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Test your sexual-orientation

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    What do you think you are?

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Lavanight26 (45348)
105 days ago
I am gay and I am proud of it!!
Julien (26555)
106 days ago
Im gay and I have know it I took two of these quizs and Im ok being gay
Julien (26555)
106 days ago
Im gay and I took two tests Im kind of happy and I love being gay and having💗with my same gender
Avery (50134)
106 days ago
Yay I'm gay! And I am proud! I have been gay for a couple of years now and I didn't know but I guess I'm fully gay ^^YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!
Briounus (90364)
106 days ago
Yea Apparently I’m 100% Asexual. :-
dan. (23716)
107 days ago
I'm omnisexual and transgender and this said I'm pansexual so close enough I guess.
Wesley (32817)
107 days ago
I love it when the answer comes up and says I am Gay, makes me really happy being gay.
Cody (93027)
113 days ago
Yeah so it turns out that I'm 40% homosexual I finally get it now I was struggling with my self for so long after depression and self harm I couldn't find myself now I can I love who I am and won't deny it anymore my parents don't know and won't know for years until I am in a house of my own. I'm so glad that their is people like me let's go LGBT we got this let's not let snything hold us back #standstrong✊
The_Gay_Diagnoser (19673)
113 days ago
Anyone above me got the TRIPLE gay 👆☝️
morgan (59714)
113 days ago
im still trying to figure out what sexualty I am :(
Jungheon (01053)
113 days ago
Okay so i am 25% gay 25% pansexual and for 25% asexual.

Now i still don't know 😳
jack (28176)
114 days ago
i am gay and knew it but you know lucky it is easier to be straight then gay
Lucky (87107)
116 days ago
Yay I'm basically 100% straight! Not that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything like that is bad.
Riley (87107)
116 days ago
I can't take this test for some reason. It's either " Hey Amazon says that you've been picked to spin the wheel," or something. Another thing that popped up in the middle of the test was " Sorry this page is blocked." It's like the internet doesn't want me to take it. Oh well, I don't need a quiz to tell me I'm straight.
jackleinen(FoxynatorYT) (74972)
116 days ago
slomorunner (57125)
116 days ago
I’m 40% heterosexual im a 100% if i would say so and I’m not homephobic people can be what they want to be! But I’m not gay
Jacob (64876)
118 days ago
I’m gay. I am proud. Screw what other people say
lol (43825)
119 days ago
30% asexual.. wow.
graham (10305)
119 days ago
55 Heterosexual
40 straight
Feed me the milk motha (76199)
119 days ago