How well do you know Keeper of The Lost Cities? Book 1

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Test your knowledge of Kotl. Trivia is derived from book one only.

  • 1
    Who found Sophie and told her she was an Elf?
  • 2
    Where did Fitz find Sophie?
  • 3
    What did Sophie lift with Telekinesis after it fell and almost killed her?
  • 4
    Where did Fitz first take Sophie?
  • 5
    What is the name of Sophie's goblin guard?
  • 6
    What is the name of the way elves travel?
  • 7
    Which three counselors met Sophie at Alden's home?
  • 8
    What is the name of Alden's Home?
  • 9
    Who adopts Sophie?
  • 10
    What pet does Sophie have at Havenfield?
  • 11
    What is the name of the organization who made Sophie?
  • 12
    Who gives Sophie mood candy?
  • 13
    In what class does Sophie burn her Mentor's Cape?
  • 14
    What is the name of Sophie's Telepathy Mentor?
  • 15
    What is of Sophie's little sister?

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Comments (24)


56 days ago
Whoever made this quiz was not a fan or hadn't even read the series
70 days ago
ok if you are going to make a quiz about KOTLC, READ THE BOOKS!! most of these answers are incorrect 😡😡😡!! this quiz was made to make people mad
70 days ago
I totally agree with "unknown (again)"!!!! KOTLC is my life! don't mess it up!
70 days ago
WHAT THE FRIGGEN HECK!!!!!!! Dude you need to read KOTLC! this quiz is SOOOOOO INCORRECT and SOOOOOOO RIGGED!!!!!!!!!😡 YOU. MUST. READ. IT! if you don't: 😢 and to bad for you your missing out.
192 days ago
This makes me sick. You shouldn't make this quiz if you don't know the answers. I am pissed. Grrrrrrrr
214 days ago
WHAT IN THE WORLD??? this is soooo messed up. :(:(:( its not nice to make things like this. read kotlc for pete's sake!!!
224 days ago
this is all messed up! Sophie raises the lamppost! her mood candy! This is all wrong you clearly haven't bread keeper of the lost cities!
228 days ago
239 days ago
This is so messed up😡GRRRRRRRRR I love keepers of the lost cities is amazing you need to read the books PLEASE! Its hard to do test when there wrong 😢
247 days ago
Also, they light leap. WIND RIDE?! Keepers of the lost cities is my life and believe me, I KNOW THE BOOK! change this! I am glad other people agree.
247 days ago
This test is inaccurate. The options are right, but the answers are wrong. Fitz DID find Sophie in a museum (with her class), Oralie, Kenric and Bronte WERE the councilors at Everglen and KEEFE gave Sophie mood candy! (He's the empath!) DUH.
254 days ago
All of the answers are wrong. Obviosly you havent read the first
419 days ago
Most of the answers were wrong
429 days ago
Rigged rigged rigged rigged
514 days ago
Ummm... Is this a joke? Most of us who have taken this quiz are vigorous readers and we are very serious when it comes to books. So... You should read the book and fix your answers. Because most of them are WRONG!!!!!
545 days ago
a lot of the questions are wrong
553 days ago
It says I got only six right, but I counted and I knew I definitely got at least 12 right. I checked the books for reference, and I got them all right. This quiz is pretty messed up.
558 days ago
Keefe gave her mood candy, the Counselors were Bronte, because he insisted, Kenric, cause he's a telepath, Oralie, cause she's an empath. Her creaters are the black swan. Her pet is Iggy the imp, Alden, and Della's home is Everglen they light leap, Atlantis is NOT the first place he takes her to.and he finds her at a museum.
565 days ago
Some of these questions are wrong.
622 days ago
Whoever made this really messed up. I don't know if it was a mistake, but a lot of the "right answers" were totally wrong ):