Are you gay, straight or bi?

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If you are confused or just want to make sure then this quiz will be a good starter for you!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught yourself looking at the same sex?
  • 2
    Do you ever catch yourself looking at the opposite sex?
  • 3
    Have you ever slept with a member of the same sex// want to sleep with a member of the same sex?
  • 4
    Have you ever slept with a member of the opp. Sex?
  • 5
    Do you have sexual fantasies about the same sex, opposite sex or both?
  • 6
    Think about a hot person... what sex are they?
  • 7
    Are you male or female?
  • 8
    How did you like this quiz? It's my first okay?
  • 9
    Who would you want to spend the rest of your life with?
  • 10
    Thank you so much for doing my test and I hope it all turns out for you! See ya!

Comments (23)


Idontevenknowmyname (78088)
21 days ago
Lol I'm bi and it said I am 50% lesbian. But I'm actually 75% lesbian.
blue (60479)
98 days ago
i know am straight,yaaaaaayi know am straight,yaaaaaayi know am straight,yaaaaaay
Lucy (93230)
143 days ago
70% lesbian/Gay :)
roadworkaheadvine (05499)
147 days ago
((teal)60% straight, wheres the other 40% lmao
Someone (96587)
152 days ago
NOOOO! It said I’m gay, but I know for a fact I’m asexual. Sure, I may have had crushes on my best friend of the same💗before, but still! I was really little at the time, OK? I’m not attracted to anybody at the moment, no matter what gender they are. I’m sexually confused, now. Oh,well :/
Loveable (01209)
179 days ago
♡ I'm 60% Bisexual so where did the other 4% go?! 😅😕 ♡
A guy (06074)
191 days ago
I held a door open for a girl and she said " I already have a boyfriend" I said " me too"
hehe (94826)
221 days ago
hah jokes on you im pansexual XD
Nick smashline (05314)
237 days ago
i am 60 percent bi but i thought i was like 80 percent gay
hot person (75301)
272 days ago
I'm bisexual soooooooo........... I'm single if ya know 'cause I sure of hell don't!♡▼♡
Person (34818)
281 days ago
BigDick (64261)
289 days ago
Anastasia ( 48938 ) Posted 69 days ago
70% lesbian yaaaay and 40% straight DO U EVEN MATH BRO
Nick (08553)
289 days ago
i called it, 50% bisexual, drelust were not clear 50% straight
Evan (22429)
295 days ago
FFS you may as well put every single question as 'are you gat'
Autumn (48798)
300 days ago
I'm 90% gay where's the other 10% bc I'm pretty sure I'm hella gay.
@Max (00966)
305 days ago
OMFG i am 80percent gay wow i love my life ....
Vanessa (47001)
331 days ago
Actually, I'm bi? What?
Vanessa (78338)
339 days ago
Omg I'm cousins will haunt me forever...
Anastasia (48938)
357 days ago
70% lesbian yaaaay and 40% straight
Rose (92027)
360 days ago
I'm straight yaaaay XD