Will you grow after puberty (girls only )

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I know some of you probably heard or read that girls mostly grow 1 or 2 years after puberty or that girls stop growing at 14,15, or 16 years old but today I'm going to tell you if you will grow after puberty or not with 100% accurate results

  • 1
    How tall are you now?
  • 2
    How old are you?
  • 3
    How tall is your mom?
  • 4
    How tall is your dad?
  • 5
    How tall is the tallest aunt you have on your mom side? (if you don't know just guess)
  • 6
    How tall is your tallest aunt on your dad side? (if you don't know just guess)
  • 7
    How tall is your tallest uncle on your mom side? ( if you don't know just guess
  • 8
    How tall is your tallest uncle on your dad side? ( if you don't know just guess)
  • 9
    If you have a 16 year old sister is she still growing?
  • 10
    Do you have a adult sister? If so how tall is she?
  • 11
    Do you think you will grow taller?
  • 12
    Are you strong?
  • 13
    Did you gain 5 to 35 pounds from last year?
  • 14
    Are you going to rate my quiz?
  • 15
    Do you eat healthy or unhealthy?

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Comments (15)


42 days ago
Soooo,the weight lifting thing is hilarious lolol... Anyway, I hope I grow taller!!Let's go!!!
118 days ago
can I still get taller after puberty at 17
135 days ago
I don't understand..it says something about lifting wheights....idk
144 days ago
I'm twelve and 5' exactly, which makes me shorter than most of my friends. it said I'll grow another 3 to 5 inches.
150 days ago
Ahah I’m dead it said imma grow 7 inches, 💗 imma be tall asf watch tf out imma beat yo💗up
179 days ago
i’m 15 and 5’3, and it’s saying i could grow another few centimetres if i sleep more, which is true i should, but i struggle with sleep, so i don’t think i’ll grow any taller within the next few years 😅
194 days ago
bruh i am 11 and 5,6 i-
280 days ago
It says I will grow 4-7 inches more and I am 15 and 5'6
344 days ago
No way dude everything you said is true for me
586 days ago
Idk why but I want to be 5'10 so bad I'm 12 and 5'8, it said I will grow 4 to 7 inches
611 days ago
I’m 5,2 and it said I might grow 4-7 inches I think it’s right cause I have a uncle who’s 6,5
614 days ago
I think this might be true.
I'm right at 5' so grow 4-7 more inches would make sense. If you do the mom-dad height thing my height is right in that range. (About 5' 6")
616 days ago
This is pretty fake I'm already 5'6" and I am DEFINITELY not going to grow 4-7 more inches, according to basically EVERY other height quiz (including ones made by doctors) out there
806 days ago
Yay I'll grow thank you soooooo much!
952 days ago
Guys this is so true even if it takes a while it works because when i took this quiz i was 5,4 and im 16 and a half and now im 5,7 i just had to eat healthy or at least eat cheese and milk every week and also i slept 10 to 11 hours a day and my friend and cousin also to the quiz and sllept a lot and ate healthy and my friend was 5,0 and 15 now shes 5,5 and my cousin was 4,8 and 17 and now shes 4,10 so take it its so true