Am I Part Of The LGBTQ+ Community?

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Do you sometimes or even often think you might not be straight after all? Do you want to know your REAL sexuality? Well, this quiz can't tell you for sure - only you can figure that out. But taking my LGBTQ+ quiz can be the first step toward doing that. I hope you get the answer you want!

  • 1
    First of all, how do you feel about homosexuality?
  • 2
    Imagine your wedding. You're at the end of the altar kissing the love of your life. Quick! What was their gender?
  • 3
    Have you ever dated someone of the same sex?

  • 4
    Who have you imagined a future with?
  • 5
    Would you have sex with the same gender?
  • 6
    If a relative came out as LGBT, how would you react?
    If a relative came out as LGBT, how would you react?

  • 7
    Your best friend comes out as homosexual and tells you they have a crush on you. You:
  • 8
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 9
    What do you think you'll get?
  • 10
    Let fate decide! Make a choice.

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5 days ago
Um, I think I'm Bi?? Cause I think I like both girls and boys but girls a lot more?? Also I don't really know how I feel about💗because I know I have a kink, and get quite aroused when I read about it. And the idea of💗is pretty ok, and I don't mind at all reading about it, but grafic 💗on like💗Hub and stuff is just really uncomfortable to me? I mean, seeing an irl 💗 just makes me feel gross? And 💗s even more so? And I've tried to watch💗but it's just so... Gross? And really uncomfortable? I'm a 14y girl, so maybe it's just the age? I'm very confused mostly about the💗thing, because I can't really talk to anyone about it. And I really enjoy seeing (mostly drawn) pictures of naked girls, but not close ups on 💗s? And also the sight (even drawn) of a 💗 in a 💗/ass is just really, idk, gross and uncomfortable?? Could I be ace?
6 days ago
Hey, i wish you're having a nice day. I just wanted to let you know that these questions don't match everyone. I'm dating a girl while I'm a girl, too, but I've never got attracted to a boy or even a girl before her. Or even now, none of girls are attractive in my eyes, but her.
So yeah, I'm demisexual.
But these questios didn't work for me, you know!
8 days ago
I’ll be your friend Nnm! (Need new mates) 😁
9 days ago
I feel like I am bi but idk
11 days ago
so like i am part of the LGBT+ community but like ive come out to me mates but they've distanced from me and that kinda made me wish i wasn't lesbian so like anyone wanna be mates?
14 days ago
Hi confused af, I’m not sure if this will help but maybe ask your parents if you haven’t already if they support the lgbtq community. There’s no rush in this. Depending on there answer you can decide what’s for you to do. Again you don’t have to come out right away, take your time and plan things out. I think I’m Bisexual to.
14 days ago
I got 50% bi/pan, 30% lesbian, 20% queer, and 0% straight, I have no problem with it, but I’m closeted, and I’m 12, anybody wants to give me any advice on how to come out? I don’t know how my parents will react, I think am bi by the way bi prideee 💗💜💙
17 days ago
Hi Mia! You have a very good point. You seem very nice. Sorry if I’m a bit cringe or anything. I think I’m bi and Demi sexual. But it might be me overthinking. I hope it’s not a phase. I’m happy to see that you seem confident. 😀😆🙂
17 days ago
I already know that I am probably pansexual and I don't particularly like the thought of💗but I am only 15 so I think that can be understandable. I was mostly taking this to see if this could get it right. I got 50% bi/pan 30% gay and 20% asexual. However, I think it would have been helpful to some people if this had questions about trans and non-binary as they are parts of the LGBTQ+ community too and some might be very confused. maybe this just isn't that type of quiz but it is something for you to think about.
25 days ago
Don’t worry Quizzy, that’s cool to know. I would love to experiment with both genders but I still have a ways until I start dating or anything in that category. I’m starting to sense maybe there’s a good chance that I’m Demi. Thanks for being so nice, and not just to me but to everybody else. 😊
25 days ago
Hi Hayden! I'm bi and demi too! And you'll figure it out in the end, don't stress yourself too much 😊
26 days ago
Hi quizzes, what have you been up to lately, same with everybody else.??
26 days ago
Hi Nemo! I’ll be you friend. I think I’m bi, but I also think I might be Demi, maybe it’s just me who knows. We all need a little support here and there, don’t worry. 🙂
27 days ago
hey quizzy! i just clicked on this one, it was at the top of the other quiz! so i’m here now!
27 days ago
Hi Nemo! I'll be your friend. What do you need support with?

And hi bean! 👋
28 days ago
if anybody needs support i’d be glad to help 😊
28 days ago
where my straight allies at?! 🏳️‍🌈❤️
28 days ago
Anybody want be freinds? I kinda need support.
28 days ago
I think I am bi yay!!!! I'm soooo happy I love girls and boys sooo much I don't discriminate! !!!
28 days ago
Hey I got 0% straight. I’m questioning my sexuality but this makes sense 😂. I’m also non binary and use they them pronouns:)