaaa. Sometimes I don't know what I feel at all. When people use she/her pronouns for me it feels like a punch in the stomach, but I'm to scared to ask to be called they/them, which are the pronouns that I would feel more comfortable with. But then sometimes I feel like I'm just making this up, because I don't feel THAT much gender dysphoria when I look in the mirror. This probably makes no sense but could someone help or something. Help me find out what the Hades is going on with me?
81 days ago
i feel like i'm bigender, gender fluid or demigender ... help?
82 days ago
40%?? sounds like demige
nder. i KNEW IT
89 days ago
i think i'm gender fluid but i can't tell my parents sooo i'm gonna stay with my bff aka the closet~
89 days ago
what is 10% pure????What is it?
150 days ago
166 days ago
I'm non binary and usually go by they/them pronouns but I really don't care that much what pronouns people gives me. I'm fine with any. Still prefer they/them though. I also prefer to be with the girls at my school cause the boys are annoying but if they weren't as annoying as they are I also wouldn't care what group I was put into. So just because someone is nb doesn't mean they don't like being out in different gender groups or being called binary pronouns. (Something a lot of people think.)
210 days ago
LOL im genderfluid (im more nonbinary) with He/They pronouns
228 days ago
I'm gender fluid
236 days ago
I'm non-binary
248 days ago
is it a bad thing to be gender fluid?
248 days ago
i think I am genderfluid, I love to dres in boy clothes and have no make up.
then other times I feel like over doing my make up and wearing a dress so like what am I???
275 days ago
Welp, I think I’m genderfluid
324 days ago
I really don’t know what I am (the test said I am probably not cisgender and I’m pretty sure they’re right) I guess I don’t want to really be either gender (although I am slightly more feminine than masculine) but I guess I still have time to figure it out. I’m also worried about what my parents would say, I know that my dad thinks anyone other than cis or trans is weird (I’m not entirely sure what my mum thinks). They also don’t know I like girls, I think my mum is okay with LGBT+ people but I’m not sure about my dad...

I don’t really know how to end this so I’m just gonna say
Bye and take it easy
335 days ago
Bea... Trans doesn't mean you just wonder what it would be like to have the opposite 🚔...
Being trans means you feel like the opposite gender.
Being trans means being in the body you were born in doesn't feel right to you.
Being trans means you stare in the mirror every day wishing you could transition, or get top surgery or hormones (or a binder and packer for Ftm)
Being trans means the pronouns like he, him or she, her that you were born with... They make you uncomfortable... You would prefer he him or she her or they them.
Being trans means you hate your name that you were born with and change it to a more masculine / feminine / unisex name.
Being trans means so much more than a thought that is "Hmm I wonder what it would be like to have male/female 🚔......" get a life and a brain....
-Alex. A trans boy who is sure it's not a phase.... 😑
386 days ago
Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to ahev opposite 👮. We're not all trannies
386 days ago
This test is 💋. Well, partway 💋. Some'a this 💋's things other people do an' say about you, not how you feel. That's got little ta do with gender and everything ta do with other people liking to make jokes about people "looking gay" in middle school.
443 days ago
I’m kind of struggling with my gender recently and I think this helped? When I first found the term non-binary I was pretty sure it was for me but now I’m not sure. Why is gender so complicated.
497 days ago
About a year after I realized that I was bisexual, I started questioning my gender. I feel as if I'm drifting more and more towards being non-binary. When I look at myself in the mirror, I barely see a girl, but not fully a boy either,,, which makes me extra confused being biologically female.
576 days ago
Yeah this seems right, I already knew that i was lesbian, but now I realize I’m probably a demigirl or polygender where the majority of the time I am female but some of the time I am NB, this makes sense, I’ve never been very far on the female side of the gender spectrum