Gay scenario quiz

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Hi! I am 12 and this is my first quiz. This is the one because I am screwed up in the head but who cares! ^.^ I am gay, and I embrace it with my friends. If you need to talk, just message me via email!

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    You and your friends are at a sleepover at your house. You get chosen and you get dared to sleep with your best friend for one night alone. When it gets that time, he cuddles against you with his dick on your ass and its gets hard. What do you do?

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Luca (70462)
Yeah sure you would and I'm going to give it to you
That football guy (50492)
Im straight but i would take a blow job if i am 💗
Em (84592)
12 days ago
Im bi and ive told some friends but im afraid to officially come out. Advice?
Joey K (86375)
65 days ago
I'm gay and I am ready to come out to people at my school (people I can trust). My friend knows and he suggests I tell a counselor. I get uncomfortable talking to adults about my sexual orientation. I'm scared I will be made fun of.
Blue (91932)
71 days ago
13, Gay, and scarred, its not like my parents are going to turn me away, my friends are pretty good (although I am not sure about the rest of my school), so I guess I am still afraid to take the leap with everyone, but let me just say that I do have someone #LuckySleepoverKiss
ITriedThisTest (45874)
78 days ago
I’m bi (or gay) and don’t want to tell my parents (btw our shool doesn’t have lokers so guys change clothes together xD)
Anonymus Pan girl (98879)
81 days ago
I'm not out yet and I'm scared to tell my parents. Any out gay, bi or pan people please HELP! #whatdoIdo #HELPMEMAHDUDES #pansexual
Hello (40627)
84 days ago
There was no picture
Anonymous (90835)
86 days ago
I am a gay 14 year old boy. Im out and proud. Also if you are gay dont be worried of what your friends think of you. If they dont accept who you are then they are not real friends. Love youself and never get beaten by anyone.#pride
M.M (63210)
87 days ago
I'm so gay I broke the website
Jim (01554)
96 days ago
I'm 15, gay and proud
Spencer (98034)
114 days ago
I'm a gay femboy but just because I'm feminine people think I'm trans and a cross dresser anyone able to help
Mr. T (34144)
130 days ago
I need help could someone tell me if I'm gay
Matthew (35474)
132 days ago
It says im more gay than straight but ok.
In deeo need (99422)
133 days ago
I have a great attraction to masculinity. I don't want a guy's dick, but I find it more appealing to be with a male guy who can be my exact equal. I also can't imagine myself with a girl anymore.. I don't find girls attractive in any way anymore, but I can't find a quiz without harcore💗and I just want some sort of "clean" quiz. Does anyone know of one?
TGHQ (63387)
148 days ago
Ugghhh. I’m pretty sure I’m bi which I would be fine with if I wasn’t a Christian 😭
Annonamoose (64101)
160 days ago
Have a friend who I have a crush on, but he has a girlfriend and Im pretty sure he is straight. Welp... (bi btw)
FuriousArchitect (63000)
162 days ago
Honestly, Austin, Shame on you. You're the one stuck in old-school mode while us millennials are learning to accept others for who they are. Shame on people like you.
Sam (85842)
164 days ago
I will help u Lucas
i’m not gonna say my name (55814)
172 days ago
i’m bi but i want to be with a guy to see what it feels like