Perseus Jackson EXTREMES

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This quiz includes 20 questions about the Percy Jackson series. Test your knowledge on the Percy Jackson books you know and
love here!

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    At what age was Percy when he first arrived at camp half blood?

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Annabeth Chase (42009)
53 days ago
Uhh! 20 our Of 20! What did You Guys get?
Annabeth Chase (42009)
53 days ago
Silena WAS a traitor, BUT she was a hero two!
Percy and Annabeth sitting in a tree. k i s s (26090)
87 days ago
okay, i dont want to be mean, but i thought that the first monster he ever encountered was a fury, Alecto.
RandomPercyFan (55090)
103 days ago
Couple of mistakes though I I’m happy that you made a quiz. Yes silent was not a traitor in the eyes of most but the book does call her a traitor. Percy was 12 when we got to camp but can we all stop hating on the quiz maker. Remember the real enemy, anyone who had anything to do with the Percy Jackson movies.
#Percabeth4Life (30327)
120 days ago
Sorry I meant, Silena* was a hero.
#Percabeth4Life (30327)
120 days ago
Silen was a hero, I totally agree. She sacrificed herself for her friends.
THALIA (22683)
136 days ago
Selena was a hero*. :)
THALIA (22683)
136 days ago
I agree. Selena was a hare
👿 (06723)
256 days ago
17/20 not bad. And Selina was not a traitor,she died trying to save everyone else peoples. Deal with it.
daughterofathena (66392)
270 days ago
i have to say there are quite a few mistakes and i agree with guest and poseidonrocks selena was not traitor
FC UncleTu (89569)
287 days ago
7 out of 20 gang gang gang
R.i.p. beckendorf (50306)
299 days ago
20 out of 20 gang gang gang
poseidonrocks (34771)
316 days ago
Selena is not a traitor!!!!!!
Guest (09856)
317 days ago
I hate the fact that you called Selena a traiter(question 18). Percy all told everyone that she was a HERO NOT A TRAITOR.
CoolGuy (74724)
320 days ago
Omg (78579)
325 days ago
Percy was 12 when he got to camp
DabestGamer (63638)
325 days ago
The quiz wasnt that bad though
ApollotheArcher (94435)
337 days ago
I apologize for the mistakes.
(====)======> (87000)
339 days ago
It says Quintus is the third body for dedalus, it's actually his fifth.
ApollotheArcher (60948)
340 days ago
Thanks for taking this quiz! Im sorry if there are some mistakes though.