Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Girls Ages 11 - 15)

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Is the question, "Does my crush like me back?" at the top of your mind? You and like, MILLIONS of other people! Well, this quiz will tell you whether or not this special someone likes you back!

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    How did you guys meet?
    How did you guys meet?

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6 days ago
💗 💗 loser 💗
8 days ago
A girl in my camp likes this boy and she really talks about him a lot. He is four years older than her which is a little old for because she is 10 and he is 14. He is the cool type of boy and his name is Justin.Girl a guy like that will never like her.She is always asking me to go talk to him and say things like who is the most beautiful girl in camp,💗 like that.She just met him and likes him by he outside.I think she likes a another boy.Shes a hoe. Besides,I do not even care if he does not like her. No one gives a 💗 💗 learn how to take it in. I need help because she keeps being mean to me and keep staring at him.She told me that I am the ugliest girl in camp meanwhile I am pretty. I have blue eyes with dark brown wavy hair and skinny.Mean! Its not my fault this jumbo will never like u because your a 💗. I am really upset at her for being a enemy to me. I am sorry I am really upset. Good luck on your crushes everyone.
8 days ago
whew. i took this test cuz everyone at my summer camp ships us but i dont like him. was scared he did like me though. am super glad he doesn't!!!!!!
12 days ago
I think this mans got a huge💗crush on me but I know he does☺️I like him back he told me he likes me and I told him I like him a little.He touches me everyday and pretty much everywhere except you know where but he slaps my butt or touches it gently.A lot of people say we look like a good couple and stuff, he is my bff we talk 24/7 and he glances at me a lot.To be honest I think I’m in love with my best friend🥰also this quiz was fun to take when I already know he likes me but it was fun.Lol also when I say something in Spanish this man would blush😂also when I say 💗 he says how hard also when I say something he says 💗 and suck this big thing Lol I just hope he ain’t going to read this 💗 but adiós!
13 days ago
Idk what to do about my crush tho be he is like rlly cute he's tallish with blonde hair and the dreamiest blueish green eyes. Its crazy that I had no idea I liked him till last week. I need help on what to do.😬😬😬
13 days ago
Ok so the boy I like is like rllllllllllllly rlly cute and I really like him but I didn't realize it until last Friday at my friends birthday party and we pretty much hung out the entire time but idk if he likes me back and I think it would just seem really awkward to ask.
21 days ago
Oh and the one that said hey for the name is also mine.
21 days ago
Hey “the girl” I’m not sure I like my crush either. He’s the only guy in my church class who’s cute. He sings good also.
21 days ago
I have zero things to do. I’m bored. So the answer to if my crush likes me is: nope 👎
21 days ago
I like a guy(Braden) and he told me he likes me too...but he is in a happy relationship...idk what to
23 days ago
24 days ago
This works my crush and I are in lovely relationship
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29 days ago
Soooooo my and my bff like the same guy and my other bff(the one who doesn't like him)asked him who he would date and he said meeee!!!!!! Does this mean he likes me back? Help me
33 days ago
I'm not even sure if I like my crush? Becuz im not sure if i forced myself but i blush at him and literally stare at him every moment i can... i guess i do like him but we're only friends :(❤❤❤
33 days ago
I love my crush! We talk almost all the time in the bus and i rlly like himmm❤❤❤
37 days ago
Yall so idk if this quiz is vey accurate for me bc we live like 45 mins away so idk someof this stuff
37 days ago
SO. I have liked this guy since kindergarten ( I know, KINDERGARTEN. ) and since he was the only descent boy in my class at the time, ALL the girls liked him. But by first grade it was only me and my bff liking him. And of course I didn’t tell my bff that I liked him cus I’m scared it will ruin our friendship, so I laid back. Years pasted and I told my family I liked the guy. They think he’s a nice guy. And they approve 😂 anyway, years past and in3rd grade this other guy liked me. I didn’t really like him back. But I felt obligated to like him back cus all my friends were being weird with me and him. So I told him I “liked” him and he asked if it was a dare. Welp. After a while he laid back and was cool about it. Both said nothing about it. SO years passed ( ik I’ve said “years passed” a lot) and I STILL liked the guy from the beginning. Never told him. He’s like my boy BFF so it’s be weird. But my best friend told him she liked him. And he doesn’t like her back. DON DON DON.. SOOO then a new guy came in the midfle of the year and he liked me. He started sorting next to me in class which I thought was creepy others thought it was sweet.. after a while He TOLD me. All my friends when we talk about him call him (blank’s) amor. And I blushed so much!! EEK. So i kinda started liking him but I’m totally not looking for a bf. but oak if I like the guy from the beginning or the guy who told me. But now the guy who told me I think doesn’t like me anymore and I’m kinda jealous. So do I like him?? IDK! Please reply back to me! Sorry it’s so long!! 😬😬
40 days ago
Idk my crush name is Jonathan he fineeeee but he said he would dump his girl for somebody he likes because she forse himEnter here your text you want to format
42 days ago
my crushes name is enzo