First period, when? {girls only!}

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Well all girls do eventually get theirs but some girls wonder when? If that is you this is the one for you! Remember this is only an estimate because it may come earlier or later!

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    Do you wear a bra?, if so what size?

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1115 days ago
Hi! Sorry to bother you guys but I was wondering if I could get an estimate on when I would get my period 😊
12 and a half ( I was born in January )
I've grown over 4 inches in the past year 😵
30 a cup bra from justice ( pretty good if I say myself lol )
Basically full public hair ( down ' there ' )
Been shaving my legs for months and recently decided to shave my pits my feet have stopped growing
Lots of discharge everyday
My mom stopped growing in 7th grade and got it in 8th
Any guesses ? Thanks again 😃
1116 days ago
oh and i am about 90 pounds🙂
1116 days ago
please predict me❤️
i am 13 and a half
mom got hers at14
HEAVY discharge for 2 years
bushy, dark hair down there (full coverage)
b cup, full round
shaving my legs and pits since age 10
1117 days ago
Ay like I said I just got it on Tuesday, but I have a friend I wanna try predicting. Obviously I don't know EVERYTHING but I'll try anyway lol.
She said she's had tons of discharge for about a year, She has the occasional cramp that is moderate pain, her breasts are just beginning to develop, she's 12, 13 in Augest, she has lots of acne on her forehead, I don't think she has any under arm hair or pubic hair ( just a guess I'm no perv ) , she has mood swings every so often, her height is around 4 foot 8, I think she weights around 80 pounds, welp could someone predict her, she doesn't know I'm doing this but shhhhh. And I know I'm a bother but I'm a curious 💗 ~(.0.)~
1118 days ago
Aye thanks for the prediction, I just got it yesterday :D
1123 days ago
Hi ppl! Just to let you know the I am updating the quiz so come check out the new version!

~ Girl Pearl
1124 days ago
Thanks Girl Pearl! ~
1126 days ago
Thank you for responding
1126 days ago
Hi ppl! So if you wanted stuff to get predicted plz look below for u.

Decent Enough: any day now to 3 months
Makena: 1-3 months
Please; 2-6 months
Erin: 1-3 months
Now Person you were pretty difficult because you don't have any PMS symptoms but some girls don't get them before their first period so I would say: 4-12 months

Now ppl I may not be accurate because afterall this is an estimate.

~ Girl Pearl
1128 days ago
I am 12
mom got hers when she was 11
pretty full pubic region (1+ years)
round but small breasts (2 years)
about 15 dark hairs in my underarm
weigh 100 ish pounds ( 45 kg)
am 5"4 ish
i dont have any pms symptons

can someone pls predict for me i am really worried! 💗
1129 days ago
Sorry if this is bothersome, but could someone please predict me?
I'm 13 years old, for cravings I eat every hour and constantly want chips and sometimes crave other foods too, I have lots of acne on my nose and a few on my chin and a pretty oily face, I weigh around 90 pounds, I'm 5 foot and 1 inch tall, I have a decent amount of long brown hairs in the pubic region, I have lots of long blonde hairs on my legs, for my armpits I mostly have blonde short hairs but I sweat ALOT and have to put deodorante on 3 times a day, I have SO MUCH discharge I should wear pads for about 2 years, my breasts are about medium and getting pretty round, I have cramps every. Single. Day. Which are usually quite painful and I have mood swings every week and ALMOST every day, my mom got her at 13 too, it would be a big help if someone predicted this thanks :D
1129 days ago
Please help I need mor details sorry
1130 days ago
Hi I'm 11 yrs old
Full pubes
Hairy armpits
Lots spotting
36 C bra
Mom got it at 10
9 pimples
Cravings for sweets
1131 days ago
Also, about all of the tests I took said 1-3 months or less, thanks
1132 days ago
AND85 lbs
I've grown 1/2 inch in a month
All tests say like 1-3 months
1132 days ago
Moderate frequent cramps
Really greasy hair
6 pimples
I don't know if brown discharge is spotting?
1132 days ago
Hi Girl Pearl please predict me:
Doctor says SOON
Have to wear pantiliners EVERY day
I have to shave armpits legs and I'm trying to get up the nerve to ask to shave pubic hair (THERE'S SO MUCH!)
Size 30B cup
Mood swings
cravings galore
11 years old mom got it late 12
Grown 41/2 inches
I didn't even think my feet would get this big lol

Thank u
1132 days ago
Hi, can someone please estimate me
1. I am 12, 13 I'm August, 124 Lb, 5'6
2. I have had discharge a good amount for 2 years
3. I have tons of pubic hair 1.5 years fully developed. Not as much armpit hairs, they're getting darker
4. My breast have been developing for 3 years, rounding out, I'm an A cup
5. I have arm and leg hair pretty noticeable, I do shave though
6. I get a lot of painful cramps, bloated, cravings: anything sour, Hawaiin rolls stuff like that, more headaches, more sweat, and mood swings.
7. I haven't spotted yet
8. My mom got hers when she was 11, my grandmother had hers when she was 10
1. I have acne not that much, and my breast are tender and they hurt when I slightly touch them

Thank you if you answered
1133 days ago
Kelly I would say about 3-6 months
MOlli Hampton Amy day now to 3 months.
Good luck girls!
1135 days ago
Hey Kelly I would say 2-6 months.

Molli I would say 1-3 months.

~ Girl Pearl