Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

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This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. It's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine if you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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April (92602)
11 hours ago
I recently developed feeling gas for a a good of mine. I'm confused though, I don't considered to be a crush, but I like still like him. Even though I like him I ship him with somebody else? Somebody please tell me what this is called or what to do.
Nyasia (92347)
16 hours ago
I love to be but i am a kid i am still trying to pass 3rd can still be friends. Yes
Oof (98227)
19 hours ago
There is a person at my school who is really fun on group chats. I like to laugh at whatever he says, but my friend and family think I like him. Do I?
Isabelle (57080)
24 hours ago
I liked a guy as soon as i saw him but another guy was going to propose to me so i stayed quiet that i might get into trouble at school so then i told that guy off and i went back to the guy i liked when i saw him so then he proposed to mw and i accepted it but then we both frequently got into lot of trouble at school together we were together for 3 months exactly then he told me to forget him but i couldnt i forget him so i stayed back in the same school but he occasionally he used to smile at me and blush becuaz of me but then he started ignoring me and then i heard the unfortunate information that he liked an another girl that was my best friend who is one grade younger than me but knowns i like him but she too liked him so she agreed then he started running away from every place he had to face me but i love him i dont like hime but i love him i dont know what to do
Please If anyone has any has any advice please help
Daisy💙 (88267)
Thank you this really helped me not feel pressured to like him, but it still encouraged me to not be afraid to like him.
mia (22244)
lol. helpful quiz
Rosie ❤️ (75802)
Well about 2 years ago there was this boy called josh and he was to years older than me and everyone thought we where going out but he was such a player he went out with everybody in his year but the bad thing was he had a younger brother in my year. But I had a massive crush on josh. Then I hadn’t seen if in about a year then I saw him he just gave me one of them half smile things bearing in mind I just got over him then I fell for his sexy smirk all over again and I think I am actually in love. Also he saw me in town and wrapped his arm round me and was like hey I miss u then he just left and went to his friends. But I don’t think I will see him for a while now. But if anyone has advice it would be very appreciated.
why am i the way that i am (96677)
i'm like 90% sure I like this guy and the test seems to agree but hes a freshman and i'm a junior (high school, not college) and kdsnjdna idk how do I stop liking him because I obviously have no chance with him and even if we did date it would be really weird because a freshman and a junior dating is like taboo or something. I'M NOT WEIRD I promise its just that we share a lot of common interests and hes so funny and if his looks matched his personality then he'd be the best looking human being to have ever existed............. how do I stop liking him and idk, start liking someone my own age?
Nervous (33879)
2 days ago
Ok guys i need so much help so I like a guy and I right now have two classes with him so in the first period we have together before we just recently changed seats I sat by my friend than he sits by my friend just on another table so me and him really love to joke around so I was making noises and he made a weird noise like I was and than got kinda embarrassed he even said it got awkward which is kind cute cause he’s not that awkward so this went on for a while in this period until we changed seats but in the last period we have together we joke around the whole time as we stare and look at each other and make stupid jokes so we went on a “field trip” recently where we had lots of fun i was mainly with my friend and when we went outside from the place we were doing some of the stuff they have out there he ran out ... alone which was kinda weird for him but while we were out there we kept having a lot of fun me him and my friend at the end when we were going inside he walked perfectly beside me just smiling the whole time and it made me so happy well from all that and a little more I think he might like me so I want to tell him and I thought of telling him with a note but for some reason I just feel more of an urge to tell him in person which is complicated because neither of us are ever alone and I’m too scared to ask him if we can talk alone plz help should I do it? Do u think I will get a positive answer or what?
Miraculous_Key (89017)
3 days ago
TELL ME BOUT IT RAVEN! It said "confused for me too!"
Raven (02468)
3 days ago
Ugh this kid I’ve known for years turned really annoying but all of my friends ship us and think I like him cuz I complain about him a lot and he’s ANNOYING!
Do I like him?
This test says “confused”...
That doesn’t help.
Miraculous_Key (89017)
3 days ago
Hello, I am keyarra. Im just 11 years old! In 6th grade and loves to draw! But I am heartbroken. Today, I just realized that my crush has a girlfreind. My freinds lied to me way back in 2017. They said that my crush liked me. They also said that he would ASK ME OUT! My dad would never let that happen! And thank god it didn't. But, he told me that i am just a good freind of his. And the worst part is that he asked me advice on what a good impression he should be around his girlfreind. He and his girlfreind name is Damian, and Breanna. I just hate it when Damian asks me advice of what he should be like around Breanna! UGH I just cant get over with it! PLZ HELP!! :(
Me just me (56454)
4 days ago
To Kayleigh
If she is your best friend and you both like him. First go talk to your her and than make a decision.
What is more important: him or her?
Do what your heart decides but don’t let a guy tear you two apart
Just my advice (66805)
4 days ago
To Haha wassaw,
I think if he didn’t like you he wouldn’t be talking to you a lot, so clearly he feels something, maybe he does have some feelings but I’d take it slow. And I think it’s okay to like someone older than you but that’s my opinion. Also I’m in the same grade so don’t take my advice to literal that’s just my thoughts. Hope this helped a bit!
Haha wassaw (39226)
5 days ago
So this guy that I’m quite confident I like talks to me all the time, but idk I’d he likes me like that or as a friend. He’s funny and like I don’t know how to tell if it’s friends or more. He makes fun of me in a joking way and like messes with me. We talk on Snapchat like all the time and all but he’s in 11th grade and I’m in 9th so like if he were to like me should I go for someone this much older or nah
Confused Girl (66805)
5 days ago
I have been friends with this certain guy a LONG time. He had a big crush on me when We were little (it was no secret because he told me we would get married in the future,we were little kids don’t judge) but I broke his heart and said I didn’t like him 8 years ago. Now, I’m in grade 9, and he started coming to my church! The first time he came last year I was all dressed up and he would not stop giving me eye contact. Every time he comes to church he stares at me but never talks to me unless he is making fun of me or sometimes defending me. (AGHHH DO I LIKE HIM? DOES HE LIKE ME? AND SHOULD I SAY SOMETHING TO HIM FIRST?)
#Advice (54614)
5 days ago
Kayleigh GO FOR HIM!
Kayleigh (67619)
6 days ago
So, me and my best friend McKenna are both cheerleaders, and we both have a crush on the same guy. He's on the football team, and his name is Seth. He's SO cute (wavy blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and he's a little taller than average), popular, smart, and is a great football player. Should I let McKenna have him, or should I go for him?
💕💕💕 (37430)
7 days ago
I think I like this guy in my class. We’re both in grade 9 and I consider him my friend but I’m not sure if he considers me his. School has only started for a month so we’ve only hung out since school started even though I have known him since the end of grade 7. We do have some common interests but I’m not sure if I like him or he’s just one of my “crushes” that I like for a few weeks. He’s also quite short and I’m quite tall which I feel like would make me insecure if I ever dated him. Thanks for reading if you did... bye!!
Rosie ❤️ (75802)
7 days ago
To random cheerleader
I think you should spend some more time with him and if you could spend time with him alone that’s even better and if he doesn’t tell you anything you try and open up to him and tell him how you feel
Hope this helps xxxx