Am I OK Quiz?

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You might have been having a hard time lately, and maybe you're feeling like you might not be OK and might even need some outside help. Take this quiz to find out how well you are mentally, how much you might be suffering, and about your psychological side. Because I know these things are really important.

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    How do you feel about your parents?

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i'm writing on here because i don't have the balls to tell anyone. every day just feels like time passing by either fastly or slowly. i hide my emotions and wait until they all flow out one night. it's very unhealthy because my thoughts get all over the place. places where i don't want it to be. i can't get over my ex. no matter what i do. i can't do it. i'm going to go now. thank you to whoever is reading this. your story isn't over, don't end it. ;
4 days ago
um tf how does your preference in clothing have anything to do with if you're okay? literally every comment here is from a 6yr old romanticizing depression
6 days ago
You are sad, you're fighting a lot, and you've been through a lot in your life. You're kind, but overwhelmed. Sometimes you think of suicide. You really, really hate your life. See a the🌻, or confide in someone who cares, or maybe talk to the counselor at school. Don't get sidetracked from getting help, and try to stop overthinking everything. It is called ruminating and it makes things seem even worse.

im not ok
7 days ago
I have this theory in my head that my life is on repeat and I have no reason to live. None of my friends I trust with my life and just told my crush I liked him but he hasn't replied. Am I ok? Even tho the test say I should get help but I actually think I need more than help. I need a half decent reason to wake up in the morning. Am I right anyone?
10 days ago
I almost cut today... but I didn’t, I want to though. I don’t even know why im like this. NOTHING HAPPENED TO ME SO WHY AM I LIKE THIS. I HAVE EVERYTHING SO WHY AM I SO PATHETIC.
10 days ago
i am not okay. i just want someone who cares, someone who will sit there and help me not just stab me in the back. i just want to die, and if i die i'm sorry. i'm sorry for existing and not being a good person. i'm sorry for saying hurtful things, fighting, not trying and more. but i quit. i am done with life.. i just want someone to talk to okay!? my heart hurts! -stranger
12 days ago
It says I’m not ok, I don’t want the attention or anything but I hv bipolar thingy, anxiety and moderate depression my mind is a mess and I look at people and wonder if they are ok too or not, today my friend accused me of not knowing anything about having a hard life but I didn’t say anything back because I don’t trust her anymore and I went home after that class because that made me feel light headed and I couldn’t think properly, I don’t want to go to school right now but there’s always Monday... Monday always leads to questions so I always keep my head low and try make the best of my life with my best friend... gosh the internet makes me feel welcome though because I know I’m not the only one out there
12 days ago
I'm apparently okay, but I'm not haha, cus' hallucinations and crazy weird emotions plus trauma isn't really here :) but like that's chill, i guess, it's just a quiz :/. but to anyone who got 'okay' when they're not, that's okay, that's valid, and if you don't feel okay then know it'll be better one day, no matter how hard it gets.:) have a good day
13 days ago
test misgendered me :/
21 days ago
Hey, whoever is reading this. You've discovered another place on the Internet, in this case, this is the quiet corners of the Internet where only the people who specifically search for can find, OR you just happened to stumble upon this for other reasons. My result said I needed a therpist, I didn't answer any of the questions in this quiz though, because my answer is different from all the options available. Uhh..... I'm fine (no I'm not). Uhh.... my Discord is SecretBlue_MJ#2540 in case you.. wanted to talk to me and maybe become friends... I wish you a good life.... I didn't really like typing things like this because it's... the quiet corners of the Internet and the quiet corners usually give me a sad, lonely sorta feeling, but I don't feel it anymore because of reasons I will not say here. Hope you're ok
24 days ago
I guess I'm not ok. Wow like I took this quiz not knowing that
31 days ago
Hmmm the results are great
Im kinda feel a bit great after this
I was great to tell my reality
39 days ago
well i dont know what i was hoping for when i took this quiz but it is pretty darn vague. I mean bro i know i am not feeling the best but the results were just weird and absurd to be honest. Anyhoo i am happy atleast they tried to create such a platform. :)
41 days ago
I’m ok. Yeet.
Ok, that’s overused, but idc
42 days ago
😘 i just wanna b okay. i wanna b happy one day i wanna feel peace. i jst wanna b with ppl i love. i don't 😘ng understand why i can't rlly evr feel this.
45 days ago
i dont judge by the comments, but i love this.. someone finally knows well about my life. i cried bc this was beautiful. it makes me happy a bit.
52 days ago
4 suicide attempt but failed everytime
52 days ago
I want to come out as aro, but I’m terrified because my parents don’t like the LGBTQ+ community and I don’t want them to act weird around me. I just want people to know Im aro, but still consider me as the nice funny person I am. (Or at least try really hard to be)
52 days ago
well i ugh..
56 days ago
I have wanted to die for years, but once again, I have no choice in the matter.