The Toy Heroes, Baby Alive-Barbie

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After this quiz, go check out this awesome channel.

  • 1
    Which character is the logo?
  • 2
    Who was the first baby alive on the channel?
  • 3
    How many cuties did Molly and Daisy have?
  • 4
    Who is their favorite YouTuber?
  • 5
    Who is Molly and Daisy's teacher?
  • 6
    Which Baby Alive is naughty?
  • 7
    How many dolls are there altogether?
  • 8
    Which doll is the main character?
  • 9
    Have you subscribed?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (75)


Sul (94898)
47 days ago
You are awsam
Danajah (31138)
55 days ago
I got 10 out of 10 my name is Danajah i am 7 years old i love your videos my favorite doll is molly (my name is molly it's m-,o-,l-l-y molly molly)
Noor (42163)
68 days ago
I love Molly she is so cute and you are the best youtubers ever I want you to make a video about daisy and Molly that they both get a+ on there test andthey get a barbie doll mermaid it will be fun and I have liked shared and can you give this massege to Molly that she is my favorite baby alive and can you say her to play unicorn coloring book it's so much fun and say to daisy make more videos about her diary and Sara the bully and I worked so much hard for my school and I got a++ I hope you have very great birthday and wishes and Lili is so pretty I love her outfit it's so cute
Anwlaka (78154)
111 days ago
Molly daisy and Lily I love all your Roblox videos and youtube channels gest what I subscribed to the toy heroes games.I just wanted to say to all of you thanks for being the best toy hero fan.I have been your fan since I was little.I like the quiz.and thanks for being my toy hero fan.I am so happy that you are my fan. I can't wait for your toy heroes club.your just so awesome and kind.I just love your videos.from Emma.
emma (98883)
134 days ago
dear molly and daisy.i am an big fan of are awesome .i am in year one.tell lily that i am an fan of her too.molly can you do what you did last did your homwork.molly somtimes your naughty.haha and this for toy hero laura love emma.
Sharain (51656)
153 days ago
Hey I like molly and daisy
Uuwa (17146)
156 days ago
The best channel in the world
Samara (67119)
159 days ago
Your quiz was amazing
Dimone Brown (87120)
166 days ago
Hi I really love your channel and Molly lily and daisy they are so cute I love it when Molly is naughty it turns my day into a toy hero day ahaha I just really love it
KEISHA (30335)
172 days ago
Molly is very naughty daisy is beautiful and thoughtful and lily I lovely and quiet and does she like lol dolls I got big one

Mikala (48318)
172 days ago
I like. You Molly. And. Daisy
Tehillah (42466)
190 days ago
I think the hamsters name should be Gracie or Rari and Happy please pick me Tankyou bye
Kayla and Ariela (73305)
193 days ago
Dear toy heroes Laura ‘Dan’molly’daisy and
Lilly you have the channel in the whole universe
I want to be a toy heroes to
You have the best channel
Saria (72165)
194 days ago
I got everything right in this quiz and it's easy
Kayla (73305)
194 days ago
You are awesome
I love you
You are the best
marlaysha dugas (05952)
200 days ago
I love daisy because she is so cute and sweet.
Gabrielle (33033)
206 days ago
Lla,lala the end of the most of the day /?the first one to ))
Gabrielle (33033)
206 days ago
I love you and I love toy heroes and love you love Gabrielle
Scarlett (80047)
218 days ago
I love molly and daisy and baby kera! I love your videos they are the best! Molly is the funniest! I love pupcake the hamster.. i live the fan mail videos.. my favorite baby alive is molly.. i loved the video when molly was a cartoon
Itzel ruiz (90624)
225 days ago
Dear Toy heroes Laura and Dan, I'm just asking the girls a question for me. Molly , Daisy and lily listened to the question for me please. Do you like lol dolls or barbies better? 😈= Naughty Molly,🐰=Cutest Daisy, 🥇= Favorite Lily and 😄= Funny Baby kera. Thanks so much for visiting you . I love your channels toy heroes and your book Molly , Daisy , and the pug that ate too much pizza. Lily can you send fan mall please I'm your biggest fan. Your heroes. Itzel Ramirez Ruiz♥️♥️♥️