Am I OK Quiz?

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You might have been having a hard time lately, and maybe you're feeling like you might not be OK and might even need some outside help. Take this quiz to find out how well you are mentally, how much you might be suffering, and about your psychological side. Because I know these things are really important.

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    How do you feel about your parents?

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14 hours ago
._. I do not believe u
3 days ago
4 days ago
sophie? are u sophia mccarthy????
5 days ago
I am not a popular girl, although I might be a popular boy. So the answer in nay-nayjdjeejwjwjwjwj2j2jejwjjw
7 days ago
Eh, the creator of these quizzes are probably a little girl.
7 days ago
wow really, are you a popular "Girl" probs should be person
8 days ago
Hey hal!
9 days ago
Some of these answers are dumb since this quiz should be for males as well, not every female has dated someone and some females have an ex girlfriend, etc. Anyways- I don't wanna open up to people about my problems anymore.
11 days ago
So are you OK? No, you're not fine, even though that's what you tell most everyone. You don't like your life. You've been through so much, but your heart is still beating, and you can do it! Stop getting confused and scared in deciding. Trust your instincts about what is best for you. See a the🐤, or confide in someone who cares, or maybe talk to the counselor at school. GREAT. This is nice, absolutely f a n t a s t i c. Yeah.. (sarcasm if you don't know-)
11 days ago
Okay, That makes a little sense. I guess I do Tell everyone I'm fine When I'm down, But I barely realized this. I'm always fine, until a small thing that shouldn't Bother me does. And I'm not talking about 'Just a few tears' kinda cry, I mean The whole shabang-

while this properly isn't relevant I also took a How I would Die quiz and Got suicide...

but the quizzes aren't something to take seriously, so its fine
13 days ago
Therapy professional
13 days ago
Why did the word the😻 turn into a unicorn
13 days ago
And i haven't told these things to my the🌻 because my mom checks in with her weekly to go over e v e r y t hci n g I said. And if my mom catches wind of these things I have said, then she most certainly will use them against me and blame me for everything
13 days ago
Also tge reason I don't like being with my mom is bcuz she constantly finds reasons to make me in trouble for things that are ridiculous. Like I say sometimes and she understands it the wrong way, then I explain what I meant, and she only gets more mad. I have tried talking to her about this, but she is a narcissist and finds any small reason to blame me and seriously freaks out. She is controlling and always puts me down and what I like down she always says mean thing to me also I am bi but haven't told her because she thinks bis are creepy.
13 days ago
Thanks Haley!

Unfortunately my mom doesn’t work and I’m homeschooled. Plus, I’m not allowed to leave the house alone, or be at home alone.
13 days ago
----------Some advice for Leo----------
Ok, i gotta say that your only living for your cat, dog and video games isn't pathetic. in fact, video games help me zone out and focus on something fun then the hard things in life. and my cute cat makes me smile. it's probably a good thing that your staying alive just for pets and vid games because you are STILL alive. let me put it this way: s u i s i d e is a permanent decision for a temporary problem. if you still want to die, try to talk to your sister or someone else really close to you if you haven't already.
----------some advice for mel----------
if you don't like your mom being home, maybe you could find a little place to chill. what i mean is a place to get away from your mom. like if she comes home from work early, you can go to that little place. You could go to a nature park, or maybe you know a quiet corner in the road that people don't really go to. it can be your hangout for yourself.
13 days ago
Haley that is def depression
13 days ago
Being born is the ultimate burden
13 days ago
i know that i wrote just two days ago, but i really don't understand what the frick is happening. i hate all of this. I can't cut myself. i can barely make it through the week without crying or having some kind of breakdown. sometimes i sit in class sweating, trying to keep my heart rate down while kids pass notes and slack off in the back. oh, and did i say yet that i REALLY want a seat in the back?? Well, my friends, that's because teachers like to see what's on your computer and see if your actually doing your work or not. well, Since i have a seat in the front, she always checks my computer first. so if I'm on google, trying to get some kind of mental help from a mental help person on the internet, I'll probably get in "trouble." (i hate the word trouble, so i put it in parentheses.)
There's so much gossip too. like, it turns out that maybe sam likes me or theres this kid who likes to fantasize about naked anime girls-that last one is weird. and while there is gossip, there is also drama. Mad faces turning to mad faces, roasting and roasting back, screaming kids with anger issues.
In fact I'm sitting in class right now, thankfully not sweating that much.
13 days ago
Cel you seem like a very optimistic person, stay that way. Once you get serious depression, its like there's no escape