Which Miraculous Ladybug Character Are You?

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Are you Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Cat Noir or Hawk Moth? Take this quiz to find out!

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    If you had a super power, what would you want it to change about yourself?

Comments (34)


Mari (97510)
18 days ago
Adrian and marinette are so cute together I wish I was ladybug she is so lucky to have Adrian around her and there is no way Chloe is going to start dating Adrian I mean Marinette and Adrian were meant for each other like🤮 meant for other they desserve each other like really do remember the episode that marinette got acumatised I wonder what Adrian did I mean catnoir did ?❤️
Mari (97510)
18 days ago
IN my first one I got Adrian ❤️
Then in my second one I got 🐞
Ladybug (12778)
34 days ago
Ladybug xCat Noir
Mari (87169)
38 days ago
I got marinette and I am realy awkward around my crush my cousin Alya is basically my BFF
Because in talk to her about every thing and she helps me with b problems
Marinette Du-pain Cheng (01299)
39 days ago
I got Marinette/Ladybug I cant believe my life is like HERS ok and I do have a CRUSH on Adrien but...…………… Also on...………………. CHAT NOIR!
Marinette (01299)
39 days ago
I really liked it and it was really what I was because my name is Actually Marinette and her life is just like MINE!! And I do have a HUGE CRUSH on someone its pretty cool having the same life as Marinette...……….. I LOVE ADRIEN!!!
💗 Cat 💕💕 (64198)
39 days ago
I always got Adrien.. :'v
Lol (18982)
40 days ago
*when you get Adrien when you wanted Marinette* dang it..
Just some stupid 💗 (46086)
41 days ago
Wow Mari every time I take this I hope for Adrien/chat noir because I had family issues and my dad was kinda mean to me and I also wanted freedom I am kinda like marinette I am awkward I sometimes can't say stuff right I also wanna be an fashion designer late everyday even if my apartment was like RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD FROM THE SCHOOL I do like to sleep in and also when it comes to self confidence my parents say I have issues for chat noir I tell bad jokes or puns and chat noir is Adrien on the inside it is just he has to be perfect as Adrien or his father will be embarrassed I would do the same if I could have an miraculous and no one will know who I am like THAT WOULD BE AWESOME having freedom is nice if I was still with my father though I would have had many relatable reasons to Adrien but I would not find myself as the main character just the girl who is quiet normal girl Boy I love to type..
Love miraculous (79348)
54 days ago
I love this quiz! I got marinette. 🐞 I wish the quiz had most characters in the show but too bad. Wish you had more superhero’s.🐈🐞🐝🦊. PS I love unicorns 🦄 thanks for reading peeps.💋
Marinette (75975)
61 days ago
I got Marinette/ladybug it’s funny because my name is Marinette 🐞🐈
eevee (17827)
68 days ago
i live like ladybug
Cathrine (45210)
71 days ago
I got Marinette/Ladybug awsome
Tiarlah (05816)
78 days ago
I got Marinette/Ladybug yaaaaaaaaaay!🐞
Hope (96818)
92 days ago
I got Marinette/Ladybug yaa
Grace (03686)
93 days ago
I got Marinette/Laydybug yepiiy
Jordan (59366)
98 days ago
I got hawk moth which I'm happy about I love hawk mother. I'm so evil mhahahahahaha
hisham (78173)
104 days ago
i wanted cat noir but! but! but! but! but! but! i got him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i spk miraculous (30816)
117 days ago
yay! i got marinette/ladybug!
kayla (44988)
135 days ago
everyone have a good day be lucky hope you get the answer you wanted!!!!