Ultimate Mendes Army Quiz

Find out if you are really part of the Mendes Army

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    Let's start off easy. What is his full name?

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658 days ago
I would have gotten all of them right I am in fact in the Mendes Army so please check your quiz facts before you post it.
1053 days ago
Aftertaste has a really cool music video
HE drives a jeep wrangler which he bought before his HANDWRITTEN album reached no.1
I'm sorry but u need to do some research work before you create a quiz so that others don't dislike the quiz ......
1075 days ago
Shawn only speaks one language
1092 days ago
Most of these questions are wrong and the your assets are wrong he drives a Jeep and aftertaste does have a music video he made it before 2017 obviously you know nothing about him
1103 days ago
He has a jeep wrangler and he has a video for aftertaste so u get some true info mate
1108 days ago
If you're gonna make a quiz about Shawn, please learn the facts yourself first. I actually got all of those right but YOU don't know what you're talking about...just saying.
1119 days ago
He drives a Jeep Wrangler and Aftertaste has a music video
1170 days ago
.shawn can speak three languages what the hell?????
1185 days ago
Like right now tnhmb has a music video but so does aftertaste
1185 days ago
Ok so this quiz it wrong in a lot of ways, he drives a jeep, only speaks English, all of those songs have music videos, and question 10 makes no sense!
1196 days ago
1216 days ago
1. If you meant to put the date as of july 2nd 2017 for the video question then aftertaste has a video tnhmb has a video, never be alone has one, life of the party has one, but show you has a lyric video, not an official video.
2. When you ask why i like him my answer was because hes nice and the way he treats people but theres no right or wrong answer to that. Yes, people shouldnt just like him for his looks, but your asking us why WE like him. So the answer depends.
1226 days ago
Doesnt he drive a jeep? Plus he did not have a music video for theres nothing holdin' me back. In addition, in number 17, he can only speak English. He's tried to speak other ones but he can't very well
1227 days ago
All the songs have music videos now but when this was made there was one for aftertaste. I think there wasn't one for there's nothing holding me back but i'm not sure.
1237 days ago
As of 2/7/17, there's nothing holding me back has not gotten a music video, not aftertaste.
1238 days ago
Number 17 is wrong. Shawn said in an interview that he can only speak English.