Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

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This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. It's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine if you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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Just helpings :) (26864)
To Hopeless: Well, I think you should figure out if you actually like this guy/want to be in a relationship with him. If the answer is yes, you should figure out if being with him is worth risking your friendship. If you feel it isn’t, maybe you should try to let him go. (Ik it’s hard to let guys go trust me I have the longest crushes.) You should figure out if he likes you back. If he does, and you’re ok with risking your friendship, and this guy is more than just cute then I say go for it!
Hopeless (10331)
5 days ago
Hey can I get some advice from anyone? So um I think I have all of a sudden liked this guy who I have been friends with for ages. I used to dislike him (not hate) but randomly my brain was like, ‘oh, he’s cute!’ And now I apparently like him a lot, according to this test. My friends tease my about him a lot, and has even had to courage to make a ship name. I also see his brother tease him a lot about me, and this is impossible because he lives a 2 and a half hour drive away, and I only see him about once a month. I don’t know if he is hinting heavily to me or hanging around me a lot more and teasing me more (joking of course). But even if it does work there is also if it doesn’t work it will just be awkward as friends, and I really don’t want to ruin our great relationship as friends. I really don’t think it will work, and I need help on what to do! Thanks a heap xx
Helpings hand (29091)
5 days ago
Not risking any names, he lied to you and he just sounds awful. You seem to good for him. Move on to someone you find nicer and can make you laugh and you KNOW will always be there for you. You deserve someone better than him.
Maci (29091)
5 days ago
Awesome is stuck up and thinks she is pretty but wants to know if she is just to get compliments from other ppl and btw freckles are cute soo I don't know why you think you have a flawless complexion😒
Helpings hand (29091)
5 days ago
Bored, if you don't like him anymore maybe you should call it quits. Just do it to his face and tell him what a nice guy he is, but you just don't think he's the one for you.
Helpings hand (29091)
5 days ago
Little, just confess your feelings in a creative or funny way. Reward yourself once you have, even if he doesn't like you back. If you don't want to do it yourself you can always get a friend to do it or write him a note confessing your feelings. Please reply when/if you see this.
Helpings hand (29091)
5 days ago
This girl, I've been in a similar situation before. The guy I had a crush on asked me out and I said yes. I ended it a little while after bc I finally told him I loved someone else. The one I loved asked me out when my crush told him. I said yes and it worked out WAY better than the 1st guy and I did. I think you should follow the same road. But if you feel like you should wait, then take as much time as you need. Please reply when/if you see this.
This girl (63932)
6 days ago
I dont really know why im findingcomfort in this comment section but...hes the sweetest and most kindest person i' ve ever met and i know deep in my heart that its not just a crush its real love. But i cant confess because i know hes studying really hard and im only going to bother him..and then theres this other guy whos after me, hes flirtatious and he makes me feel good but i dont feel the same about him as i do with the other guy, but he seems to really like me and is on the brink of asking me out. but im not sure whether i should date him or wait for the love of my life who might not even love me back. Help me... _ r_
stfu (63801)
7 days ago
But I think I JUST LIKE HIM. but I miss him a lot. :,(
stfu (63801)
7 days ago
wow I never imagined this that I would like this playboy. We are pretty close before, but after knowing that he has a girlfriend I stop talking to him nor text him I just cant look at him in the eyes..we rarely talk but every time I talk to him, my heart beat faster than it used to be.I used to hate him but now I don't know why but I guess I really like this boy or maybe love him?
cucumber (70312)
7 days ago
he's outgoing and fun to be around. I'm shy, like ,really really shy (i don't want to sound like a narcissist but i am fairly attractive). He's an amazing person and I think he likes me but i'm not sure and I think I like him.
Pssssh (89860)
8 days ago
I don't like this guy but he is always blowing up my phone I took this test to make sure it just proves the obvious
Little (45254)
9 days ago
I'm in grade 9 and I like thus guy in grade 10. We talk occasionally, but we rarely have conversations. We say hi in the hallways and he's always very nice to me. I want him to notice me. I don't really want to tell him i like him because i'm afraid he doesn't like me back and he's only nice to me because he's just a nice person in general. What should I do?
Thank Heavens (90239)
11 days ago
I'm so happy that I only like him. I already know its not going to last LONG. Soon there will be someone NEW.
Bored (26176)
11 days ago
I’ve liked a guy for a long time and he’s liked me back for a long time. I’m kinda getting bored. I know tho that if I say it’s over well never get back together. Idk if I should wait till I see him at school to say if I really do like him or not. I don’t think I do tho. But he’s been so nice and he’s real cute.

If anyone has any experience with something like this advice would be appropriated
13 days ago
Piper Mclean (47644)
14 days ago
I like him but I don’t love him. Cool.😎
awesome (24146)
15 days ago
ok it says im in love but srsly ive hardly spoken to him. Hes from my best friends old school and they are kinda you know friends that annoy each other... so yeah but hes adorable and i know how i am with other guys getting nervous and whatnot but with him i flirt a lot and deliver word perfect speeches just to make him make a fool of himself. and hes REALLY hot

btw, am i pretty:
I have...
- golden blonde kinda wavy hair, long but not too long
- blue eyes
- full lips
- pale skin
- no zits or freckles, flawless complexion
- tall

pls tell me
zo (47137)
17 days ago
so i really like this guy from a camp i did last year, and we have eachothers snapchats but we dont really talk. so im doing the camp again this year and i want to talk to him again more, but idk if hes going to the camp, and idk if or how i should ask if he is!!! bc hes really nice and we talked a lot and he said my eyes were pretty which i just melted at but anyway, idk what to doooooo
Rainy (48784)
20 days ago
not risking any names, what was the fight about?