Gay Scenario Quiz 2

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My second quiz, link to first one is here:

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Comments (59)


straight guy (50940)
I like girls but this test proved I was straight so yay am I right guys
BegoneThot (03361)
4 days ago
I didn’t know how gay I was lol
Briley (30167)
5 days ago
That is really funny but believe me it will get worse
Lesbian Llama (55847)
5 days ago
Sometimes I use the men's are you gay tests to test how much of a lesbian I am but sometimes I just start imagining a woman instead of a man by accident. Whoops. I guess I really am a lesbian.
Bradley (70462)
27 days ago
I'm am definitely gay
I'm also a girl (46238)
34 days ago
Lmfao, I'm so lesbian, I love girls, so i imagined myself as a boy, and I'm thinking, "Don't drop the soap"

I'm joking
Kid fury (29793)
41 days ago
Im gay ummmmmmm ok I think I can make this work
My name will be known eventually I guess %uD8 (36484)
61 days ago
I’m not straight but okay 👌🏽 I’m definitely a top and most of these situations were bottom situations buh wutever. Bisexual (btw)
I'm a girl (26923)
62 days ago
I'm not gay....... I'm super gay!!!
I'm a girl (26923)
62 days ago
I'm a girl, I'm gay, took this test to see what it's like, and got extremely creeped out. This is considered illegal in the place I live in. They just don't like gay's. (aka me)
Darren (15516)
71 days ago
Willing to try this one
Chicken (69094)
84 days ago
Ehhhh this made me feel so awkwarddd
Kev (45799)
95 days ago
This test makes me sound like a slut
ITriedThisTest (45874)
99 days ago
I’m not easy to get! (game)
(Btw i’m bi)
max (23699)
102 days ago
hey mugus i agree with you all i want is something adorable... i can make one lol
acidpetals (83442)
103 days ago
hannah is agreed with

this is lame
eliza( yes i m a girl) (76641)
104 days ago
agreed with hannah
girls get soooooo much better
Hugh Mugus (88161)
109 days ago
Just cause I don't like rape/sexual harassment, means I don't like men?
Why are many of these lgbt quizzes so rapey D:
I just want a normal, sweet, lgbt quiz..
Brody (94680)
119 days ago
This is gross.....i got 100% straight and it said not to be violent.....?
Hannah ( Its a girl) (96934)
157 days ago
OK if this is what the boys get to do girls get it better. ;)