ACCURATE First Period Quiz

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Is your period on your mind? To be exact, do you need to know when you'll get yours? This very accurate first period quiz will show you, approximately. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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21 hours ago
@pugggggs Who me or Mia?
Umm perhaps up to 2 months
Can you estimate me pls? Hiii I am 13 years old and my mom got hers at 12.I started getting discharge around 6 to 7 months ago and it slows down sometimes and then when it comes it's a lot. I had a growth spurt 4 months ago but now I'm having another one. I have headaches and one time I had them really bad for a week and a half straight. I have mood swings every day I be getting frustrated, angry, or crying over the littlest things , and I have been arguing with my sisters. I have cramps every day and its sharp pain and it hurts but its manageable for me. Also my side where my hips are have been hurting so badly it hurt to walk or stand up. I have armpit hair and pubic hair for 3 years and they are both long thick and curly, but my arm hair is long, curly but thin. And I am on stage 3 breast. I think if you you are a year younger or older than your mom your period will come soon. And I took this test yesterday and it says I got 2 or 3 weeks. And my face has been getting oily and I have been getting more pimples. Also my older sister says I'm getting close but that was 2 months ago now I'm closer
Hi I was wondering if I could have a estimate? I’m 11 years old (almost 12) my mom got hers at 12. I started discharge about 5 and 1 half months ago. I have lots of discharge but now it seems to be slowing down a bit. I had a few cramps when I started discharge but now I’m having them bad and a lot. I’m having lots of headaches too. I recently went through a growths spurt and might be in one now. I have mood swings all the time. I sweat a lot and smell. I have dark long and start hairs in my pubic area. I have some long brown hairs on my legs (same for my arms) and my arm put hair is getting long and curly. My breast have gotten much bigger in the past few days.
3 days ago
For 70% you are: Ready to find out when you'll get your period? It could be any time now. Carry a sanitary pad and a spare change of underpants with you wherever you go, just to be on the safe side. I would say you won't be waiting more than about three months now. Good luck!
3 days ago
Hi so I'm from the one that I normal talk on but anyways here my estmation in need,
I have some headaches but not many,
My hair doesn't get that greasy,
I have blackheads and I don't get that many pimples,
I have armpit hair and has had it since like 4 months ago,
I've had the same arm hair since 3-4th grade brown and straight
I don't get much bloating or cramping but I get diarrhea a lot,
I have lots of pubic hairs and my longest one is like 1 inch and a halve and I've had it since the beginning of 6th grade and it's black and starting to curl,
I get discharge every day since like one day last summer,
I don't spot at all,
I had a hip cramp so bad that I couldn't even walk,
I don't have that many upper leg soreness ( I ride horses and they get sore does that count?),
My leg hair is the same as my arm hair,
My age is 12 and I don't know when my mom got hers,
I almost have a bf and I love him so much,
I've been so emotional that I cried over a game and I get mad over the slightest of things,
I haven't been myself lately and I've been having really weird cravings like chicken flavored ramon noddles
4 days ago
I made another poem these are my opinions comment and if you hate it and hate me for it just hate idc thx ❤️
5 days ago
sorry i’m 146cm (4’9) lol 😂
5 days ago
Heyyo! Can someone estimate me?
I’m 12.2 years old and my mom got hers at 13 years old.
I am 144cm (4’8) and uhh... i was 136cm (4’5) 8 months ago.
Bra size: i don’t wear one. I wear training bras
I have 💗buds and they sometimes hurt to touch.
I am 33.7 kg (74 pounds)
I get rlly bad mood swings (one time i was laughing and then i started screaming for no reason)
I crave food A LOT. I rlly love eating fast food and i eat loads of bread.
I get REALLY painful cramps below my belly button. (I’m having one rn that’s rlly painful)
I used to get a normal amount of sticky gooey white/clear yellow discharge but now i sometimes i get like loads of yellowish clear discharge. I’ve had discharge for 1 year+
I have a medium amount, brownish-black, starting to curl pubic hair. (hair down there) I’ve had it for a year now.
I’ve had armpit hair for 3-5 months now. I have a small amount, they’re short, brownish-black, and kind of curly
I get constipation and diarrhea but not often.
I also have headaches everyday and it kinda hurts. I get sore legs and my back sometimes hurts.
My hips are definitely getting wider!
I really want my period! Pls estimate me!! thxx ♥️♥️♥️
6 days ago
I got any time now😳
6 days ago
So my age is 10.9 years old and here's my result:

ACCURATE First Period Quiz
For 40% you are: Ready to find out when you'll get your period? It will most likely be in a year or two. It might be a little before or after that, but at least you now know you have a while to wait. However, some girls start their periods without really developing at all. So, I guess you can just play the waiting game. But from your answers, it seems this is most likely when you will get your period.
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12 days ago
I am 11 my mom was 12 I get a lot of discharge so much I were a pad at night sometimes I see spots I wear a size 32 b bra I get extreamely bad cramps I started puberty at the age of 8 I shave every couple days so will you pls tell me my results thanks demeka
15 days ago
I mean I used the wrong bye. This is awesome sauce.
15 days ago
I spelled bye wrong. This is epic.
15 days ago
Also, can I get estimated?
Age: 13.5
Height: 5'2 or 5'3 or 5'1 (probably 5'2)
Bra Size: Hanes has sizes that aren't real sizes, so like 32 (It don't fit me, the band is too big and I think the cups are too smal but idk)
Weight; 90 pounds
i'm really dramtic but I think its just me and not mood swings
My lower tum-tum hurts and back but I might just be having digestive system issues
My mom got it at 14 and my sis got it when she turned 14
Discharge (i uesed to get a lot and then stopped and then now have a normal amountisn, idk whats up with that)
hair everywhere (cringe CRINGE cringe)
Bye the way my doctor said I should be getting it from within the next 5 months or now. Thats what she said last year tho.
15 days ago
Heyo, mayo. I'm bored. Also, I was feeling sad because I think my bra doesn't fit me anymore and Idk why. . . but I'm not sure. How can you tell? I'm 13 now, I've been taking this test for 2 whole years. I used to be unhealthily obessed with getting my period. Also, writing on a computer is so much easier. I usally do this on my phone. I had a realization in the shower and then I realized that periods are probably horrible. However, I don't want to be towering over my friends so I'm scared of that. I think I'm going to tower over my friends and now I'm crying. Thats really overdramtic.
16 days ago
If anyone of you need boy or girl or any advice I made this
16 days ago
Someone estimate me please!
Age 10
Breasts are triangular, slowly rounding..
Bra: training bra
Weight: 75 pounds
Height: 4 5"
I've had discharge, mood swings and food cravings 😚
I had cramps I'm lower stomachs two days ago..
Thanks.. I also notice my hips
And lotta pubic. Hair and hair everywhere..
17 days ago
Hello Arianna schanz I am not gonna except rude behavior from a ten year old. This is about my poem. If you didn't like it you could have said something nicer like it could have been better nice try or something like that. Because my words in that poem are my real emotions you basically called my emotions terrible if you wanna talk to me NICELY sorry lots of things going on rn you can talk to me here

Also if she's not on today copy this and paste this whole thing and paste it where she might see it
19 days ago
Oop I copied and pasted so it may be a little funny thats why it said 3 minutes ago