Does he like you? 99% ACCURATE

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Do you want to know if the guy you like, likes you back? Continue to find out!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught him looking at you?
  • 2
    What does he do when/if you catch him looking at you?
  • 3
    Do you randomly make eye contact with him, like literally out of no where?
  • 4
    What do you talk about with him?
  • 5
    Has he ever randomly showed up in places that seem inconvenient for him?
  • 6
    When you are just standing or walking in the halls has he ever seemed to stand or walk close to you?
  • 7
    Do you hang out together?
  • 8
    Does he tease you?
  • 9
    Does he try to take interest in things that you like? (Example: you were in a school play and suddenly he told you or a friend that he likes plays)
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you? Most of the time you can feel it in your gut.

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You'll never know:) (07929)
24 days ago
So idek if he likes me and if he doesn't oh well but if he does I'll cry 😂!! Lolll but I think I actually genuinely like him. We used to be close(ish) we'd text each other if we were going to the same place yk and hed be nice to me. He called me hot before but then out of no where we stopped talking. He then a year later was conveniently at the same place as me and I yelled at him for something stupid and he yelled back something stupid. My friends came to and one of them had food(we where @ the park btw) and I had popcorn and offered him some we shared it yk nothing big wtv. Then before that he told my brother he liked me(cos my friend told him I liked him & she kept bugging if he liked me) so yeah then I had to go I said bye and all then on Snapchat I did this kiss marry kill date thing and he slid up and I did it and he left me on read I was like (in my head) um okay. Then a fee weeks later I come to find out he's dating a friend of mine and I was like wtv Idc and they broke up we haven't talked since the Snapchat thing and ugh! Someone help meet!
Who knows (48097)
134 days ago
@me he definitely likes you
Me (90880)
140 days ago
Ok so during science class ( I am in 6th grade) we were doing something online when me crush was trying to get my attention. I am the only girl at my table for your information. He pointed at me and made the stupid face with you scrunch your face and raise your eyebrows. Then he pointed at himself then to me then to himself then made a heart shape with his hands over his chest. Then made that stupid face again.
He ALWAYS makes that stupid face at me. Does that mean he likes me. Not the face part the heart part. PLEASE ANSWER. If you need to know more just say so. PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!
154 days ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!I got the best test answer ever IT SAYS HE LOVES ME!!!And we are the same age and like each other
Lace the Humorous (48769)
251 days ago
My crush is super shy! He literally only talks to me and this one other kid. And the other kid just asks questions a bunch so he doesn't count. My crush is actually two years younger than me, so I can't tell him quite yet anyway. This isn't a perfect situation, but it's certainly not as horrible as my last one was.

My last crush: Only talked to me if there was no other options (or if I talked to him first)

Currant crush: Talks to me more than anybody else (excluding his family)

My last crush: Didn't talk to any girls but my best friend (yes I know, sad)

Currant crush: Won't talk to any girls except me (awesome!)

My last crush: Probably had all the girls fawning over him in some sort of way

Currant crush: People probably don't even know he exists (again, sad)

My last crush: Had one class with me

Currant crush : Has all my classes with me

My last crush: Was the class clown

Currant crush: That sweet, shy, humble kid nobody notices

Now, let's see how much different I acted for each

My last crush: I was too shy to approach him

Currant crush: I talk to him more than anybody else at school (even my new girl friend)

My last crush: Had a crush on him for three years

Currant crush: Have only known him for five months (picked up a crush a few weeks ago)

My last crush: I morphed into a girl I never knew, the shy one

Currant crush: I became more outgoing than before

My last crush: I only talked to the girls (on occasion, some boys)

Currant crush: So far I've only talked to four people, mostly my crush

My last crush: Nobody knew I had an opinion

Currant crush: Everybody knows I have an opinion

See the difference? I think I have a better chance with my currant crush than I ever did with my last one.
Ash (33537)
451 days ago
I'm taking a summer class at a local college near me and the class is mostly taken by kids that failed the class. This guy sits next to me and whenever I look over and see him staring he smiles. We met 3 days ago.
sagar kumar (05245)
456 days ago
I love her but she never talk to me I think she like me but unfortunetly she is shy thats why she never reply my question that i asked to her. Her name is Elsa
Lily (68196)
457 days ago
Omg! I went up to my crush and started talking to him and he told me that he liked me!!!!!