What type of attractive are you? Girls only.

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Are you; Pretty, Hot, or Cute. Take this quiz to find out.

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    What color are your eyes?

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Brooke m (46007)
138 days ago
Loved your quiz I got cute.
Maiya (57620)
138 days ago
For 40 % you are: You are cute. Even though you are treated like a baby you have secret admirers.
44 % of 1204 Quiz participants had this profile!

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 40 % you are: You are hot. All the guys like you and you love to tease.

I have brown reddish eyes, black hair at the roots which spirals into toned down and soft purple/red, glasses,curvy but toned body.....what am I?!?!?!
Vaia (97965)
260 days ago
I got cute I just don't understand. I have black hair and really bright blue eyes, and don't really care what I wear. But still. Cute?!!
kadence (78181)
328 days ago
Well Serena you might be kind of pretty on the outside
but on the inside you are as ugly as a hog you are very very UGLY
Cass (50079)
346 days ago
Iris you are beautiful don't let her control you
Iris (53069)
350 days ago
Serena (53069)
350 days ago
Um sorry? Um sorry, I don't care!
Bon Bon (53069)
350 days ago
Well Serena, you can't be an ego maniac about it! I got pretty too, but do you see me bragging? Do you? What do you have to say for yourself?
Serena (53069)
350 days ago
Well, I'm the prettiest of all! I know u think ur pretty iris but I go to your school and I know I am much prettier
Iris (53069)
350 days ago
Me! Iris of the Valley! Beautiful!
Dawna (53069)
350 days ago
Well,Well,Well! Aren't I pretty? Yesssss!!!!
Maya (53069)
350 days ago
I'm cute too! Why thx!
Lexi (53069)
350 days ago
I loved this quiz! Am I cute? I have brown hair, green eyes and stuff!
Eliza (24292)
350 days ago
Hey guys! :D I'm Eliza the creator. Here is a quiz for you girls to do. Hope you like it, remember to leave a comment ;P