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First period quiz for tweens

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250 days ago
Just completely inaccurate
254 days ago
10 months-1 year
dont trust this quiz, its not accurate and is veryyy wrong
i got my period 6 months ago....
309 days ago
1 monthhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
330 days ago
This is pretty inaccurate I took nhs approved tests and it said max 4 months this one says 2 years
351 days ago
this is so innacurate lamo
424 days ago
Extremely inaccurate. I’m 10 years old I have no discharge/spotting and I only wear a padded training bra
433 days ago
Ikr, other quizzes say less than 2 months, but i took this quiz 67 DAYS AGO, it said 10 months to 1 year. I took the quiz AGAIN today, it said 10 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR! I've even had all the pms signs for 3 YEARS(I'm 10, and my family is an early bloomer)!
500 days ago
@Precious same here I've also had discharge for more than 2 years
641 days ago
Hi I have not got it yet
669 days ago
669 days ago
It said 1-3 months like my other tests but because of the reviews I'm not sher if I can trust it
680 days ago
this did not help my period came way before the thing sed
746 days ago
This Is so innarcurate it said 10 to 1 year and I’ve been craving having cramps back pain head aches and discharge for about 10 months
756 days ago
it says 1-3 months but im 10
881 days ago
1-3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
886 days ago
This test is soooo inaccurate I took 3 before this one and one of them said “ you will get your period in less than three months“ so yeah this test is rigged
968 days ago
My name is Kayla too
1034 days ago
dude once you're 13 you're officially a teenager, not a tween
1119 days ago
I really want my period and not want it at the same time. All my friends have gotten theirs. I am totally sure i will not get my period soon😭. Btw, i’m 13.
1247 days ago
Boi this quiz is wrong it says 1-3 years I got mine 6 months ago. Btw to the girls that r here and worried abt getting there’s it not bad nobody notices. I for one don’t get cramps but ik some that do so be prepared for that.