If you woke up as a girl would be one forever

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You live a pretty good life, you just finished collage, and have a beautiful girlfriend. But one day, you and your girlfriend get into a fight then you make a sexist remark about girls being below boys. Your girlfriend wishes you would understand her. You say "the only way that'd happen is if I was a girl"

  • 1
    You wake up and feel ... different. How do you feel about it?
  • 2
    You fall off your bed then notice you are a girl.
  • 3
    You examine a mirror. What do you see?

  • 4
    You walk up to your girlfriend before she can say anything. You
  • 5
    You want to get dressed. What do you wear?
  • 6
    Your room now has some make up supplies in it. Do you use them?

  • 7
    You think about your parents
  • 8
    You see them and tell them what happened. How do they react?
  • 9
    You say
  • 10
    Where do you go now?

  • 11
    Your friend,(friend name) walks up to you and hits on you, you
  • 12
    You,(friend name), (girlfriend name), want to do something together. You want to
  • 13
    After that you need to use the bathroom
  • 14
    You look at yourself in the mirror before bed
  • 15
    You have a dream with two doors labeled man and woman you have trouble picking what door though. What door are you leaning towards?

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763 days ago
oh my god i liked my bum cheeks i was hot
968 days ago
all i did was be stressed and depressed on these questions.
1233 days ago
now my ending: I feel gender dysphoric and are now transgender, I struggle later on with life choices and what life get's me into... once I age 23 I transfer back to male
1622 days ago
yes! i can wear a bikini! loved this test
1818 days ago
I’d like to choose the woman’s door so I can “do it”!
1981 days ago
I chose the woman door but it said I didn't
2108 days ago
This is my new fav genre as a non binary person. I cannot get enough
2183 days ago
I mean instead of insulting
2183 days ago
Hank, Im sorry a lot of these tests are not very well executed and if you have any (probably many) problems you want to say say then you should probably say it then insult the creators for said problems. Most of us can handle criticism
2186 days ago
Why are all these tests retarded?
2200 days ago
Still stuck as a girl. Funny I'm a girl in real life.