First Period Quiz

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Hi guys, I've made this period quiz to tell you approximately when you'll get your period. Hope you guys enjoy and leave me a comment below ☺

  • 1
    How old are you? 👵
  • 2
    How much do you weigh? (Personal I know, but important)
  • 3
    Do you ever get discharge? (It's gooey, crusty, whitish, yellow stuff in your undies)
  • 4
    If so, how often?
  • 5
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Have your breasts started developing?
  • 7
    Do you have mood swings?
  • 8
    Do you crave food? 🍟🍔🍰🍩
  • 9
    Do you ever get cramps below your belly button
  • 10
    Do you want your period? (It won't affect your scores)
  • 11
    Are you prepared for your period?
  • 12
    This should have been near the start, but when did your mum/ female relative get hers?

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32 days ago
@emie it told me the the same thing like girl do your research mmmmmm
65 days ago
Im really close to my period and it said "Ive purchesses pads and tampons and practiced putting them on" I have done that and I said yes on quiz and in my result says maybe practice wearing pads I DOOO
234 days ago
296 days ago
hai guys!!!
Breasts: c cup, almost d, it’s full and round, almost like my mom’s, i got tender 💗 these few days and it’s so painful walking bc it moves a lot :’(
Vag hair: a lot, curly dark, thigh to thigh
Armpit hair: getting more and more, curly and dark
Sweat: literally all the time and it stinks, I even sweat thru my deodorant and get sweat stains ewww
Discharge: every day, i’ve been wearing pantry liners for like one year, but these few weeks it soaked through my panties (ewww)
Spotting: i saw pinkish gooey substance a few days ago, and today when i wiped i saw it again!! but it’s not my period
Cramps: every day!!!! it’s so pain someone help me!!!!
Bloating: YES OMG
Cravings: i crave so much food
Height: 165cm!!!And I had a growth spurt of 5 inches a year and a half ago
Weight: 55kg
Acne: not rlly bc i have clear skin but i have tons of black heads
Moodiness: oml so much!! I go from happy to annoyed to happy so quickly ugh
My age: turning 16 in a week!!!! (i’ve been starting puberty since 13)
someone pls help me estimate as i have swimming competition next week, and i don’t wanna get my period during it cause it’s gonna be so troublesome.
lots of love thanks !!!❤️
314 days ago
1-3 months or less
353 days ago
dude I got it when I was nine years old now I just turned twelve
362 days ago
I really want to get my period!!! I know a lot of girls who have it say "its soo bad you don't want it!" but i still really do. I guess its because all of my friends are 15+ (im 12) and I know they have it and i just really want to fit in. They always talk about it in gibberish and I know what they are saying but still. :(
371 days ago
I took a test and it said 1 to 3 months and I haven't got it yet so girls I recremend wiki how it's helps me a lot it tells you all the symptoms and tells what you need to prepare. So once you get in to wiki how just type in when will your first period start or prepare for your period or are you going through puberty girls.
375 days ago
when I'm 15 1/2 and havent got it yet
There's no 15+ option whoops
376 days ago
Wow, 1-3 months. I’m excited and nervous
378 days ago
Me too Sophie!!!! 😱
381 days ago
Nooooo 1-3 months or less
436 days ago
in very excited!!!
436 days ago
I've taken a bunch of quizzes and my range for when I'll get it is about any day now to 6 months or so
I'm so excited (and yes I know plenty of girls who have already had theirs will say I shouldn't be but I just am ;)
453 days ago
Why does everyone ask for someone to estimate them. Like there's a quiz just there that is designed to do exactly that. Also all of these quizzes are unreliable and so are the people that will estimate them on the comments. They don't know anything about you and there can be many different circumstances. For example my mom got hers when she was nine and I got mine when I was 13. It's hard to predict so just wait and enjoy life without it
464 days ago
I am truly sorry that my quiz did not meet to some standards. This may sound pretty stereotypical but you cannot ask an online programmed quiz that knows very little about you to guess what is going to happen next in life. I created this quiz for fun, and I enjoy replying to comments but trust your instincts. What is the first thought that pops into your head, when you ask yourself, 'when will I get my period?' Do not make yourself believe it will come faster or slower. Trust the first thought, that is key
483 days ago
Im honestly really wondering about when i'd get it please it is
Had disharge for about 8 months and its most of the time whitish but also yellow and it's thick and Creamy sometimes red tiiny dots(ew)
💗 are rly sore and tender (also ew)
I'm 12-13
i'll occasionally get some cramps like 1-3 a week
bush is thick, pretty curly, brown
armpit hair is starting to get brown
im like 98 lbs.
i'm 5'2"
mood swings like a couple times a week
all kinds of different cravings for random food a couple times a week
im like a 30A
foot size 11 in womens (USA)
💗 started growing about 1 1/2 yrs ago
493 days ago
pls estimate.12 years old and will be 13 in 3 months.down there is full and bushy.just started to get moody,breast have been developing for 2+ years,had discharge for about 6 months,grow spurt 3 inches, weight is about 45kg,i dont have cramps or bloating and i dont know when my mom got hers
504 days ago
This quiz is 100% fake
507 days ago
Hi everyone I have to say this quiz is inaccurate. I hope I don't make anybody too mad