Am I Okay Quiz?

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Take this quiz to find out how well you are mentally, how much you might be suffering, and about your psychological side. Because I know these things are really important.

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    How do you feel about your parents?

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... (48879)
6 days ago
This quiz... why did I do it?

I don’t need some petty quiz that generalises everything to tell me I’m okay.

Hated it
myself (34109)
7 days ago
lately i'v been so tired and don't feel like to do ANYTHING. i just wanna go far away and watching the sunset by myself or maybe going hiking or riding a motorcycle at the beach. i want to love myself so bad
me. (21773)
22 days ago
this test doesnt prove anything or have actual answers people would use]\
Natalia (65509)
36 days ago
*your sorry I'm quite stupid
Natalia (65509)
36 days ago
I literally rolled off my bed laughing because it said "you LOVE you're life"
down. (95589)
52 days ago
Find me.
seedlessflower (95589)
52 days ago
It is no black or white.

I don't hate my parents but it could be better. I don't have friends and I'm okay with it. I'm single and it's alright. I am not popular and I'm fine with it. I was betrayed by the people I trusted, the people I let in. And it's okay, they made me stronger. My day is alright, it always has been but no, it never got better. In school, I was a good student, not the best but not the worst either. I lost interest when it was coming to an end. If I was sitting alone, sometimes I'll think about horrible things, but at several occasions a voice tells me about the future, the great things, that it will get better somehow. About my clothes' color, I don't really give a darn, I stopped caring when they did. I hope, I did. Do I love myself? No, but it's okay. I don't have to because all I have to do is breathe, to live. Everything from my point of view is vauge.

It is no black or white. It's far from that. Because if the feelings can be described as colors, then I'm gray.
Help (71185)
81 days ago
You're not fine, you somehow don't like your life, you've been through so much, but your heart is still beating, and you can do it, and stop getting confused and scared in deciding.
Shahad Jaber (05733)
86 days ago
I smile i laugh i act like am proud and happy but deep inside i know i that am not proud of myself or that i smile frim the heart or that am i fine i hate myself my body i really wish to die but everyday i wakeup i like in this fantasy of happy and beatiful world 😶(())
a girl (17965)
93 days ago
I'm a freshman in high school. for all of the kids that may be reading this that aren't in high school yet, just know that your entire attitude changes once you get in. The people around you really influence you even though you may not realize it at the moment. I vape and skip all the time because my friends do it. I make out with other girls, have too much fun, fail tests 24/7 and don't know what to do with my life anymore. ALL I'M REALLY SAYING LOL is just make up your mind and decide what your life is before you enter high school because there will be a time when you feel like there is no point in going and working and living.
Chessey (63657)
99 days ago
Huh.... so yeah i am not fine, but i cant trust people easily! i mean, i think talking to a counselor or a pshychatrist (i really cant spell that word) is like talking to a total stranger! i cant even trust my friends (except for one bestie) with my secrets so how the heck do i talk to a totally new person about it? i think i am complicated i begun to be easily irritable.... like, too easy... except that i dont want to talk to anyone at school (or they probably wont, i wonder if they even notice that i exist, sometimes they dont even notice that i am in class too, but that maybe cause i am too quiet and shy to take any action in my life), i think of suicide as an option to just get the heck off this life, i am just wasting my time... my body isnt even fit, i am a bit chubby, i dont think i can function normally anymore, i used to give a 💗 about my grades, about my future, but then i think that reality is going to be cruel, i am still a student... second year of high schooling.. and i am scared. ... also no, Chessey is a nickname i made up, i cant even trust anything here... also NO I AM NOT A GIRL, SERIOUSLY SOMEONE MAKE THAT QUESTION NEUTRAL!
nothing matters anymore. (98097)
101 days ago
My life is not how it used to be since I've got into middle school. I don't have that many friends anymore and most of them are untrustworthy.
some swedish kid who's up waayy past their be (65681)
102 days ago
Oh no, everyone's struggling so bad with life..
I got "Okay". And i'm thankful. I'm not depressed, or suicidal, I still enjoy things in life, and middle-school isn't hell so look at me go..
I feel like i really lucked out, even if i have my problems.
Also, i had all this stuff typed out but then i didnt comment anyway like a nervous sensitive 💗.
well, whatever. Stay safe. And sound, preferrably.
Hopefully you have a nice day, whoever's reading this. Probably not, since you're here, but I hope you do. and also goodnight from sweden everybody.
bel (55864)
107 days ago
shawn mendes .. yes
Kaite (39912)
122 days ago
I’m scared to go near sharp things coz I’m afraid I’m gonna harm myself
Truth (89252)
145 days ago
Truth is, everyone taking this quiz will be feeling down or anxious or unsure, we all have this in common. But instead of focusing on the bad parts of life (because we all have them) focus on the good parts even if they are rare, because the things that lift you up are the things that keep us going.
If you feel down start to make a positive jar, you write good memories/thoughts on paper cards and collect them in a jar over time. Whenever you are feeling down, read those cards and it will help to make you feel better.
And always remember that there is help out there, people do care about you, people want to help you and there is no shame in admittimg you arent ok - we are all human and all have flaws, even if they arent on the surface.
Luna (73394)
157 days ago
Amelia (31600)
160 days ago
I know almost everyone here is depressed or has something humongous going on in their lives. But you cannot hide in shadows and say I don't have any friends or know one loves me. That is not true , that is silly. You and I mean you need to face the world and everything going wrong in your life. Believe me, one day you will be the same old self you used to be. Good night and have a great week!
Valedie (17227)
173 days ago
Did you just not assume my gender
azra (06095)
187 days ago
i am always sad so idk what i was trying to expect