When will my boobs grow?

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Hey guys my second quiz if you want to know when your boobs will grow click here

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Unknown (05793)
I have 4-5 months until my 💗 grow bigger
Chang (80882)
Weight: 107lb
Size: 34A
Imma cry, please grow
Lee (85025)
2 days ago
Im 14 95lbs and a size 34b 😂 I'm as flat as my back
Insert name here (27801)
3 days ago
I have a hells lot of boob pains but it says I have have a year or so to wait
Ashley ✨ (58281)
5 days ago
I’m so devastated right now I’m reading all the comments and everyone is saying how the have cup sizes like A34 and B34 and I don’t have any cup size but I wear a training bra because my nips are big. All I want are big 💗 everyone in my family has big 💗 except for me and I get made fun of it even from my FAMILY. If anyone has any advice to give plzz give me it
Unknown (54755)
6 days ago
Im 14 no 💗 only buds everyone has 💗 in my grade and even the grade below me there is a lot of girls who have 💗 and it makes me insecure not to have anything it even makes me look like im 11 people i first meet are shocked to find out im 14 and it makes me sad
Hi (34407)
7 days ago
I took this test 4 months ago it said 3weeks to one month now it still says 3 weeks to one month I want 💗 now not in one month I need it now.
Kay (76615)
8 days ago
Hi, I’m almost 5’9 and I turned 13 two days ago. My❤️ size is a 34 B...I feel so flat, I feel like I’m not a woman even though I get terrible periods. I’m skinny and my friends say I should gain some more weight, I’m trying but it isn’t working. Do any of you have any higher estrogen foods or tips to activate ❤️ growth? Please reply fast!
Kayla (83665)
9 days ago
My b**** are really small thay started growing a year a go. My mum insisted on me wering a trianing bra but it doesnt seem to help!!! I want big b**** i am 11 by the way
gaby (27142)
10 days ago
5’6 140 lbs 34B 12 i think my ❤️ are pretty big for my age, but some girls my age have bigger ones. i really want bigger ones. my dads side of the family have big ❤️ but my moms side doesnt. some guys have been calling me flat-chested and i really want bigger ❤️ are they still going to grow?
Annelise (41147)
15 days ago
Amber, I see you ;) I asked my mom and she that I'll have a growth spurt soon but I don't think so
Annelise (41147)
15 days ago
Im 13 and I'm completely flat haven't gotten my period yet and I rlly rlly want big 💗
Adrianna (00769)
15 days ago
I am nearly 12 and most ppl in my grade have about the same sized ❤️ as me. I wear a bra which is a 32A cup and it’s padded. I really don’t need a padded bra but it fits fine on my chest. I could wear a training bra, but I choose to wear the other one. My ❤️ Started growing in 3rd grades summer going on 4th grade. My moms ❤️ Are really small that my older sisters ❤️ Are bigger than hers. I haven’t started my period yet but I’ve heard from both my mom and my sister that mine are going to be bigger that both of theirs because mine are really small right now. Thanks for reading though!
kenzie (77541)
19 days ago
im 12 ans my 💗 just starting grpwing and i dont know what do abou it can someone please help mee
Hannah (79193)
19 days ago
I turn 14 next month I an 5'0 and I weigh 135 lbs

My b***s have started growing and I have been wearing a bra for about a year but it does nothing to help make them bigger because it is just cloth

Amber (54416)
19 days ago

I am 13 my b**** are flat they just won't grow everyone in my grade has them but me please tell me should I go buy a padded bra or not?
Valerie (41310)
21 days ago
I’m in fifth grade and I took this quiz cuz I’m nervous... My 💗 are kinda triangle shaped. I weigh 85 pounds and I am 5ft. My mom started her period when she was 13-14 so I think that I will have it around that age too. Everyone in my class has 💗 or 💗 bigger than mine. Half of the girls have started their period already. Everyone makes fun of me for it. I wear a training bra, though I don’t really need to.
Anna (66765)
21 days ago
Also, I can’t even drem of fitting A sized bras. I wear padded bras for girls who are 11/13 (basically just started developings). When I wear the padded bra with a shirt or something on top, I look like I MIGHT have some 💗, but when I take the shirt off I look super flat...
Anna (66765)
21 days ago
I’m 13, and the 💗 from my dads side are medium to large, but from my moms side the 💗 are small. I normally wear padded bras, and I still look super flat. Everyone in my year in school are quite developed. No one makes fun of me but I can feel the other girls looking, because you can clearly tell the bra is padded when we change for sports.

Also, I know they don’t do it on purpose, but almost all of them do, lets call it show offs, of how big their 💗 are, by saying something like, there was a much cuter bra available but it was super small. Its quite humilating... I know no one can answer, but what can I do? Boys also start looking towards the chests of the girls, soooooo, yeah, you get me...
Nancy (54416)
22 days ago
Wow my comment is deleted ..... Hmmmmmm?