ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Talk to me (62725)
7 days ago
I got 1-2 years Not sure if I want my period most of my friends have it
Cat (78342)
7 days ago
@61515 then you will probably start any time now!
A GIRL (37041)
8 days ago

Your mum is right, it should be starting any time now! BE PREPARED
Annie (61515)
8 days ago
Hey thisisnotmyname and A GIRL
I have had discharge for a year
Kaitlyn (80474)
8 days ago
Ur probs gonna get ur period in around 1.5-4 months... Congrats when u get it.
Julia (36991)
8 days ago
13 in a month,
๐Ÿ’—cone shaped (the doctor said stage 3?)
Hair from thigh to thigh and covering everything in like a jungle
Lots of armpit and leg hair
Lots of discharge almost every day
Mom got it at 14
Abt 5โ€™ tall and 83 pounds
Waaaayy moodier
Craving is really bad but not everyday
Julia (36991)
8 days ago
3 months? Better get prepared I guess...
Hannah (99845)
8 days ago
I could possibly have it any time now but I don't know if I'm ready for pads, pantyliners, and the dreaded tampons. UGH!!!
Coolness (32984)
8 days ago
Can anyone estimate me ?:)
11 almost 12
Big ๐Ÿ’— ( I think fully grown)
๐Ÿ’— Normally tender
๐Ÿ’— Hair from thigh to thigh ( black)
Just got armpit hair and there's a LOT
( black and bushy )
Cramps pretty much everyday ( they just started getting really bad )
I've had worse back pain lately ( along with my cramps )
I had terrible moods swings last week I was almost crying and screaming in class ( everything made me mad)
5 feet and 5 inches tall
90 pounds
Mom was 16 ( don't think were genetically connected with periods)
Started puberty when I was 8 or 9
Discharge everyday for about 1 year and a half ( there's a lot )
I normally crave food

I'm getting cramps R NOW
My mom said I should be getting my period any day now ?!
Coolness (32984)
8 days ago
You are very close
1-3 months top
Good luck
Coolness (32984)
8 days ago
@talk to me
Congrats for your cousin
Coolness (32984)
8 days ago
@dont want to share
You still have quite abut of Time
4months to a year
Good luck
I've been on this chat for a very long time if you need my help just ask
Talk to me (02867)
8 days ago
My 10 year old cousin just got her period and I've had none and I'm older
dont want toshare (48758)
8 days ago
Hey please estimate
13 years old
80 pounds
abt 5 ft
discharge abt every month
mom got at i think 14
bunch of acne
๐Ÿ’— are growing verry slow but i think they are medium
lots of hair... in spots down below
dont rlly have much leg or arm hair


Dancer4life (33697)
8 days ago
Hey yโ€™all!!
12 years old
82 pounds
About 5 foot
๐Ÿ’— are buds but theyโ€™ve been growing a lot these past few months and are sore a lot
Maybe had spotting once
Discharge every day and a lot
Cramps a few times a week
Cravings a lot
Mom got it around my age
Pubic hair is a lot but not totally thigh to thigh
Leg hair is quite a bit and getting pretty dark
Armpit hair is getting more and turning dark
Some acne

Please help friends!!!!
A GIRL (13933)
8 days ago
@Annie, I agree with @Thisisnotmyname's advice. Goooooood luck!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜„
Thisisnotmyname (48025)
8 days ago
Wow i love this website
Thisisnotmyname (48025)
8 days ago
@Annie usually when you get ๐Ÿ’—l discharge its usually 6 months to a year before you get before you get your period. Don't be sad cause I could be wrong

Hope this helps,
Thisisnotmyname (48025)
8 days ago
@A GIRL Lol don't have Insta either
Annie (61515)
8 days ago
Hey A GIRL could you estimate me
Iโ€™m 12 turning 13 in November
I weigh 36 kg
Iโ€™m 155 in height
My hips are wide
I get cramps often
Iโ€™m bloated every day
My cup size is 34A
They are very tender to touch they hurt when I lay down
I have a lot op pubic hair everywhere
I get a lot of discharge I had clear sticky discharge for about a week 1-2 weeks ago
If there is anything else you want to know just ask