When will I get my period (as accurate as possible)

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This test will help you get a better understanding of when your period will come.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got her period?
  • 3
    This may be awkward but do you have pubic hair? (Hair down there)
  • 4
    Again awkward but do you have discharge? (White or yellowish gooey stuff that comes out of your vagina)
  • 5
    What cup size are your boobs?
  • 6
    What do you weigh? Sorry to make you uncomfortable
  • 7
    Do you get cramps? (Pain on your lower stomach or back)
  • 8
    Are you moody? (From sad to happy or angry to crying in a few minutes)
  • 9
    Is it normal for your period not to be here at your age?
  • 10
    Have girls you hang out with that are around your age (like friends and family) gotten their period yet?

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92 days ago
This isn’t very accurate sorry but this one said 7 months-1 year and all the other ones say now - 2 months or 1-3 months😶
222 days ago
@Help Me
I would say about 4-6 months. once your discharge is clear, then your period is very close
250 days ago
I am like so far from getting me period it's not funny.. im 10 have the smallest 💗 on earth, any pubic hair is 3 short blonde strands, what is discharge? and im like a smooth skinned, oderless sweating hairless little kid
260 days ago
Help me plz
Im 13 and 1 month
I got thick white cottage cheese disxharge and it smells
Pubic hair a bush its so much
Armpit and leg hair i have to shave
Lots of acne
Sweating wih smell
316 days ago
All the tests I do (like this kind of test) I post this comment. I hope that all of you who want your period, get it. I will pray for you guys. :) -Molly
377 days ago
I get so many different answers on so many different tests. What should I believe!?
469 days ago
help I have soooo much discharge
480 days ago
I can't wait
715 days ago
Now-2 months

Your period is coming REALLLY soon. Be prepared with period supplies because you should get your period in less than 3 months. Although you may be nervous don't worry it's a natural thing that happens to almost all women so when the time comes you get your period talk to your mom, a friend, or a sister.
795 days ago
hi kikii, I feel you may get your period within a month or two, and to help tell your mom, if you can maybe tell her aunt flo is here on the phone or text, or if you have a sis you can get them to tell your mom. And if not, when shes doing something like the dishes you may say, mom, look at my pair of underwear, and show her the pair of underwear you bled in, or just leave the underwear maybe by the bed where she sleeps, or by the couch so she can see it. Or just straight up tell her "hey,mom, I think I got my period" or, "Mom, Aunt Flo decided to stay in my room this week, can you help me out". It may seem super scary, but trust me you mom will understand. She has it too! Like this morning I wanted to tell my mom I had discharge, and my mom did not know I knew what discharge was, so I said "Hey mom, I found this yellow stuff in my underwear, and I know it's not pee." And she told me It was not pee, and said it's discharge, and I should tell her if im having pain or if my discharge is different, and she said she had the same kind of discharge. Sorry this is long, but hope it helps. Remember, your period will came in around a month or so, good luck!
821 days ago
Someone please help me I take these tests and they are always different I am 11 and 3 months old my mom got her period when she was 12 my b oo bs are rounded and tender I have discharge every day 3 times a day really heavy and uncomfortable I have alot of pubic hair and leg and armpit hair I have a lot of acne. PLEASE HELP ME I'M SCARED I ALSO DON'T KNOW HOW TO TELL MY MOTHER WHEN I GET IT PLEASE HELP
821 days ago
I think this is accurate, I got now-2 months.
866 days ago
I don't get this quiz my results one said 7 month + and one said now - 2 months and one said a few weeks which one is true " by the way that was just this quiz "
917 days ago
BRI sorry to hear about your mum 🙀
I think your period will come in less than 3/4 months :)
943 days ago
It put a heart
I meant b oo bs
943 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
11 and 2months old
Had discharge for about 5 months
Sporadic cramps in lower stomach every week-or-so
Mood swings very frequent
Angry a lot of the time
30A size bra
Small amount of acne
Starting to sweat a lot
Small amount of armpit hair, thin and blonde
Very thick curly and dark pubic hair that looks like a thick bush
Leg and arm hair steadily rising in darkness and amount
Growing a lot but not to fast
I have no idea when my mum got hers because she died
70 something pounds
Rounded 💗
I have a MAJOR crush on this boy at my school
Started puberty about half a year ago
972 days ago
I have done quite a few tests, ranging from 1 year to 1 month. Can someone please est me??
I am 13 and 3 months
Started puberty about 2 years ago
Had discharge for over 6 months
Should probably start wearing panty liners
My ... have just started rounding out
I wear crop tops but def could wear AA or AAA bras
I have had hair down there for a few months
It is getting thicker and def darker
Almost 90 pounds
I don't have much armpit hair but what I have is blonde and thin
I have been sweating a lot more lately and it REEKS
My mum was 12 when she got hers
I haven't had any huge growth spurts but I have been growing a lot faster
Anyways most of my friends have got theirs and I'm really anxious and a little excited (I guess)
Thanks in advance!!
979 days ago
..- I don't know, I get multiple answers on other tests
1023 days ago
I got all the answers sooo.... how should this help?!
1029 days ago
Catriona,no,you cant. Periods are good. (Except the cramps etc). Why? It means youre healthy! And for your mom you can just quickly say: Mom,i got my period. Or you can write her a note and leave it in her bag or something. You can write: Mom,i got my period today. Can we go buy supplies like pads etc?