Gay Scenario Quiz 2

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My second quiz, link to first one is here:

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Comments (60)


Hannah ( Its a girl) (96934)
162 days ago
OK if this is what the boys get to do girls get it better. ;)
Blank (32285)
175 days ago
This test is seriously messed up
SSomeone (65831)
186 days ago
For 70 % you are: You are a very shy boy, an easy bottom for dominant tops and others to dominate. You don't have a dominant bone in your body, and you find joy in being taken advantage off.
10 year old GIRL (79200)
224 days ago
What is wrong with people!? These are messed up. I do a lot of these types of quizzes! But this one is the worst and most messed up one ever!
Anonymous (Gay) (01848)
240 days ago
For 1% you are: You are gay. You are shy but you love to be controlled. You would dominate anyone ((ered)
Alexander (54295)
248 days ago
10 already bisexual mostly gay
Name (06446)
265 days ago
It says not accurate but it's correct!
Sweaty gay teen (01805)
267 days ago
I love how all the comment sections of these quizzes are all just sweaty gay teens giving peaple ways to contact them or just blatantly saying that they are gay
Anymous (36677)
281 days ago
Yeah but this test gives you scenarios and asks what you would do
283 days ago
For 80 % you are: You are a straight male.
I'm gay, but this quiz was just all💗and nothing else. (I'm asexual)
Anymous (36677)
288 days ago
Jimmy yeah people do I never have well I'm 13 and all but people do you know fantasise this kind of stuff people always do weird things during sex
Anymous (36677)
293 days ago
I don't know if I'm gay or straight or bisexual
A gay dude (98560)
300 days ago
So I am not gay because I don't want to be raped or sexually harassed?
Bob (90095)
306 days ago
Lol I even master... Bat during the test. I weans to be in that locker room with the boys and go to the shower and lol
Bob (90095)
306 days ago
Lol who got erected taking this test. I just wanna rube his toy in the locker
Riley (40222)
321 days ago
Also, I want to say that everyone saying they are 12, 15, etc. (Probably actually 5 year olds or grown men) DOES NOT NEED anyone at this time in their life. People.
Riley (40222)
321 days ago
Me: I'm a random person and I took this test.
Someone: Why are you taking this quiz? You're a girl and also this comment section is crazy.
Me: I know right? Why does everyone comment their answer instead of doing what I'm doing?
Someone: Hm
Theos (40082)
322 days ago
I knew that i was gay and this test prove it ❤
99076 (87396)
348 days ago
I will mr no one however i am 15
Bi (54086)
349 days ago
Add more! I love your tests