Does he like you? (Even if you don't talk)

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Have you ever seen this guy, that's caught your eye? Not sure if he likes you or not? Never talked to him? Well this quiz will tell you if he may or may not feel the same way.

  • 1
    Firstly, how long have you known/seen this guy?
  • 2
    Secondly, has he stared at you before or multiple times?
  • 3
    Thirdly, do you think he attempts to find you?
  • 4
    Could his friends be spying on you?
  • 5
    Have you ever matched (clothes wise)?
  • 6
    Do you know his classes?
  • 7
    What is your age difference?
  • 8
    Does he seem like a good person?
  • 9
    Is he one of these; player, man-whore, or a heartbreaker?
  • 10
    Finally, is he someone you could have a future with?

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i love k.a (23708)
i have a crush on this boy and hes the best hahaha
Dasha (45032)
6 days ago
I got a 71% so I might start talking to him more.
Cupid(elizabeth) (62632)
23 days ago
i ment when my crush asked out my bes friend
Cupid(elizabeth) (62632)
23 days ago
i had the most strangest week ever a couple months ago, so when my crush asked out my crush, i was really depressed for three or two days. after a week after i started to like this guy Darrick, my friends shipped us hard he would always flirt with me without knowing and my friends said he liked me back, so i asked him out, and he said no but we can be a thing. so we became a thing an know my old crush seems to try and get my attention with his looks, my old crushes zodiac sign is a Aries, my boyfriends Zodiac sign is a sagittarius and mine is a Scorpio and its starting to weird me out could you guys help me out i'm very confused and i thing my boyfriend is cheating on me and using me as an attention tool my friends say.
Cupid(elizabeth) (62632)
23 days ago
well it means something like he could just be over protective but if he is doing that to your crush to, it might mean that he is trying to keep you away from him.
mia (41352)
25 days ago
My crushes brother always talks to me and says i’m his boyfriend and everything like that, does that mean anything? Because he does it to my crush aswell
Penelope (15721)
37 days ago
It's midnight and I have tons of assignments and homework due tomorrow but instead I take this quiz. Honestly everything mentioned in the description of "he does like you back" is accurate, especially the matching clothes part 💗 . It scares me how true this is. Hands down one of the best quizzes I've taken. I can't believe I'm so desperate as well lol. Wish me luck with my crush.
Aisha (82023)
38 days ago
Some of the boys of my class think that I like that guy but I don't. And how much I am noticing he just smiles and his friends make him alert when I pass by but I have never seen him doing wrong things. He is kinda cute. He is not that pretty handsome but got attracted but still confused of thinking of my 1st crush which i got in 1st class. Still got some feelings for him. life's changing, caught in teenage first year.
C+A for life (13460)
42 days ago
I DO NIT LIKE HIM FOR LUST! I may have never talked to him but after a long time “observing” him I learned a lot about him, so even tho he is cute and good looking, I like him for his personality also.
Esmeralda (76831)
44 days ago
I want my crush to like me
Esmeralda (76831)
44 days ago
I wantvmy crush to like me
Lanna (93676)
45 days ago
I got 40% I might talk to him more I have talk to him once so I might talk to him or his friends
Karnpreet (43231)
53 days ago
Honsetly I love this test it nice and simple and even the results are realistic and really helps other girls
Cupid(elizabeth) (62632)
62 days ago
and your welcome lauren
Cupid(elizabeth) (62632)
62 days ago
firstly why do you need to take the test if he already told you he likes you?

Lauren (60203)
64 days ago
Cupid(elizabeth), Thank you for the advise!
KittyCatGirl (89760)
65 days ago
40% but it said good things. I like this guy called Pai (it pronouns pie). I want to ask him to be my friend but idk how. I dont want to make it awkward around his friends but i really want to ask him. But when I will catch the right time what should I say? Firstly I should ask him to be my friend then tell him my name but to carry the conversation what should I say? I asked my bff what to say and this is all we planed. What should I say next? Please help!!!!
amayia maria peterson (44892)
68 days ago
i tryed this for my bff and it did not even show the results
Lara (99510)
69 days ago
This may be true I hope, but yeah I have been noticing him checking me out and staring at me, and his friends started to spy on me a little
This is bull!! (77565)
69 days ago
Lier he does like me once his family and mine went out and he was looking at me so much I even started to feel uncomfortable but I couldn’t help but look at him this is so fake no way 50% what the heck noo