First period quiz for tweens

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    How old are you?

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Flo (96691)
154 days ago
Soooooo inaccurate it said 1-3 years the rest say anytime now or one month
1 word (85921)
165 days ago
Inaccurate 100% inaccurate
Helpful (86859)
201 days ago
Needs help sometimes when you start your period it’s veyr irregular, my friend started her period then didn’t get it again till many months later, so it’ll come soon again probably but if it doesn’t come within the next 6 months ask a doctor to make sure your good 🤞😄
Haile (98592)
201 days ago
One other test said 1-3 Years just like this one ☝️ but one month ago when I took the test it said 4-6 it was a different test though and it was more than one test that said 4-6 months this tests is inaccurate
Needs help (08197)
216 days ago
There was blood in my underwear for about 2 months. I haven’t had any blood for months now... what does this mean?
Er... (81329)
250 days ago
10 momths
Anonymous (72080)
299 days ago
1-3 years!!!!! All the others say about now to 3 months for me. Totally inaccurate!!!! 👿👿👿👿
I've looked at hundreds of these (27995)
322 days ago
I have had the worst discharge for 1 1/2 years now and I just really wasn't my period
Emily (31254)
331 days ago
Can someone please help me💕
I'm waiting to get it and I really want it,,,I'm 11 turning 12,,,I've been having PMS for a while now,,,no discharge,,,I have armpit hair,,lots of leg hair,,and halfway down there,,,,and I have been a little moody lately,,,I get cramps all the time,,,and also my mom was 16 when she got hers

Kenz (08723)
355 days ago
I'm just anxiously waiting I'm 13 almost 14, got discharge before any other period symptoms I've had it for 4 years. Starting growing pubic hair in 6th grade I think, the same with my 💗 and I'm constantly moody like no one wants to b around me bc I'm so moody lol. I get cramps frequently but not that often and my mom got her period when she was 12.
Lizzy (27329)
356 days ago
1-3 months NO!!!! I had discharge for 2-3 years now! I am so not reasy
BlaBlaBlaI'mTessaBrooks (34426)
363 days ago
im 15 ive had my period for 4 years now what am i doing with my life someone help me
Mani (74984)
364 days ago
I got mine already and it said 10 months to a year lol.
Kate lastrek (18591)
364 days ago
1-3 months!!! So excited and super scared 😳