Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

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This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. It's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine if you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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11 hours ago
Dear god send help I am now a girl in “love”
12 hours ago
Kandy, as an onlooker I’d for sure say you two have chemistry! Try asking him to get his friends to stop acting that way.. if he really does like you he will do whatever he can for oh. If all goes well tell him how you feel, hopefully everything will work out for you guys.
13 hours ago
Hey Amy! Hang out with him, if you miss him when you aren’t with him and you have the time of your life when you are with him... you probably like him. Take things slow and don’t be afraid to voice your concern.
Eeef. I am in a international school and I kinda like this guy but his friends are so annoying! I think the guy likes me because he always turns around in class to look at me and smile, but I am not sure! We are table mates in Math and Science so we stare at each other and tease each other a lot. sometimes I catch him staring at me, and we both blush and look away!
The problem is that both of his annoying friends are flirting with me and I don't know if they actually like me or just being stupid. His friends are stupid, loud and ugly, but the guy I like is super cute! What should I do? Please help me! Help Me!
2 days ago
Guys I need help! there's this guy who has a crush on me and I don't know if I like him back or not. I guess I'm a little bit attracted to him but I just don't know if I like him or not. the thing is I really don't wanna play with his feelings and lead him on if I don't like him because he's my friend. so please could you help me figure out if I like him? how do I know?
3 days ago
I realized I made a little mistake with the names. For a heads up the guy David and Daniel are the same guy.its hard putting a fake name when writing a story.
3 days ago
Okay I need help. Sooo I’ve been having feelings for my best guy friend. I can’t tell you the whole story cause it’s a lot but I’ll tell you what’s happening now. So recently other guy has been real flirty with me and stuff and I couldn’t stop him all I would say to him was like “awww thanks” or sum like that. And I’ve been trying to be friends with him but it seems not to be working out. So during that night the flirty guy was calling me and I didn’t know it was him, so obv I told my best friend(the guy I like) and he was betting on how it must have been this guy...I’ll say his name is David. And I founded out he was rjght and it was his friend. And so today my best friend has been distant with me now. And a bit rude. And I hope his friend, Daniel didn’t tell him something like “oh yah I really like this girl and her name is (blank)” and he found out it was me. Because they have a class together and they’ve seem to talk a lot about stuff. So I don’t want my best friend to think im some slut who has been hitting on Daniel(when im not but everyone thinks I hit on guys only because I’m super nice to them) and been kinda flirting with him. Sorry that this was long, but I hope you understand everything.
3 days ago
Help! I like this guy but he is also my best friend and I’m worried that if it doesn’t go well then we won’t have our friendship anymore and that is the worst thing that could ever happen to me so now I’m not sure what to do
6 days ago
I fell for the jerk.
And I fell for him hard.
I can’t take it anymore.
I’ve got to tell him.
And I’m going to tell him tomorrow.
6 days ago
duckie, i can try to help, but i’m not the best at this....
what did the quiz say? not that you should put al your faith into the quiz
7 days ago
He is my closest friend and he is bi... He came out to me. He likes a guy. I always get sucked into the things I would of if i liked him... but i don’t think I do. help me find out
7 days ago
also about the one who’s only one year older, at lunch when they were telling us to buy dance tickets for the dance, i glanced at him and he was staring at me and idk anymore, does he like me?
7 days ago
BUT THERES THIS OTHER PERSON I USED TO LIKE WHO IS ONE YEAR OLDER, AND HIS FRIENDS (apparently) SAID “hey look, it’s *insert persons name*’s girlfriend” when i walked past their lunch table to throw stuff away
7 days ago
Another thing tho, he’s kinda sorta two years older.... but he’s also agreed to a hug when this one teacher person isn’t looking, cuz he thinks he’ll get yelled at, but whatever
9 days ago
hi, how is your day going? I hope its going great, and if it's not then I hope it gets better
12 days ago
F*"** love. He does make lots of eye contact I'm confused he said he wants to kill me I said in my head I want to beat him up I kinda hate him the same on a Day my hair was a mess he stopped and looked at then my MOM then BACK AT ME ...
12 days ago
F*"** love. He does make lots of eye contact I'm confused he said he wants to kill me I said in my head I want to beat him up I kinda hate him the same on a Day my hair was a mess he stopped and looked at then my MOM then BACK AT ME ...
13 days ago
He likes you for sure go for it!
14 days ago
14 days ago
why i think he likes me:
1) he’s admitted to smiling more around me and when talking to me
2) he’s nodded with a smile on his face when someone pointed to the two of us when he was standing next to me (this happened twice)
3) he asked if i wanted to see a pic of his abs, i said sure, he sent a picture of his abs
4) we’ve said “i love you” to each other but then clarified it’s only as friends
5) he’s had me listen to a song from his phone, so i had his earbuds in, so i let him listen to a song, but it was his idea
6) when i look at him and i’m not smiling or i’m sad, he puts on this big, goofy smile that always makes me smile/laugh
7) when i told him that i’m bisexual, he wasn’t surprised, he was totally chill about it, which was so nice, and he didn’t question it
8) he tells me a lot, probably more than i tell him, and he trusts me a lot
9) he is so nice to me, and he’s funny and it’s great
why i think he doesn’t like me:
1) there’s a girl that he’s had💗with, but he said he doesn’t like her before he told me about that, and he says they’re not dating, but that “it’s complicated”
2) he jokes around a lot, so the nodding could have been a joke