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This very accurate first period quiz will show you approximately when you'll get it. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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19 hours ago
Liz I think 5 days to 3months good luck girlie 💖🙃
23 hours ago
Yes Freya, I told you that!
23 hours ago
Wait we also estimate people here
23 hours ago
Hi could someone please estimate me :)

Breasts: bra AA/AAA 32 if I’m bothered to wear it stage 3 , needs support and can have days when they are really sensitive and hurt to touch, developing for 2 year +

Pubic hair: Quite full, dark and curly developing for 2 years +

Arm pit and leg hair: Quite a lot and I have to shave both ( Armpit hair dark and curly)

Discharge : A lot everyday , have to wear liners and sometimes change them, White and gloopy and sometimes creamy o.O +1 year

I guess I can be moody??
Sometimes I might have cramps but Idk if it’s my stomach or actually cramps ehhh?.. just ignore it Idk
Lately ALOT of headaches , please helpppppp
I’m pretty much hungry all the time and want to eat
Weight 50-54kg
Height: 158cm I’m a shortieeee
I guess I’ve grown a lot in the past months ???

Yea please estimate ;-; ❤️👏
I think that’s it... yea
can someone help me?

i have had discharge for a year and two months (color is white/clear, and it is A BUNCH everyday,it has also gotten to be much larger amounts)

my 💗 are not that big but i have had them for 11-12 months

i have a good amount of armpit hair, not the full amount and i’ve had it since 1 year and 1 month ago

my hair down there has gotten longer and is cover almost the whole area, i’ve had hair for 1 year and 4 months

i am getting very sweaty lately

the hair on my legs grows back within one or two days when i shave

i am 12 and i will be 13 in october

i have cramps everyday now

bad thoughts( if you know what i mean) and i also want to make out😬

if anyone would estimate me that’d be great! thank you all so so much❤️
Ok... hey. I really need some help

So basically I used to be like a regular on this website I made friends and stuff and was here like every day for a whole summer.

In January, I started my “period” it was super light and stuff but I told my mom. It same back again in March and again maybe one more time. I haven’t had it in a longggg time and and idk. I get pms and stuff like 24/7 so idk what’s up.

Some background, I’ve been pretty small my whole life. I’m turning 14 in 6 days and I’m 5’2” and 98 lbs. up until recently/now when I’m having a growth spurt, I was always freaking tiny. Im finally getting there tho. My 💗 are pretty small too like just becoming 32A. I’m a dancer and I exercise a ton. Please please help
Sorryyyyyy, I didn’t know
FREYA! I’m so sorry Samantha please excuse me RUDE af sister
@samantha, I’m confused is this a website for answering other people’s question or a website for first periods
@BI is the pain in your lower stomach, upper stomach? did you already have your period? If not read this. if your pain is lower stomach, it could be your uterus at work. I experience that too sometimes. That may mean it's getting ready for your period. that doesnt mean your period will happen soon, tho. I;m also waiting for my period.
Dont always trust the tests, not saying you do/don't.

Good Luck!!
@FREYA, YOU MADE ME LOOK BAD, IF YOU GUYS ARE WONDERING WHY WE HAVE THE SAME NUMBER, its cuz Stupid and clumsy Frey’s broke her phone and now she’s using mine
Let me tell ya mo bout mahself.

My name is Freya Prescott and I’m 13
My lil sister is jasmine (but we call her jazzy)Prescott who is 11
Me and jasmine argue like hell but I still love mah sister
I love ANIME(stupid jasmine hates anime)
I’m in 8th grade(lil jasmine is still in 6th grade pfft😏)
We both go to Mater academy charter school
I love crepes(YUMMY) (so does jasmine) (we once argued over who got to eat the last crepe)(I got it cuz I’m older, and jasmine trashed meh room out of anger and ignored me for a day).
And that’s about it.
I’m 13 and still haven’t gotten my period.
Jasmine is meh sister and she told me about it
Hey girlies I’m new to this website
@bean, thanks it just seems like no boys like me. Every crush that I’ve ever had rejected me, it’s kind of damaging to my self esteem.
Help my stomach is in pain done so many tests some say a year and some say any week now help me
3 days ago
Oh and I'm like 5'6
3 days ago
I used this some time ago it said I would get my period in 3-4 months then my mom talked to me about it and now I'm back here I have discharge every day a bunch but when I wake up in the morning it's only a little dark curly hair down there for like 5 years I'm 12 almost 13 in January little arm pit hair I don't tell my mom so I don't shave so I secretly use nail clippers to cut it 😬 I'm in middle school and I don't know if I want my period or not my mom said she will buy pads just in case it just said I'll get it in 4-6 months I'm just comfort talking here I don't know when I'll get my period
3 days ago
@car i would say no more than 6 months at the latest and 2 months at the earliest! good luck❤️