Gay Scenario Quiz 2

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Are you ready for some hot and steamy test-taking? Welcome to my gay scenario quiz! You'll be entertained as well as get confirmation of whether you're gay, or how gay you are. This is my second gay scenario test on this site, btw, Here's the link to my first one:

Hope you enjoy taking both quizzes as much as I enjoyed writing them! (Soon you'll see WHY, lol! ;)

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17 days ago
Awesome awesome quiz
20 days ago
if anyone is questioning my random comments there was a rude comment below them
22 days ago
so please don't say things like that, this is not a datjng site
22 days ago
there are children here, despite this being a very💗based quiz
24 days ago
I would not agree to any of this despite enjoying it, I wouldn't let someone💗 me in a locker room
31 days ago
wtxf is this? you have to be so fxking desperate to agree most of these situations
38 days ago
All of the options are like “you hate the fact that they are touching you” or “butt 💗 in the middle of science class” I’m pretty sure I’m bi but I would tell someone to get off me in a lot of these situations even if I was turned on because of the location.
39 days ago
these quizzes are so entertaining! happy to see a new one! keep up the good work!
46 days ago
Gay Scenario Quiz 2

For 80% you are: Ready for your result? You are a very shy boy - an easy bottom for dominant tops and others to dominate. You don't have a dominant bone in your body, and you find joy in being taken advantage of. This is just my opinion, btw. What you do irl is totally up to you and your partner. 
60% of 56587 quiz participants had this profile!
49 days ago
I think it is time to try to love a guy and make love for the first time to a guy, l do want to taste him and feel his nakedness
59 days ago
this is literally all about💗 you 💗 weirdo
60 days ago
I LOVE the dog part I got so hard! I just hope it happens like that
61 days ago
You are a very shy boy - an easy bottom for dominant tops and others to dominate.
That is totally me.

The doggie part... soooo hot
63 days ago
Mr Funny Man I agree with you. Some of these questions are literal 💗💗 scenes and I got straight when I am gay just be I wasn't gonna let 3 guys sexually abuse me? This quiz is totally unrealistic.
66 days ago
Quizzes like this be like:
"You are casually doing stuff, then a guy sexually assaults you. What do?"
A: Punch them and call for help because this is assault. (Straight option)
B: Happily be assaulted. (Gay option)
C: Be assaulted but shyly. (Bi option)
Like dude. I'm literally gay and I am not a fan of being sexually assaulted by random people!!! Pls make these more realistic :(
71 days ago
It says i like being dominated. And yes yes i do i wish all this came true
71 days ago
Ah yes... for me.. and my partner to decide, because that is a thing that I have
75 days ago
OOPS I thought this was gonna be a lesbian test so I did everything that wasn't sexuali wondered why there was no girl bits XD
89 days ago
Im not a 💗 bottom, smh
90 days ago
It say im shy and enjoy being dominated