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This very accurate first period quiz will show you approximately when you'll get it. It's good information to use for planning and preparation, because this will be a big change in your life.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?
    What shape would you describe your breasts as having?

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51 minutes ago
@halp me. Probably 1 to 2 years because your breast aren’t even developed yet, u don’t have mood swings, you don’t have cramps, you don’t bloat, you haven’t spotted yet, and your still kind of young. I don’t thinks it’s hapoening any time soon.
2 hours ago
i am guseing that yare or two decauseyou have to have a least once a week srydut my said 4 to 6 months
4 hours ago
Can someone please estimate me? I know most people don't respond but oh well...

Discharge: quite a bit every day/wears panty liners

Wight: 85 lbs

Height: 4'10

Pubic hair: yes alot it's annoying

Underarm hair: yes have to shave

Leg hair: no/idk

Acne/pimples/blackheads: yes

Breast size: training bra/AAA

Breast soreness: hurt to touch, even to hug someone

Relationship?: Yes I want a partner

Mood swings: maybe about once a month

Cramps: had it only once

Spotting: nope

Bloating: once I think?

Mom had it: 12

My age: 11

Thank you for anyone who estimates me
4 hours ago
@Anshika I hope you don't mind all my questions. 😆

But feel free to tell me if you do!
4 hours ago
That is so cool @Anshika! So do you Speek the Hindi language at another one? How do you know English?
6 hours ago
Anyone online!
Wanna chat?
6 hours ago
The language u r talking about is Hindi language
Hindi is the fourth-most-spoken language in the world by number of native speakers.
Namaste means respected hello
If u want anything to know about Hindi
Just ask me... 😄
6 hours ago
Any time now!
Good luck!
And b prepared!
6 hours ago
Can u give me a little bit more information to estimate
6 hours ago
@Period wanter
1-5 months....
It can be either one month later or one month early in this given estimate 'cause every girl is different and each one has its own body schedule....
But I think it will come soon
7 hours ago
I live in Jaipur
That lies in the state of Rajasthan
Jaipur is its state Capital....
Yeah! I was born in India...
I'm an Indian
7 hours ago
Yes, my real name is Anshika ....
If u want u can write about me in your diary....
I don't mind
Yes, sure I would be happy to be your friend
11 hours ago
Forgot somethings!
Height: 5ft
Weight: 107lbs
Acne: I have a couple pimples

Please let me know if you need anything else!
11 hours ago
Hi! Please estimate me!
Discharge: white, a lot everyday
Cravings: sometimes
Cramps: once a week
Mood swings: often
Breasts: size 38B, sometimes tender
Pubic hair: long, thick dark hairs
Underarm hairs: Covers entire area, thick dark hairs

Thanks! Please make this accurate!
12 hours ago
I have small b but not tiny I fit into a aa bra I have a lot of discharge but not to the point that I have to wear pantiliners I weigh 40-45 kgs I shave both under arms and legs dpnt really have cramps probaly twice a month they are realy bad though someone plz estimate plźz
16 hours ago
So i took this test like 3 months ago and it said in three months I’ll have it and im taking it again and it says 3months is this a jokkee or something
17 hours ago
@period wanter I have the same sytopms as you but I have different discharge
19 hours ago
Hey guys! It's ya gurl, and I really want my period!! My 2 older sisters have it, and it seems amazing to know your healthy!!! Please estimate me!!!
Discharge: I dunno... Yellowish stuff when I wipe my vag...It's full on liquid...not sure if it's discharge.
Cramps past week
Bloating no
80 lbs
💗 hurt around my nippos. Training bras medium,but I should have a saize AAA bra.
Pubic hair: Brown thin straight hairs. Growing fast
Anderarm hair and leg hair: legs a pot, underarm starting to see light brown short hair...
Anything else needed lemme know!!! Make it accurate as possible!! Ty's. Y'all baii
22 hours ago
Lol!!!! Well, hopefully talk to you tomorrow!!
23 hours ago
Oh wait bed time see ya tomorrow sorry bye