When Will I Get my First Period?

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This is just a rough estimate: I'm no doctor

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got her period?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic hair, underarm hair or leg hair?
  • 4
    Describe what your pubic hair looks like:
  • 5
    Do you have discharge?
  • 6
    How would you describe your breasts?
  • 7
    How much do you weigh?
  • 8
    Have you had a lot of mood swings lately?
  • 9
    Have you been craving food lately?
  • 10
    How many of the following things have you had? Cramps, back aches, acne, growth spurts, bloating, sore breasts, feeling tired

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Ugh (53093)
18 days ago
yeah: it sounds like u shld be having it any day! Ur mom had it a year younger than u are and that means u shld have just about now
Someone (62372)
25 days ago
Can you please estimate me

I am 11 years old- tallest girl in my grade (5 feet 2 inches) grew around 4-5 inches- I have a lot of discharge every day it is yellow and thick/goey I use a panty liner or else my underwear gets tained- pubic hair is curly and black covering 3/4 - I have triangular breasts that are starting to round out. Been developings for about 1-2 years- I have armpit hair but very little straight black hairs- I wear A LOT OF DEODORANT- I WANT TO EAT MY WHOLE PANTRY/ cravings all the time recently!- I started getting cramps this week and they are getting worse and worse (bloating a bit too)- I am not getting acne probably because i am using an acne cream- my mom got her period when she was 12 so around my age- I weigh 98 ish pounds-
Urgh (61515)
31 days ago
Help I would say up to 3 months maybe a little more but I don’t think so
Help (30770)
37 days ago
Can someone estimate me plz? I really wanna know!
I'm 12 almost 13
I crave a lot of chocolate, ice-cream, and salty foods!
I wear a B-cup
I have a lot of discharge everyday
I have had spotting a few times
All PMS symptoms
I grew 5 inches in the last year
I weigh 75 pounds
I have round halfway developed 💗
They hurt to the touch
Don't know why but I feel different
I have been having a lot of mood swings
My mom was around 14 when she had hers

If you do estimate me thank you in advance!
Yoo (61348)
38 days ago
These tests just take the signs like breast growth or emotional signs of your period not actually what’s going on inside of you.
D00t D00t (13718)
44 days ago
AROUND THE CORNER!!! YYYAAAYYY [falls out of sky] YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYY btw, how do u use menstrual cups? I can't decide between pads or menstrual cups...😂😍
yeah (84776)
46 days ago
Can someone estimate me plz? I really wanna know!
I'm 11
I crave a lot of CHOCOLATE!
I wear a B-cup
A lot of discharge everyday
All PMS symptoms except lower back pain
I grew 6 inches in the last year
I weigh 100+ pounds
I have round halfway developed 💗
They hurt to the touch
Don't know why but I feel different
I have been having a lot of mood swings
My mom was 10 when she had hers

If you do estimate me thx in advance!
No one (89020)
47 days ago
I weigh 65 or 66 lbs btw
No one (89020)
47 days ago
Estimate please I took the test but want to know:
I’m 11 turning 12
Small amount of discharge everyday
Training bra currently
Halfway developed 💗
Hurt to touch
Mood is everywhere almost everyday
Cravings all the time
Spotting once
All PMS symptoms except nausea
Grown quite a bit
Feel different for some reason
If you respond thanks In advanced
Mabel👑 (69811)
47 days ago
I started my period yesterday but it’s saying 1-3 months so it doesn’t work
Isabelle (54509)
47 days ago
Omg 50% and I only have pads for right after your period (for discharge) Anyone any recommendations for pads? Like, which brand?
Chocoholic (76790)
53 days ago
30% I ate all my chocolate 🍫 but it’s not enough
Anonymous (77205)
57 days ago
Im 30% away from my period (1 year ; w ;) my mood have been swinging all around lately and i had cramps, those craps. And i have discharged for like 4 years lol, and i have craved for chocolates these days ; w ; and finally got some chocolate but i NEED MOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!
InternetCan't KnowMyName! (63462)
60 days ago
I am 1-3 months away but IDK if it's very accurate because the body knows when it's coming not a quiz but I wanted to test it out. Thank you for the quiz though! Nice try!
Me (66210)
89 days ago
Can someone estimate?
I’m 12
I have small aa 💗
Medium amount of discharge for 7 months
Lots of pubic hair for 2 years
Lots of armpit hair brown and curly For 1 year
6.9 stone
No cramps
Lots of food cravings
Very moody
Once had lower back pain
I’ve grown 4 cm in 2 months
And put on 4kg In 2 months
Please can someone estimate me !!
Curious (19630)
96 days ago
Breast: 34 a growing really fast that I have stretch marks been growing for 2 plus years
Headaches: can’t say, have had migraines everyday for 2 years
Backaches: idk but my back will twitch
Cramps: 😭 omg the worst EVERYDAY for like 1-2 months
Discharge: so much I have to wear pantyliners for 2-3 years
Bloating: started when cramps : everyday
Age :13
Moms: 12
Weight: 110
Growth: grew about 2 inches this last year
Pubic hair: full thigh to thigh
Armpit: getting there starting to become crown
Mood swings: YAASSS
cravings: where are the pickles????????
KittyKaja (89760)
120 days ago
My results were not clear. ^_-
Liesl (08335)
125 days ago
I need some help, 'cause I'm not sure if mine is right.
I'm 13, my breasts are small but round ish, I have back pains, cramps, hair everywhere, craving food, mood swings 24/7, I'm 5'2 and I'm not sure of my weight. My discharge is very thick and heavy, daily (started a while ago) And my result was just round the corner..
On other tests it said between 1-3 moths.. I'm kinda scared, nervous but excited for when it starts
Samantha (52719)
133 days ago
My mom was 10 when she got her period I am 11. I have been having back pains,cramps,have breast that are big and triangular and I have hair EVERYWHERE. I have also been wanting salty foods. Mine said just around the corner is this true
Abi (Not my real name lolll) (54655)
133 days ago
Got just around the corner but idk can someone predict me
10 1/2
💗 r like round triangle buds lol (also they are itchy and sore)
Spotted idk how many times but i think 4
Cramps OH HECK YES jdkfkskskskskmsj i attacked my phone outa pain lol
I am 5’0
I weigh 73 ibs
Discharge is soo heavy i feel it and I should wear pantyliners but im too nervous to ask
My best friend got it two months ago
My mom was twelve i think idk
My older sister has not gotten it yet but I got puberty wayy before her (Age wise)