Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Girls Ages 11 - 15)

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Do you have a crush? (I am guessing yes, since you're checking out this quiz!) So, is the question, "Do they like me back?" on your mind? You and like, MILLIONS of other people! Well, this quiz will tell you whether or not this special someone feels the same! Try it now! P.S. This test works best for girls, but if you're a guy who's wondering about a girl, go ahead and give it a try!

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    How did you guys meet?
    How did you guys meet?

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4 days ago
Honestly I was going to confess to my crush on the last day of school, and I regret that now because I should have confessed sooner. Seeing as how the schools closed in March I won’t be able to confess anymore. I don’t have their number, we aren’t close and so yeah. There’s another thing too next year I’m going to transfer to this catholic school. I think I should give up on stupid crushes, I want to get good grades and make my parents proud. Well bye I guess.
13 days ago
Sorry meant to say he/she because I’m using text to speech because I’m lazy AF ha ha!!
13 days ago
This quiz was good but it should have said he slushy for myself I am a bisexual so I have a crush on a girl.
18 days ago
Omg so happy I give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
20 days ago
his name is theo. thanks to this test ima ask him out today!!!
24 days ago
Meeting at school is a smart idea because I mean, you could meet a really cute guy and fall in 💜 with them.
32 days ago
I blew it with my crush.
We were best friends and my other friend's told him I had feelings for him things got Really weird we were still friends after and still are it just made things weird between us because he didn't like me back or so I think my friends would say he said he liked me but when I asked him he would say he didn't say anything but like I said were still friends so that's good and you will never guess what happened I was on a walk and found out he lives close to me!!!!
43 days ago
He’s name is Jonathan we meet in a park he stared to play with me basketball
44 days ago
hi i need help, ive known this guy since fifth grade and his family and my moms side of our family are really good friends, his grandma tried to set us up in fifth grade but seeming as we were only 11 i didnt know, now im in middle school going into high school (we went to different middle schools) in a few months and i dont really talk to him, we follow eachother on instagram and snapchat but dont really talk and just recently we started doing streaks, (i liked him for a while, just his eyes and his smile and his glasses and his laugh is just aaahhh) and i hit him up saying hi and stuff and we started talking weve been talking now for a few days and i dont know if i should tell him, because a guy that i was dating just recently broke up with me saying he never liked me at all, and im scared to get rejected again. but i need help BAD pleease help me someone
44 days ago
A tip for all the middle schoolers taking this, if you like your crush, just tell them!! i'm in high school and my biggest peice of advice is no matter how much you think they dont like you, there's always a chance!! go ask them out already before its too late!!
78 days ago
Hi everyone ! My crush used to go to the same school as me we’re both 10yo I knew him for only 1 year now and one of my friends told him that I liked him then I was embarrassed because he came then asked me if that is true and I said yeah and then I asked if he liked me and he said yes. Then after a few months I told him through text I didn’t like him anymore. Oh, yeah I have 2 crushes by now him and someone else. Should I tell my other crush I like him. Advice pls 🙏
80 days ago
I am a girl and i have a crush on bff. She might like me back, but i don't think she's into girls, sadly. Wish me luck!
90 days ago
A random girl- That's good! I'm pretty sure he likes you and was too scared to walk up and tell you

So I have a huge crush on a guy I've known for a little less then a year. When were saw each other for t the second time he asked for my number and since we've been quarantine we've been texting and calling each other at least every other day for hours. We're in a class with about 14 people and all of them say we like each other and we should date ( and he doesn't deny it, he'll just look at me and smile) Then if were sitting across from each other or if he's right in front of me he'll stare at me ( for what honesty feels like hours😍) There have been been times were he'd flirt with me ( idk it could just be for fun🤷) but I really really like him. Do you like he likes me back
91 days ago
So, I like this guy and I think he likes me, but I’m not 100% sure...
We have been friends since grade 2 ( when he moved to my school). He is sooooo cute and smart but he is Indian and I’m Hispanic, do u think that’s weird?? Now I’m gonna tell you a little story that happened before Covid-19...
I was at the lunch table with my best friend...
He was in the table behind me and then all of the sudden, this kid next to him yells out my name and says that he likes me!!! Then my crush starts smiling and blushing and asking if he could go to the bathroom.
That’s good right? What do u think?
Ps: rn I’m in the last year of elementary school
96 days ago
96 days ago
I might try that, thanks.
98 days ago
I meant if knot I srry
98 days ago
That crazy fan girl i you like another guy you have to follow your heart, and to tell him if you have his # ask what is he doing, then when he asks you say texting the love of my life. If he says i feel the same youre good. if he says who make up a random person, nobody he knows and say he doesnt know him
98 days ago
@love, go for it. If you both like each other, go for it
98 days ago
So, I have a very big problem cause I have a boyfriend and I'm to scared to dump him, but I have a crush on another dude. Also, I have no clue if my crush likes me back or not. Here is a little backstory on me and my crush: he is one of my best friends and we joke and hug and look at anime memes all the time. I'm pretty sure he likes me, but I'm really bad at these things. Also, he's a christian and I'm a sucidal pansexual who has accepted that she is going to Hell. I'm sorry if any of that offends you. So anyway, advice?