ACCURATE First Period Quiz

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Is your period on your mind? To be exact, do you need to know when you'll get yours? This very accurate first period quiz will show you, approximately. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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6 hours ago
Please estimate!!
No cramps
82 lbs.
Sweating more
Some mood swings
Biological mother (that I don't live with) got hers at 13
Sushi, ok so probably within the next few months, it’s not really clear, but I would definitely advise carrying a period kit with you ( at all times ) Honestly I would say you’d get your period within like.... two to five months. So basically right before your first period you’ll like...know that it’s about to come because it’ll like send some symptoms, like cramping, spotting, bloating, etc.. so don’t be worried or anything like that, but your not fully developed..anywaysss you’ll be fine ahah...
3 days ago
sushi, probably 2-6 months. good luck !
3 days ago
Sooooo it said I shouldn't be waiting for awhile I have about 3 months I think I may have about 6 months but it said it is accurate. My mom got hers at 10 but it was 2 days before her birthday I'm 10 in a half my birthday is October 2 so wish me luck
3 days ago
I was wondering if any one would have a good estimate for when I would get mine please

- I'm 12 turning 13 later this year
- I am about the same age as my mom
- ALOT of discharge, multiple pantyliners sometimes
- Cramps here and there
- I'm an A cup, a little round
- I shave down there and my armpits sometimes
-Sweat a lot

If any body has a good guess please tell me ,thank you!
3 days ago
bel, probably around 3-6 months. good luck !
4 days ago
Hi guys I would love if someone estimated me
Age: turning 12 in 10 days (yayy!)
Breasts: 10A ( in Australian sizing)
Hair: hair on legs, arms, under arms and down there (hair down their and on armpits is dark and curly)
I don’t know if I have mood swings tbh
Discharge: I’ve had discharge for 2 years now
Spotting: none
I’de rly appreciate the f you guys estimated me
6 days ago
layla, it depends, though it often is. there of course are remedies for severe pain !
6 days ago
just wondering if period pain is always genetic from your mom.
6 days ago
This quiz said no more than 3 months and the other one said 2-5 months!!!!
7 days ago
no problem !
8 days ago
Thank you bean! It’s a big help to me!
8 days ago
ray, i'd guess 2-6 months. good luck !
8 days ago
you're not, jasmine - if you want to talk we can
8 days ago
Thank you Kathryn!!
9 days ago
If I could stab myself in the eye, I would. I am in the most horrible pain a human being could ever feel!
9 days ago
@Alaina I would guess around 2-3 months. I'm no professional though lol
9 days ago
Hey guys! I’m turning 13 in august, I am 5’2 and 110 points.... I’m rly stressed about periods.
1. My face is so oily and greasy and bumpy
2. I’m beginning stage three breasts
3.ive been growing and getting heavier a lot
4. Mom had hers when she was thirteen
5.pubic hair is jet black, curly, and almost spread everywhere.
6. I’ve had pubic hair for over a year.
7. Arm pit hair and leg hair is completely done growing
8. Had arm leg and arm pit hair for many years
9.have to shave everyday
10. Super sweaty and stinky
11. Always tired and lazy even tho I get 10 hrs of sleep
12. Always hungry and crave junk...
13. I have lots of discharge everyday
14. Thick, clear, slime like, watery, white
15. VERY sore breasts
16. I get cramps in my lower back for hours and the ache so bad
17. I get stomachs aches (like gas) sometimes but I don’t think it’s period cramps in abdomen
18. I feel fat and full of water (bloated) and it hurts to walk or run (couple times)
19. Terrrrible mood swings
20. My online results are all diff.
Can someone pleassse help estimate?
9 days ago
Hey! Can someone plz estimate me?
I am a gymnast so constantly exercising.

I’m 12 years old turning 13 in two months.
Mum started around the same age.
Im 5ft 4in.
110 pounds.
Hips have been getting wider since last year.
I’m size 32a. Sometimes hurt to touch.
A lot of thick black (hair down there)
Some brown ish black arm pit hair.
Brown/black arm and leg hair.
I shower every day and have to shave every week.
6 out of 7 days a week, thick yellow or white discharge (sometimes watery egg white)
Stains all my panties.
I have rarely/never gotten spotting.
Bloated a lot during the night.
Can’t sleep at night but after I fall asleep, I sleep really late.
Cramps every time I run, but other than that, none.
Constant mood swings.
Always craving junk food.

Hope you can help😁 thank you!
9 days ago
@Chaelynne,1-2 months.Good luck!xx