Pokémon Quiz- Sun and Moon

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I've seen a lot of terrible and easy quizzes around here. Being a player of the franchise for many years now, I figured it'd be fun to put together what a REAL Pokémon quiz should be.

  • 1
    At what level does Decidueye learn Spirit Shackle?
  • 2
    What are the odds of hatching a full odds Masuda Method bred Shiny?
  • 3
    How many TMs are in the game?

  • 4
    What was the Totem Pokémon in the first trial?
  • 5
    How many Pokémon were released with the launch of Generation VII (7), including the current amount of Mythical Pokémon?
  • 6
    Who is the Poni Island Kahuna when you begin the game?

  • 7
    Professor Kukui's "signature" Pokémon is who?
  • 8
    Lillie goes back to what region post-game?
  • 9
    What color is Vikavolt's Shiny form?
  • 10
    Where can you encounter Smeargle?

  • 11
    What region does your family come from?
  • 12
    Who is the Champion of the Pokémon League when you first challenge?
  • 13
    Beldum's catch rate in a Heavy Ball is what?
  • 14
    Where do you first meet Colress (the scientist originally introduced in the Kalos region) in Alola?
  • 15
    What game is coming next to the main series?

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1058 days ago
Are you serious ? This is more bulll💗 then an actual bull💗 these Pokémon quizzes are made by 💗