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Take this quiz to find out how well you are mentally, how much you might be suffering, and about your psychological side. Because I know these things are really important.

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    How do you feel about your parents?

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2 days ago
am i a girl now??? when did this happen???
6 days ago
i keep trying to be strong and survive what im going through. but i just feel so obsolete to the point where i don't eat anymore and just wish i could evaporate out of here. i have no friends at all and everyone ignores me at school. i keep trying to look perfect on the outside, but i can't. people used to call me selfish years ago, now they call me insecure. i just want to be the narcissistic ๐Ÿ’— they used to think i was. i hate it. i hate feeling like this so much. i feel, no i KNOW i am being pathetic and stupid. my feelings don't and will never matter, but i keep crying uncontrollable tears under the smallest amount of "stress". i used to hurt my self everytime i was feeling those feelings, but my mother told me i look like a homeless prostitute with my scars and bruises. it was all a cry for help because i was (still am) so miserable, but my so-called "friends" just called me rude things in exchange for me showing them my wounds. i hate myself. i want to be the narcissist everyone can't help but love. but i'm just a weak, disgusting burden. i haven't showered in more than 5 months and i even forget to eat sometimes. it doesn't even help how this weirdo in my school keeps trying to be my friend because she just found out i was korean. i think i am going to commit suicide
11 days ago
this says i should kill myself, what do you think?
14 days ago
See, everyone's sick or just tired of living... ๐Ÿ’— beliefs just prolong the thing that are just needed to be soon done.
27 days ago
I'm not fine. I don't like my life. I'm doing this to myself, people. Don't destroy everything you were to believe in something great, only to hate that and never know anymore.
34 days ago
There is no point in keeping going if life is just gonna keep me down
39 days ago
๋‚œ ๊ดœ์ฐฎ์•„

im fine? (not really) :(
39 days ago
this isn't club peguin
39 days ago
mom said you died in a wagon crash by that weird kid named Javier
39 days ago
I am a wagon and all people do to me is use me and leave me in their garage and forget about me I used to be the coolest wagon on to block, but not any more ever since fallout wagon popped up out of no where.
So I guess the moral of the story is that my dad owns epic games and he will get your fortnite account banned if you bully me โ€ฆ

And your Minecraft account too!!!!
41 days ago
You are sad, you're fighting a lot, and you've been through a lot in your life. You're kind, but overwhelmed. Sometimes you think of suicide. You really, really hate your life. Find a therapist. Don't get confused, and stop overthinking everything.WHY IS IT SO ACCURATE?!?!?!?!
43 days ago
I'm alone right now and I hate myself too...what can I say...I don't feel ANYTHING
43 days ago
I'm bisexual also and I hate myself when I'm alone
43 days ago
I'm bisexual too, or even a lesbian, I don't really know....but I'm a girl who likes girls...I cut at School three days ago...and it felt good, like I deserved it so now I'm scared I might become addicted if I keep on doing now I wear rubber bands to school...I often get a feeling like I'm crazy...all my feelings are way too strong and sometimes I lose control of them...I'm crying at school and I skip lessons if I feel like I can't take so-called friends let me down...they aren't here for me...but what did I expect? I mean I'm weird, mad and annoying...I hate life...
52 days ago
basically it just told me i have issues...
58 days ago
Your life is fine! Sometimes it's boring and sad, but look at the bright side! Maybe you've been through some hard obstacles, but you always fought to make things better. You're a happy, strong person.
65 days ago
Two words that are my life: I cut. It started of with me being depressed, but now I'm addicted
69 days ago
I am not okay. Pretty accurate Iโ€™m struggling in life and am sometimes suicidal but my parents donโ€™t know
74 days ago
kerry lennox
think of the world as a whole full of millions and billions of living things whether they are microscopic or absolutely humongous they all matter every single spec is important you are a human made out of matter and all other sorts of complicated things you feel complex emotions you live you breath but so do I and so do many others so what is the point of having just some other girl who nobody knows? You are you, there will never be someone who was the same as you no one will live the same life that you are living no one will feel the way you feel the times you feel in those ways you have endless possibilities you are unique and no matter what you need to remember that when bullies come to you to push you down only know that they are only pushing their insecurities onto you because you are in a vulnerable state but just brush them away in the long run what does it matter that you are fat or skinny if you are weird what matters is that you are special and that no one will be you again. Make the most of it and crush those bullies with kindness show them how childish it is to push someone down, by pulling yourself up. Be you
75 days ago
You're not fine. You don't like your life. You've been through so much, but your heart is still beating, and you can do it! Stop getting confused and scared in deciding. Trust your instincts about what is best for you. OOOFFFFFFF. acurate i think