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This very accurate first period quiz will show you approximately when you'll get it. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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2 hours ago
omg can someone please help me. yesterday morning i went to the bathroom and i know j didnt💗my pants so i went got a new pair of underwear and carried on with my day, then i went to the bathroom that noght and the same brown stuff was there AGAIN so now i dont know if its blood or brown discharge. btw i havent gotten my first period yet
2 hours ago
Also when i did the test it said any day now which makes sense but ughhhh. I just want it and get it over with. I'm already quite developed and started puberty 4 years ago!
2 hours ago
Hey so my story is kind of complicated but I would appreciate it if you guys could take the time to read.
I got my first period(I think) January I think 8th. It lasted 5/6 days but was more of a brownish smear. I'm very athletic and so I had to swim so I tried to put in a tampon, when I took it out it was brown stuff but also kind of bloody(ik this is kinda gross but whatevs). So was it my period? since then I have not had anything. I know it's normal to skip and have irregular periods at first but like was it my period? and when will my next one come?. During that time I had rly bad headaches, cramps, oily skin, cravings, got irritated etc...

This is my symptoms:
I'm 12 and my mom got it around the same age.
I have lots of armpits and pubic hair that is dark and curly
I have leg hair - shave every 1 or 2 weeks.
I have had discharge for 15 months now or so and it's lots.
Before I got my 'period'(I think) I had spotting 3 times which lasted 3 days or so but that week in January it was more like a period.
I just kinda want it cause it either comes or it doesn't.
I'm a 30/32 B or 34A and curves have started to form
I get really bad acne and my skin gets really oily.
I have had cramps and really bad headaches and other PMS symptoms.

Any ideas? answers to questions? thoughts?

3 hours ago
@Amanda, hey I think your period will definitely come soon. Any time now! probably up to 4/6 months max but it sounds like you have already had spotting and you are quite developed. Be prepared and let your body decide when it's the right time to begin. Good luck!
6 hours ago
Skylar, it is probably your period, so use a pad or a tampon, and clean your bedsheets in cold water because warm or hot water makes the stain worse. BTW my test predicted in 4-6 months but I literally got my period while taking this test, like how ironic is that?!?! (I know the stain thing thanks to my older sister just in case you are wondering!)
14 hours ago
Hi I spotted brown stuff on my bed and I have 💗l discharge did I have my period pls I’m only 11 my b day in June ?
14 hours ago
Hi can someone estimate me?
Breasts: tissue really starting to grow, currently wear a 34a but need a b i think because it gives me 4 💗😂 also always very tender
Age: 14 15 in may my mom got it when she was 12 so... ya
Discharge: white, sometimes slightly red but soooo much everyday i need to wear panty liners also stringy and sticky
Hair: not too much under my pits but still gotta shave, lots on my legs gotta shave everyday to feel even slightly ok
Very bad mood swings and cravings. Do have cramps occasionally like every 3 days or so Acne is bad on my back but my face is basically clear
I’m very anxious especially since i’m so old, it’s embarrassing because i don’t think of myself as a women yet
Please lmk i’m very curious to see what you guys think
14 hours ago
Spotting not spitting
14 hours ago
Hey, just wanted to say that every girl is different!! You are not all going to have spitting before your period, your cycles are all not gonna be super light of heavy, you are different and unique so don't doubt yourself
17 hours ago
Lol, already have mine. I just wanted to see if this quiz was accurate, and pretty much! It said I could have it any day now, but whatever.
17 hours ago
It says I'll get mine anytime soon!!! 私はとても興奮しています!
18 hours ago
can someone plz estimate me
Age 12 will be 13 in june
Mom got it around the same time like 4 months before she turned 13
I have moderately bad acne but the doctor gave me a prescription for it
I get a lot of headaches and occasionally cramps and i always wanna yell and scream over the tiniest things
I have lots of long, dark armpit hair and shave every 1-2 days bc if i dont its ugly
Breasts are triangular ish and sorta small, but i wear b/w a 32a and 34a
Pubic hair is long full dark and curly
Leg hair should shave every week but don't always remember
Discharge: had for about 1 year and it is kind of a whitish yellow color
Oh and I am constantly craving food. I usually have some candy left over from Halloween at this time, or we have thrown it out, but this year I ate it all except for the pretzels. and i am always hungry but i don't know what i wanna eat
i also forgot to put my weight and height. Approximately 5'3 3/4 and 105 lbs
lmk if I forgot anything else
18 hours ago
@hailey I have mine every 2 weeks
18 hours ago
This was a lie it said I would start it in 3 months I started it last year
20 hours ago
Yeah thanks Jen I am pretty stressed lately I’m in eighth grade so. I keep meaning to start doing mindfulness bcs I have this weird night anxiety thing. Also for you estimate can you add about hair?
21 hours ago
Can someone estimate please

Age: 11
Breast: Tissue starting to grow
Discharge: Yellowish Whitish think and sticky I get it everyday
Mood Swings: Atleast 5 times every week
Spotting: I had it last week it stopped and it's back now
Cravings: Gimme that chocolate NOW
Sweat: Oh god I've never used so much deorant
That's it if I missed something let me know this quiz said 0-2 months hope it's true thanks!
21 hours ago
Dancer4Life It's normal just know if your body isn't healthy it won't come to if your stressed it won't come so just try relax eat foods high in estrogen and yiu should get it back soon enough!
24 hours ago
Red discharge . I think I got it !!!!!!!!!
I think I will get it after 3 weeks .. I have
a lot of discharge but sometime it occur red colour. I am so exited!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hailey thank you so much I feel a lot better now about it!

Jocelyn it could be a stomach ache or it could be cramps

Jaycee that sounds like your period! If it keep up it is! Keep us updated. Congrats probably!