First period, when? {girls only!}

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Well all girls do eventually get theirs but some girls wonder when? If that is you this is the one for you! Remember this is only an estimate because it may come earlier or later!

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    Do you wear a bra?, if so what size?

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975 days ago
I am 12 years young
I have grown about 2-3 inches in the past year
I weigh 106 pounds
I have moods swing (one min I hate my parent the other I just want to hug
My bra size is a cup been growing for about 1-2 years
Pubic hair is almost fully grown and very curly
I have to wear panie lieners every day
I have to shave my under arms everyday or they get awful
I have to shave my legs every 3 days
No spotting
I have a few cramps ( 3-4 every week) not that painful
I am 1 year older than my mom when she had hers
And about .5 of my sister
And I get a about 3-4 pimples every week
Plz estimate
Thx to who does
976 days ago
Bye I also have mood swing and get annoyed and moody really quickly and easily and I have cravings quite alot
976 days ago
I am 13 and I have had a growth spurt of about 3 inches which finished a few weeks ago. I have had pubic hair for about a year and a half, it is quite curly and dark but it doesn't cover the whole area(it is a triangle shape) I have got some armpit hair, they are quite dark but not curly (there are only a few) I weigh 86 pounds and I am the same age my mum was when she got hers, a month ago I got my first acne (now I have quite a few spots) my 💗 are an AA cup and they recently finished rounding out. I have had discharge for about one and a half years and I get quite a lot every day. I have had a few cramps that are not too painful. Sorry if this is long but can someone estimate me? Thanks x
976 days ago
Hey ppl! My quiz may be accurate for some ppl and for others not. So it depends Alice.

~Girl Pearl
976 days ago
Hey, Beth! You can't make it come faster but here are reasons to make to not come as fast, like until after your vacation, or things to avoid if you want it to cone faster.:
Stress. Tired. Sadness
Anxiety. Sick. Scared.
978 days ago
I also feel pinching in my sides every night
978 days ago
I have all symptoms and the doctor says soon, tests say 1 month. Can I make it come faster? I really dont want to start during vacation. Thx
981 days ago
I got 9 months to a year is this even accurate?
981 days ago
Sorry it is not that accurate ...(69155) but let's face it which on is? But remember I can still estimate for anyone who wants me too!

~ Girl Pearl
981 days ago
On a lot of tests I get multiple answers from right now
to 2 years. How do I know what to relie on?
981 days ago
I will be on here a couple days a week to do someone’s if they have a question or want another estimate.
982 days ago
I took these tests before I got my period and none of them worked, I am currently on my period and I got 5-8 months. I wouldn't trust it
984 days ago
Hi ppl! I will be on here once a week to anwser anyone's questions and stuff. Have fun!