Does he like you? 99% ACCURATE

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Do you want to know if the guy you like, likes you back? Continue to find out!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught him looking at you?
  • 2
    What does he do when/if you catch him looking at you?
  • 3
    Do you randomly make eye contact with him, like literally out of no where?
  • 4
    What do you talk about with him?
  • 5
    Has he ever randomly showed up in places that seem inconvenient for him?
  • 6
    When you are just standing or walking in the halls has he ever seemed to stand or walk close to you?
  • 7
    Do you hang out together?
  • 8
    Does he tease you?
  • 9
    Does he try to take interest in things that you like? (Example: you were in a school play and suddenly he told you or a friend that he likes plays)
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you? Most of the time you can feel it in your gut.

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6 days ago
@me, im almost positive he does
6 days ago
this one boy who is on the same bus as me and we sometimes talk when our seats we sat in are near eachother but the conversation only starts over some excuse or he talks louder to get my attention. For example, one day him and is friend were in the same seat and they started playing chopsticks (i dont really know, some finger game i guess) and since i was the only one in my seat and there was space next to me so he asked if he could put his bag there because they were playing the game but there was no point of putting his bag there, he could have just kept it on his lap. Also when we were talking i mentioned the talent show that we have a school sometimes and how i didnt know if they were going to have it this year, he asked me what i was going to do for it. I told him i was going to sing, then his friend next to me said "beautiful singing, its amazing" so i said that he only heard on video of me singing, then he asked if he could hear the video. It wouldn't load so i told him i would show him another day(which i didnt think would actually happen). Then 2 days after, he saw me on the bus and said "so will the video load?" I laughed and said maybe, but i showed him anyways and he said that it was pretty good. The last thing is his friend was trying ti get him to tell me something, he hesitated but told me when we got off the bus that "he was trying to get me to tell u that i like u but i dont." So what do u think?
11 days ago
Sal- So whats the problem? :p
16 days ago
I'm still so confused- send help :")
25 days ago
So this guy...I hang out with him at luch every day..Him and I are friends but I only usually see him then...My friend introduced me to him...He doesn't have my number so yeah...I catch him staring a lot, but maybe its because of how ugly I am....But we talk at lunch and laugh together...Im just very confused of his feelings...Does he like me???
27 days ago
So there's a guy in one of my classes that is super nice with me. When I first met him a few months ago he would sit across the classroom for a bit then like a few weeks later he moved to the seat next to me. I didn't think much of it since he was always a rather friendly guy to everyone, but he would always offer to help me on my math work since he was really good at it and I wasn't, although he helped everyone if they asked, he only offered his help to me. When the semester was over he still would try finding ways to communicate with me, and we'd text every day until one of us decided to go to sleep. We have lots in common, he's always laughing and smiling around me, and he's offered to eat with me before, My gut says he likes me,but at the same time I'm confused because it seems like one girl is trying to take things a step further than me every time, and always hangs out with him and even got the same job with him. She even decides to be getting his attention a lot. Yet when it came to a decision, he'd always sit with me or help me with anything, sometimes brush her off, and get really concerned if I seem down or quieter than usual, I'm generally always quiet but he is always the first to quickly see through me as if he already knows something is wrong. He also still texts me as soon as he got out of work or stopped being busy. Idk any thoughts? Does he like me or is he just generally a nice guy to everyone?
31 days ago
44 days ago
So he knows I like him? This are the things he’s done, tell me what u think
He makes easy contact, he stars at me, once he wrote the first letter of mine and his name in the snow with a heart around it. His code name was dancing queenn, so now he sings dancing queen , all the time,
51 days ago
I took so many of these quizzez idk anymore :'^)(efuchsia))
67 days ago
This is saying that I need to hang out with him more, and to either give him hints or just tell him that I like him. He only says hi to me in the halls and when we're taking the same classes. Anyhow I am going to tough it out and tell him that I like him which if it doesn't go well is going to be an oof moment because he is one of the most popular kids in the school. 😅😬❤😳😍😜😋
103 days ago
I guess he doesn’t because it says that I need to get to know him more but I feel like that will be awkward but every time I tell someone about him and the signs he shows they always say they like me
129 days ago
He said he Loves me!!! I will literally tell all of my friends. See you once we are a couple!!!
130 days ago
So... there is this guy I like and I CANT EVER NOT THINK ABOUT HIM! I mean, he’s cute, funny, nice, and a generally “cool” guy. And the quiz said that he has feelings for me! I have taken SO many quizzes just to see if he likes me and a lot of them say “He likes you, but isn’t sure how to tell you.” And I really hope that’s true. My friends also ship us a BIT too much. And it gets really annoying. Well, I hope things actually work out between me and him..
150 days ago
@whatever oof what a mood
169 days ago
i took three test for the same person and it came in a no everyone this sucks
170 days ago
I kinda like him but I'm not sure if he feels the same away although most of the tests I took confirmed it. I'm pretty good friends with his best friend and he engages in convo when we all talk about the silly things but I dunno. I only have a year with him left :(
171 days ago
RE: Brooklyn Weasley
If he is tense, try to get him to talk with you privately. I know it seems harder than it sounds. and it is. But if you want to loosen things up between the two of you, then try to take
him somewhere private to try to explain about what happened. Let me know how it goes
172 days ago
ITold him I like him and he has been tense to me ever since!! Help! I need advice!!
206 days ago
So idek if he likes me and if he doesn't oh well but if he does I'll cry 😂!! Lolll but I think I actually genuinely like him. We used to be close(ish) we'd text each other if we were going to the same place yk and hed be nice to me. He called me hot before but then out of no where we stopped talking. He then a year later was conveniently at the same place as me and I yelled at him for something stupid and he yelled back something stupid. My friends came to and one of them had food(we where @ the park btw) and I had popcorn and offered him some we shared it yk nothing big wtv. Then before that he told my brother he liked me(cos my friend told him I liked him & she kept bugging if he liked me) so yeah then I had to go I said bye and all then on Snapchat I did this kiss marry kill date thing and he slid up and I did it and he left me on read I was like (in my head) um okay. Then a fee weeks later I come to find out he's dating a friend of mine and I was like wtv Idc and they broke up we haven't talked since the Snapchat thing and ugh! Someone help meet!
315 days ago
@me he definitely likes you