Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

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This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. It's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine if you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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@SarahNicole like most ppl say, age is just a number. yeah it would be weird if u were 12 and he was 17 but now ur adults! grown up! u shouldn't make ur heart stop liking someone cuz of their age. that's hat crushes are for ;) hehe. He needs to know that ur an adult now. not a little kid. and if he cant see u for who u r and thinks of u differently then shame on him! shame on him for missing out on the best thing he can ever get. Hey u gotta prove to him without going out and just saying it. if u like him then eventually go for it! if u rlly rlly promise absolutely sure don't like him then don't. but if I were u if I liked him AND u guys were close, id go for it cuz it sounds like a perfect match. and if he does say no and think of u weirdly after that then that means he isn't rlly ur friend...cuz friends will stick by u no matter what :)
@Avalee I would definitely give it some time. flirts don't always mean someone likes u. I know this huge flirt who flirt with ever girl from every school or team or whatever. but he would never date any. Give it some time and just be his friend. see what he is feeling and get to know him better. see if he is RLLY the one for u. yk?
GryffindorChaser i too am a Harry Potter fan! Also go for it girl!! he obviously likes u but if he says no then he's missing out on a wonderful talented girl, man!!
Ok so I like this guy but he’s like really popular and sometimes I think he’s flirting but other times it’s not clear I haven’t told any of my friends bc I’m scared they might tell him or something he got out of a relationship and he broke up with her and know idk if he likes me HELP ME
3 days ago
It says i like him but i dont LOVE him. It's so strange that it says I even like this guy cause I honestly never wanted to cause Ive known him for many many years and he's been like family to me and my family. Another reason i dont know if it's a good idea is cause we are 5 years apart in age. Im 18 and he's 23. My grandparents are 5 years apart and my parents are 3 years apart but I always thought those age differences for me would be too far. 2 years older has always been my max. and 1 year younger is as far down as i'll go. Now im worried im developing a pointless crush on a guy who probably only ever saw me as a little kid. I think he said once that he sees me like his little sister. Ive always tried to avoid these kind of things cause i dont want to get my heart broken like it has been in the past for completely different situations. the part that would make it worse is id know it's doomed from the start and didn't stop myself.
4 days ago
vegetebles hulk
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6 days ago
@GryffindorChaser, You definitely should ask him out. The worst that could happen is he says no. You're also not an adult so you'll have plenty of time to find another love if this happens. Maybe you can still be friends if he says no, but you should try. Good luck! (Btw, I LOVE Harry Potter!!!)
8 days ago
OK, so I took this quiz (even though I really didn't need to since I already know the answer!!!), and I got this: You definitely like him! Actually, I'm surprised you even felt you needed to take this test! Now, try a "Does He Like Me Back?" test here on All The Tests just to see if you guys are made for each other! ❤️ Good luck!

Then I took a Does My Crush Like Me Back? (For Girls ages 10-13), and I got this:
HE LOVES YOU! 😍 You're his dream girl! You need to ask him out, because he would 100% say yes! (Unless you weren't honest and just clicked all the good answers to see what would happen.)

And I assure you, I was completely honest. Also, my friends and his friends (who overlap some) all say that he likes me, and the ones who know I like him guessed I liked him on the first try! They all say that we should get together...or they threaten to tell him. I kind of want him to know, but at the same time I don't. Can someone help me out and tell me if I should tell him?! Because I am struggling!
8 days ago
10 days ago
I’m confused, but I don’t really like him. Thank goodness! I was worried there for a sec. (He’s a saxophone player 😫)
12 days ago
No problamo! Go for it
12 days ago
@KitKat thanksss haha yeah, kinda hoping he's the first guy?? :)
13 days ago
@Lucy don’t push him away. Definitely keep hanging out!!! If I were u I WOULD take ur time and give it a couple weeks. Learn more about him. You never know....he could be incredibly sweet and ur soul mate or some guy who eats his toenails and thinks unicorns are real😂
Hehe yeah so don’t push him away but if he makes a move maybe tell him to wait a bit. But if u really think u know him well and u just think it’s the perfect moment and he’s the perfect guy, go for it!!!!

@Ravenclaw Girl awww ok
13 days ago
Heyy y'all, I'm in a sitch and I'm hoping someone here could help me :)

I met a guy at the weekend at a house party and we instantly clicked and got along so well with quite a lot in common. we spoke all day yesterday over sc and all morning this morning and he wants to meet up
Thing is, I'm still figuring out what I want and if I'm ready to be with someone. I think I like him, and I get a smile on my face every time I think of him but we've only just met and I'm a bit nervous (and also not wanting anything,, intense?,, to happen uno).

Any advice on how should I approach this without pushing him away/making him think I'm actually not interested when I think I am?
13 days ago
Yeah, that’s pretty crazy...
but I have some bad news. I’m not really gonna b on this website that much anymore...
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Either way, bye....
13 days ago
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14 days ago
(We were talking on this site)
Ig that seems a little wasn't what u think😂😂
14 days ago
Lol that's fine im not pressuring u.

Just before u found this website I was talking to someone named Ggg and we ended up being in the same state and actually both were homeschooled so it was weird. She was in this play that I went to so it was just crazy mind blown experience😂😂
14 days ago
Uhhhh *looks around* um I live in {*]£[]!~£^{ so yeah (sorry I just don’t wanna say lol)
14 days ago
Hey what state to do u live in?
Not trying to be creepy. U don’t have to answer lol