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This very accurate first period quiz will show you approximately when you'll get it. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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10 seconds ago
Hi Estimate me pleazzzz

I’m 12 and my mum got hers at 14

Breasts- stage 2/3 I have to wear a Crop top and sometimes wear 32AA (i think that’s the size)

Pubic Hair- Medium amount, dark and curly and had it for about 2 years

Under arm hair- Quite a bit, dark and curly

Mood swings - Yup and I guess few times a week or so

No cramps

Cravings -Yassssss

Discharge- Clear Goey, had it for 9 months aroundish maybe more

Acne- Kinda I guess but not that bad few there and here

I do get Tired and irritated quite a bittt
My best friend has hers and she has more acne, a bit taller and 5 months older. Besties mum got it when she was 15 .

I’m 150-160 cm
I’m around 50kg (Yup I’m fattttt)
Ohhh and my hair is greasyyyyyy a lot :(

( Also my discharge used to be a lot and I had to wear liners but know it calmed down)

Welpppppp ❤️😑🤨💜
2 hours ago
@Skier girl, most likely within the next 1-6 months. Good luck xx
3 hours ago
Skier girl I would give u the rest of this year but who know it might come earlier

Have a light one gurly 🦋❤️💜💘🌺💗🍉💖🍓🦜💡😐💟
4 hours ago
Can someone estimate me
I am 12 and a half
I am a 105 pounds
I am a size 32 a in bra size
I am 5’2
I have a lot of black curly pubic hair that covers a lot of the area
I have been shaving my arms since 2018-17
I am tender by my breast all the time
I get soooooooooo much discharge
And cramps sometimes
But I do get a lot of mood swings
My mom got hers when she was my age
I am also very athletic
I also have been having more love feelings lately

I am not that scared for it but I am just wondering and hoping to get a idea of when I will get it and some advice
10 hours ago
it atualy worked
17 hours ago
Help me gurl I would give u the rest of this year but who knows it might come earlier

Have a light one gurly💡🌺💜💗🍓🦋😂😇🦜🍉🌸💘🧼
18 hours ago
@Left Out :- ,I did it for you and it said 4-6 months for dont stress. You DONT want your period, trust me!
19 hours ago
@Left Out :-, first off, take advantage of the time you DON'T have your period (not to be rude, just trust me on that). Also, many people (boys in particular) will hide their feelings from you, or even be rude or mean to you instead. Everybody grows up eventually :)
20 hours ago
Thanks, @AintNobodyGotTimeForDat!
22 hours ago
Ughh auto correct @lizzy
22 hours ago
@ Litzy please check my comment
23 hours ago
Have and easy light period gurlys💗🤗💜💖🌺🎡🌸🍬🍉😇💗🦜
23 hours ago
@Left Out :-
I think reallly soon.....who knows! Maybe that "spotting" was your period. Tell your mom they you are spotting and make sure to keep a pad. Gl . Also, if your "friends" are mocking you....Just leave em. Real friends would be fine however you are. Also, don't be in a rush with your love life. Focus on getting good grades and taking care of yourself. Taking care means feeling pretty, and some guy WILL think the same way, just like you. Go you beautiful!
23 hours ago
I meant for my user name to be Left Out :-( instead of Left Out :-Left Out :-
23 hours ago
Hey. Can someone estimate me pls.
Okay so both of my friends have and they said I won't for awhile and I feel like they are mocking me or something for it and I feel so left out. Also I really want a boyfriend but how can someone ever love me because I look like a 2 year old next to them. I feel really stupid for saying that but pls dont judge.
Ok, so I wear a size 32 in bra size.
I get a ton of discharge every day, a lot more recently.
I spot almost everyday.
I'm starting to cry pver every little thing.
I'm 5'0 or 5'1.
Doctor said soon, but I dont really trust my doctor.
Test said 0-3 and it has been aaying that for like 6 months.
I have a lot of hair down there but it isn't full
I shave everyday, and every razor I use never works!
My hip area and thigh area have been hurting a ton, I dont know if this has to do with periods but it could.
I get cramps below my belly button like at least 4 days a week.
I have gotten bad migraines.
I feel nausea a ton.
My armpits have a medium amount of hair.
And I sweat like five gallons a day.
I also I weigh 80 pounds and I'm not too athletic.
And my mom and sister got theirs late.
Sorry this is all over the place.
I'm really neevois for it but I get cramps so bad sometimes that I am just like come already.
Thanks! :-()
@allison very soon 0-1 and a half month also do you have spotting
Also my sweat is making my shirt stink bad
Hello can someone estimate me
Breasts-they hurt but I’m flat
Pubic hair- some dark some light like a small/medium amount
Leg arm hair - tons for 2-3 years
Cramps - every other day
Mood swings - EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY 😍😂🙄😰😡
Mom said to look out
Back pains and head ache
Pls reply
Guys don’t be scared to tell ur mom u had ur period I was so happy I been done told my momma😂💜💜
I also forgot to say that I do sweat a lot, mostly my back and armpits, and I use deodorant every day