Does that shy guy like me? (Middle school) Quiz

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  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Have you two ever talked?
  • 3
    Are you two friends?

  • 4
    Do his friends act different around you? (Like, push him a whole lot, tease him, etc..)
  • 5
    Does he usually make some sort of noise to grab you attention?
  • 6
    When you are around, Does he usually act nervous?

  • 7
    Do you usually always see him in the hallway? (Like when you look somewhere, he's there.. you look somewhere else, he's there! Anywhere.!)
  • 8
    Do you guys ever text?
  • 9
    Has he ever done you a random favor?
  • 10
    Do you think he really likes you? (Maybe even love you?) ;)

Comments (7)


30 days ago
Uhh so I did get that he wants to get to know me BUT I'm rather sure he likes me. He's usually not as nice to strangers in the school but as someone who has never talked to him he is literally so nice like WHAA- he's always finding ways to get near me, touch me, and even talk to me!! I notice his friends always push him around kinda in my direction, he does also show off in my direction which he does not do anywhere else from what I have seen. And his friends I think also pointed me out, or he just noticed me out of like 70 or so kids while I was walking to my 1st period math class. Ever since I got suspicious I have noticed him moving ALOT closer to me. So ya, I think he likes mee.. What do y'all think??
739 days ago
I think he likes me.although we never talk he is really nice to me and helps me a lot but he doesn't really talk to me
1470 days ago
I think he might like me, he is always talking really loud as if to make sure I hear him and he likes to make me laugh, sometimes I catch him looking at me, but it’s mostly just me looking at him as far as I know. He does not do embarrassing things in front of me at like he would in front of his friends and other people. he is really shy and is mostly interested in sports and school. So I don’t really know.
1709 days ago
He talks to me a lot and his friends tease us a lot about us liking each other but I'm still not sure. He makes random noises in class to get attention, but idk if its for me. Do you think he likes me?
1711 days ago
He seems so sweet but he is a bit of a🦄around his friends, and when they walk past me they laugh, not sure if it's ever at me though...I like him, the problem is I'm super shy to, he is really loud and shows off when he is with his friends around me he always talks loud like he trying to get attention, but sometimes rarely he ends up sitting next to me kind of by chance and it's super awkward haha, he fully changes tho his voice though it gets softer and he not as rude cause his friends are not there to show off with, there was another guy beside him and they are not friends though I don't think, but he was sick and purposely coughed away from me more towards the other guy idk I just noticed that was kinda cute haha. He is super funny and a bit of a show off but I love it just wish he was not such a🦄around his friends but I guess it's ok cause he gets super gentle round me when they are not there, however if he is sitting beside me and they are there he is still super quite and not as rude.
1750 days ago
He stares a lot he look at me in the eyes he tries to get my attention when I look at him he looks somewhere else.he didn't hang out in school near me but then he found out I like him and NOW he started hanging out where I hang out every day in lunch and he always looks at me it's cute❤️💞
2097 days ago
I like this guy and he's normally really loud and funny,but when he's around me he becomes really quiet.
This quiz helped a lot.