Lesbian Scenario Quiz, Let’s Turn You On

Developed by: Ariel Khan

This quiz is for anyone who either doesn’t know their sexuality or just wants to get turned on

  • 1/16
    You are at the pool in the changing room getting on your super sexy bathing suit hoping someone will notice you when your best friend walks in not knowing you were in there, Neveah is a lesbian. You are still naked. Neveah stops and looks at you then smiles. Neveah walks to you and leans in to your ear and says,” Hey there sexy mind if I, help?” Neveah says as she nibbles your ear a little.

    What do you do?

Comments (32)


Sky carter (37744)
20 hours ago
this was so awesome and I totally got turned on anyone wanna 💗 me
(girls only duh)
eliza (76641)
17 days ago
i got 69% cos i wouldn't have a threesome
44 days ago
I am like the only straight person in my school!
44 days ago
So straight. am i the only straight girl in the world? even my former crush is gay!!!
Myka (89627)
154 days ago
Didn't like this test. The answers don't accurately describe how I feel in response to many of the questions.
that one lesbian (48463)
182 days ago
"your pretty gay" of course. everyone knows. I totally am
Ugh. (90623)
208 days ago
it said i'm pretty gay
some girl (09171)
226 days ago
I was having issues about being bi or not, but this test did help me. now that I know I am "pretty gay" 🏳️‍🌈 dunno how to tell my friends now that I told them I was bi... :) (F13)
Anon (55122)
227 days ago
Pretty gay 😂 true
Eve (23091)
239 days ago
I was told to keep looking. I think I may be bi. But I feel different when I'm with boys and when I'm with girls....
With boys I feel less comfortable. I don't really like that many.
But with girls I'm comfortable.... I can be myself and not have to worry about judgement, especially with my friends..
anonymous (79503)
241 days ago
Wow..this test was surprisingly accurate! I was honest and didn't really care about the outcome. The answer was I'm pretty gay. And I am. Learning to love my lesbian self..
Isa (27334)
243 days ago
"You're pretty gay" I actually thought that I'm bi but well, I think I have my answer now... xD
Anonymous (84745)
244 days ago
You are awesome. I'm a fifteen year old girl confused about my sexuality and your quiz helped me. I mean instead of giving me questionable answers you gave me the direction to get my own. Omg I just realized how long this is sorry. Bi and proud
elle (41700)
247 days ago
im a (single 13) lesbian and proud to be
Rae (04689)
249 days ago
I'm lesbian, single, and proud :D
Mj (13933)
250 days ago
The test doesn't even know my sexuality lol. SEND HELP I'M SO CONFUSED! I know I'm not straight, but I honestly can't Tell if I'm lesbian, bi, or pan.
MS (48228)
252 days ago
"There's a good chance you're bi, pan, ace, gay, straight, or anything in between". Great test, thanks for helping me figure it out >:(
Grace (65568)
263 days ago
im so confused. i identify as bi and now it says im lesbian. ughhh love is confusing!!
midmidmid (48188)
268 days ago
im straight, just needed a little reassurance.

kudos to all of you bisexual/lesbian girls out there!
CherryWine (71942)
268 days ago
Actually, this test revealed nothing new as I had realised it before that I was bisexual, but I think it's really good, accurate and helpful for some people c: