Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

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This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. In my opinion, it's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine whether or not you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ever ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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23 minutes ago
The nxt day, a saturday, i called arindam to talk about his 'talk' with sid cuz it was bothering me so much that i couldnt sleep properly at night (idk y). I told him it was bothering me a lot nd he told me that he told sid to stop teasing us nd that he would slap him if he got one more msg about him from me. i said dont actually slap i just sent u that msg cuz i was starting to get annoyed with him but dont actually slap him. he said okay... but if i slap him i'll go to jail (he was probably thinking about child abuse nd stuff like that), i replied," if u go to jail then i'll slap u" nd i was also thinking "nd then bail u" but for some reason i didnt say it to him nd his reply was a slow okay... then i asked him is that that happened y guys were talking for about 15mins, he said ya that all they talked about nd he had some 'boy talk' with him , other than that there is nothing else. i was like, " are u sure" he said yes, so i said bye nd cut d call
35 minutes ago
*i felt guilty not arindam
8 hours ago
i'll complete the story later
8 hours ago
Okay... So i'm gonna start from d very beginning which is about 16 days ago (d day he was looking at me playing bb... I remember my problems started on my lil bro's bday (10 Jan))

Also remember that Jack's actual name is Arindam nd i'm gonna stop calling him Jack nd start calling him Arindam nd i'm also pretty sure i'm not gonna tell him bout this site cuz our friendship is very weak. Very very weak.
One more thing - Arindam is 16 (17 in April) Sid is 11, Richa is also 16 nd i'm 14.

After he came down as usual v hung out nd called Richa 2 come down. Then a friend called Siddharth (pet name's Sid) came. Arindam doesn't like Sid cuz he's very annoying nd kinda knows too much for his age. So Sid came on his cycle nd wanted 2 ask me something when Arindam called him aside. I knew what he wanted 2 talk about. he wanted 2 tell Sid to stop teasing us cuz 4 few days sid has been coming to my house after school to play lego with my lil bro (he's 12). so i used to join them nd since i'm kinda like an sister to him he started teasing me with arindam. in the start i was completely cool with it then it started getting annoying so i just txted arindam saying "Pls slap Sid" (i didnt mean it but i was really annoyed with sid nd i tried not to show it to him) he's txted back saying "why" i said "cuz he's teasing us" nd he didn't reply but i knew he too was annoyed. So they talked for more than 10mins nd i was starting to get really curious about what arindam was telling him cuz at 1 point he raised his voice nd felt guilty. Then richa finally came down nd i called her to come sit nxt to me but arindam told her to stay with him. When arindam finally finished talking with sid, he came with richa nd sid cycled away home. I asked "what did u tell him. did u scold him" he said "i scolded him a bit, i also told him to stop teasing us,nd if he gets one more msg about him, he was gonna slap him. nd then had some boy talk with him". I wasnt satisfied but i just let it go. Then d day went on as usual.
2 days ago
Yeah I totally feel u. Well I'll b here
4 days ago
first i need to tell everything from d start, i need to find time for that cuz its gonna take a long time to type. someone or d other is always around.
5 days ago
Awwwww ofc! Iā€™m always here! Glad u could come to me! And no worries...just take your time šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹
7 days ago
rn u r my only comfort factor. idk how i wud've gotten through all this without u. I'll always be grateful : )
7 days ago
I think i need more time
7 days ago
If you're comfortable with that! It's really about u rn. R u comfortable enough to do that or even tell him? Or do u need more time?
8 days ago
if i do tell him should i also ask him 2 read whatever i've shared
8 days ago
Totally understand. And I'm not gonna force u. It's ur life. But a real friend won't let it get to em. Maybe when u guys r alone just sitting there u could slide it in. But whatever makes u comfortable!
9 days ago
Idk if he'll take it in d right way, so i'll have 2 tell him when d time is ripe. Tho i'm still not sure if i should tell him cuz sometimes i feel ok i'll tell him, then i think wait it's kinda too personal, nd i dont want this 2 spoil our friendship.
11 days ago
@Maitreyi brooooo u got this!!! I believe in you 100%!!!šŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ
11 days ago
@Colette honesty if ur good friends with him it should be easy. Make it into a joke. Make it funny. Slide it into the conversation or play like Truth Or Dare or Never Have I Ever and ask him it while laughing. Or be like "Hey do u have a girlfriend? *insert name* said u didn't and I bet her $5 that u do" or just something clever!! Most of the time ppl just ask for no reason so he doesn't have to instantly think u like him. So u got this!! Just relax!šŸ˜€šŸ™Œ
11 days ago
Please help. I like this guy, but I am not sure whether or not he has a girlfriend. We talk every day and I took a test that says that he likes me, but I think he has a girlfriend. He did in August, at least. How do I find out if he is a girlfriend. I am pretty shy and can't just go out and tell him I like him. Also, I would feel so bad if he broke up with his possible girlfriend for me. How do I deal with this problem?
13 days ago
okay.... now i have to figure out how to tell him cuz just yesterday i told him theres a 5% probability that i have a crush on him (which is what i feel deep inside) its gonna be slightly tough but ill figure it out
13 days ago
@Maitreyi sorry I had a 2 day volleyball practice. And yeah there's no harm and no shame in telling him. Besides, another girl did it and we text on instagram and we send vids and she always sends vids of them together cuz they dating now. It's just a silly little app with a lot of meaning. So yeah go for it!!
14 days ago
This is urgent
Should I tell Jack that i've been using this website.
I'm very confused
15 days ago
@KitKat smthing crazy is happening
i'll fill u in later