ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Jayde (79691)
Thanks so much I do not want to tell my mum that I am going to get my period soon
I need help (63949)
2 days ago
Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude @coolness, just helpings a friend out!
@Evie why whats going on?
Evie (17221)
2 days ago
HELP ME!! I think me is having it NOW!!!!
Coolness (08334)
2 days ago
No need to be rude.
It's not a big deal
Coolness (08334)
2 days ago
Whoops lol
I didn't realize 6 weeks was 1 month
I mean I knew that but I forgot 😂😂
Unicorns (30248)
2 days ago
Hey guys sorry for not being active I've been ill and still am with a cold
I need help (63949)
3 days ago
And also, are bubbles in your stomach/down lower normal?
I need help (63949)
3 days ago
@coolness, 6 weeks is more than a month...
Coolness (08334)
3 days ago
@i need help
No more than 1 month
You will probably start in 1-6 weeks
Good luck.
I need help (63949)
3 days ago
Well O o f now that I am reading what you put more precisely it might be more around 4 to 6 months since your hair isnt fully matured and you have only had discharge for a few months and it is slowing down but idk sorry for the confusion :)
I need help (63949)
3 days ago
I might need to know when I am going to start my period but i am going to try to help you guys to figure out when you are going to start yours!
O o f I would say you have somewhere between 2 weeks and 6 months but I think about a month or 2 months
Fern Id say about a month to two months also
Btw is anyone gonna say anything about coolness posting something saying no more than a month but probably around 6 weeks?
Please estimate me if you can
I need help (63949)
3 days ago
I need an estimate
Im 12 1/2
75 lbs
4 foot 8
A lot of discharge for a good 8 months to a year. I feel it everyday when I walk, I wear pantyliners because it keeps staining my underwear
Hair down there is stage 3 to 4
A cup to B cup depending on the place
Spotting 4 or 5 times within the last few months
Ive grown a good 3 or 4 inches within the last 6 months
I shave my armpits and my legs every 1-3 days (Or at least I should)
Most of my family and friends say it is going to start in 1-3 months but everyone says before I turn thirteen
My mom started hers when she was somewhere between 13 and 14 1/2 but she said probably 3-6 months before she turned 14
Cramps- Mild to intense every other day or every day
Mood swings- So many
I have been extremely moody, exactly 27 days ago, I was so emotional, I texted my crush all about my emotions on accident
Omg I have had really bad migraines the past 3 days
I really want a donut rn I always have cravings
Im going into 8th grade but im supposed to be in 7th but I skipped a grade so all my friends started their periods about a year ago so I think I am going to get mine within the next 2 months
Thanks for any help
o o f (42600)
3 days ago
On this quiz I got anytime now, and on others I’ve gotten mixed results with 1-3 and 4-6 months.

If this is TMI, that’s your problem. It’s just girls helpings girls.

I’m 10 (turn 11 on the 29th, so count me as 11)
V hair: very thick and curly at the front, but thinner but still dark at the back
👙: started budding 1.5 years ago, size A38, but they’re getting bigger, and my mom and sisters (THE ONE THAT’S YOUNGER THAN ME) have p big ones.Hair: legs are COVERED with thick, brown hair. Even all the way up to my upper thigh. Arms are real hairy too, but only on the forearm. My armpits have like two dark hairs, but covered with blond ones.V discharge: I used to be getting TONS like one month ago, but now I’ve been only having a little bit everyday. I’ve had it for 5.5 months.Sweat: oh HONEY YOU DONT WANNA KNOW. I’ll just be sitting outside, then once I start sweating, I BE STANKY.((enavy)

Pms symptoms: My cramps have been short but painful. Today I had about 15 short but uterus wrecking cramps. And my cravings come back everyday. I’ve been wanting Swedish Fish for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT, and once I got them (tyvm mom) I wanted Kit Kats. I also get ticked off REALLY easily. And headaches? Don’t even get me started. I’ll take 3 Advil but it still hurts. I also have them EVERY DAY.

Thanks in advance!!

-o o f
Fern (00761)
3 days ago
Please estimate me!

Discharge- SO MUCH ITS GROSS and I’ve had it for maybe 7 months
Cramps- a few everyday, some are pretty bad
Hair down there-covers all areas
Leg hair-noticeable, have to shave every other day
Armpit hair-a few dark hairs and some blonde ones
Breasts: rounding out, been growing for maybe 1.8 years to 2
Sweat-getting very bad
other symptoms-I get so nauseous I feel like I’m gonna throw up, then I don’t and I get headaches and kinda lightheaded sometimes

Thank youuuuu!
Coolness (52611)
3 days ago
I meant
@please estimate
( for the top one )
Coolness (52611)
3 days ago
@ease estimate me
Your very close no more than 3 months
Probably one month for you
Very close no more than 1 month
Around 6 weeks probably
Good luck to y'all

@11 year old
Read my other comment from yesterday about it being accurate
I'm sick of people asking :/
11 year old (19632)
3 days ago
My doctor said I should get my period around my 12 th bday (one month) and the test said 4-6 months so idk how accurate the quiz is
Dancer4life (33697)
3 days ago
Actually my cramps are everyday!! I have had cramps basically 24/7 the past like 4 days and they are so bad. During school I got a really bad wave and almost started crying and couldn’t walk!!
Dancer4life (33697)
3 days ago
Hey y’all!!
12 years old
82 pounds
About 5 foot
💗 are buds but they’ve been growing a lot these past few months and are sore a lot
Maybe had spotting once
Discharge every day and a lot
Cramps a few times a week
Cravings a lot
Mom got it around my age
Pubic hair is a lot but not totally thigh to thigh
Leg hair is quite a bit and getting pretty dark
Armpit hair is getting more and turning dark
Some acne

Please help friends!!!!
please estimate! (41804)
3 days ago
PLEASE ESTIMATE- I’m 13 and a half,I’m an A and in some shops a B cup, i get lots of discharge everyday, my v hair is brown curly and covers the whole area, armpit hair quite a lot, i shave 1-2 times a week on my legs armpits, i’ve had discharge for like 6 months, mood swings a lot, always crave junk food but i just love it in general, recently had wuite a few bad spots! please help! xxx