Do I like him (accurate)?

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This test isn't like other tests. This test will help even you determine if you like him without even knowing the answer! And nowhere in this test does it ask if you like him! So have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?

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Melissa (28245)
7 hours ago
Well the only reason i took this is because i liked this guy last year and then left and then i liked someone else but now i dont and he has come back and its been a few days and i just want to know if i would like him again because of liking him in the past i was excited to see him and even i did like him again which idk yet would he even like me and even know if he liked me the last time
My name (44756)
23 hours ago
Ok so I like this guy but I'm a very awkward and shy person so I don't really talk to him that much, even thought we have two classes together and in one class we have to sit next to each other. It's really awkward and ugh I don't know. He I barely know him and he barely knows me. He's kind of popular and I'm not so I don't think he'd ever like me. This is definitely not like the movies where you have to sit next to each other in class and then you get along so well and get each other's number, talk all night, and then the next thing you know you're dating.
To Your Name: :) (19391)
2 days ago
I know the feeling and I feel really bad for you having to go through this. You may just have to decide which one is right for you and which one you feel more comfortable around. Which one makes you feel like you can be yourself? Which one are you most excited to be around? It is hard but you will work it out I promise!
Your Name: (61780)
3 days ago
Hi so basically my friend was dating this guy & then a couple days later I started dating his friend & everyone had said we made such a cute couple & that they were so happy for us but then we broke up after only dating for 19 days and like 2 months later they broke up too so then like 2 weeks after they broke up he started texting me he said he liked me & that I’m sweet, sexy, great, hot, beautiful, pretty, nice, sorta 💗y, adorable, & cute also he said he loves when we text & when I call him on the phone & sometimes he misses my voice but I said I didn’t like him like that & just wasn’t really into him but that he was such a good friend so we should still be friends but then 4 days ago after school let out my ex boyfriend & I got back together but now I think I might have feelings for the other guy which is one of my boyfriend’s close friends too & I don’t want to because I do really like my boyfriend but I think I may like both of them now & I think about both of them a lot and the test said that I liked him but not love him & thats exactly what I was afraid of because I don’t want to like him & also I can’t talk to any of my friends about this & I don’t like talking to my family about these kind of things & would feel uncomfortable talking to anyone else about this ugh what do I do I think I’m going insane right now
attention (97953)
4 days ago
well..the test is accurate cause i like someone and the result told me that like him..tbh i already knew that I like him..i just wanna know if the test are really know some websites probably lied about something but not this one.. for people who are curious about their feeling please takes the test..and trust the result..
Jessi (85964)
4 days ago
The guy I like has know since December I liked him and he said he like me too, I asked him out he said yes then the next morning told me he wasn't ready and I understood. In January he asked me to a movie and I said yes he said it didn't classify as a date even if he was ready now. On Valentine's Day I gave him a sweet card. He thought it was a joke and didn't open the present to him. 'Y birthday is Thursday and I'm frustrated cause I remeber his birthday bu ri can't tell it f he remembers mine. And I'm fed up with waiting to talk to him cause he's so busy. What do I do?
unicorn2 (69831)
4 days ago
Sorry I put an exra he had in my comment
unicorn2 (69831)
4 days ago
So I met this boy last year and he go's to a school with my friend but not with me. I only see him for about a month or two per year. Last time I saw him, he had my he had my friend ask me out for him. I'm already grounded from my phone and have no contact with him except through my friend and can't have a boyfriend. I want to say yes but don't know what to do. HELP PLEASE!!!
HELP!! (75679)
6 days ago
WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!?!
HELP!! (75679)
6 days ago
I think I like this guy but no one from my school is going to the same middle school as me which means he won’t be there for our relationship to grow!!!!
Nat2Nowhere (90534)
7 days ago
I've known this guy since 6th grade, we went out in 6th grade, my first kiss was in 6th grade, with him on Valentine's Day, we broke up, in 7th grade, we got back together for one day, then dated other people. Now, on the same day, both of our bf/gf's broke up with us, and I really want him back. I know his password, (creepy I know) and saw that he had read all of our old messages. What does this mean? Also, we engaged in some pretty heavy flirting at the beginning of this year.
Gracie girl (22564)
8 days ago
Any advice for me? I like a guy and he likes me but we have never talked. I know right!! Anyways, we write notes (old fashioned style) through a mutual friend and we have texted a few times. Could this work out. Should I go talk to him? What should I say? HELP?
Gracie girl (22564)
8 days ago
Maybe you should ask him what he thinks of the rumors. See what he says!! Good luck!!!! :)
odette (97533)
10 days ago
So I hang out with him a lot and we tease each other another people say I like him and when we're in class I hear him and is guy friends talking about the issue the way my girls bring it up. He denies it but so do I. Sometimes it's awkward but sometimes it's not. And even if I did like him how would I bring it up? His little sister likes me and so does his older. Does this mean we could be something. Would my friends be okay with it too, and would his. I don't like gossip and this sort of stuff is gossip worthy. I NEED HELP!!
Not saying (86536)
13 days ago
It said I like him but don’t love him
to complicated... (56384)
17 days ago
i'd say wait until you feel like you are ready, or before the school year ends maybe the last day or week of school.
just gonna leave this (21297)
18 days ago
none of these people who wrote these comments deserve to be in love. what the f is wrong with your grammar? gee. fix yourself before liking someone.
complicated... (38376)
19 days ago
i like this one guy whos best friends with a guy i used to like. i overheard him say he thought i was hot and he always smiles around me and looks at me for approval and stuff like that. idk what to do cuz whenever i see him its really awkward. i wanna ask his friend that i used to like about him but i dont know how. i havent entirely gotten over him yet either but im not ready for a relationship. what do i do???
your name? (31154)
20 days ago
Are you craze I don't like B I love B He mean the world to me even he has under girlfriend
no name brand (31154)
20 days ago
I have think I don't like him and I was right I don't like ANDREW I hope you reead dis Andrew