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CharmX's love story chapter 3

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    Saoirse looked up at Charmx. He looked so confused and tired.
    "Well, aren't you going to thank me for saving you from being killed?"
    Charmx looked even more confused than he already was, but after a couple of minutes he remembered about his allergy.
    "Shit, thanks, you really saved me."
    Saoirse smiled at Charmx. Then she took out her pencil case from her bag. She started writing stuff.
    "What are you writing?"
    Saoirse stopped writing and looked up at Charmx.
    "Did you forget about our German homework? We need to write to each other in German."
    Charmx looked like he was going to cry. He hates writing stuff in German. Saoirse wrote a question. Charmx didn't understand what she asked.
    "I can see your stare, it's a yes or no question."
    Charmx still didn't understand what it meant, but he said yes.
    Saoirse wrote another question.
    "Another yes or no question."
    Charmx again replied with a yes.
    Saoirse looked so happy, but Charmx didn't understand what was going on.
    "So it's official?"
    Charmx nodded. Saoirse gave him a hug and walked away from Charmx’s house.
    "The hell was that?"

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