Does your crush like you back? (Girls ages 11-15)

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Do you have the question "Does my crush like me back" at the top of your head? This quiz will tell you whether or not this special someone likes you back.

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    How did you guys meet?

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B.B (69034)
32 days ago
Yes i got he really likes me and i should ask him out
Ive took a bunch of these quizzes and ive getting he really likes me and i should go for it ive done like 30 quizzes they have all been the same yee
Not saying (86536)
38 days ago
Better off as friends
LiL' DEE (94049)
40 days ago
Girl in Love (77262)
85 days ago
Better off as friends :'(
But I really like him.
We've been best friends for a while too.
Hmmm......I hope we don't just stay friends.
I've liked him ever since we met.
At a MacDonald's....
Just Another Girl (22508)
128 days ago
Of course, just what I expected. We are just friends, and never will be anything more. And what about for the lesbians/bi? We have crushes on girls too. I'm bi but the girl I like is straight and super hot. I already know of a ton of people crushing on her. *sigh* My life sucks
Ibby (42490)
167 days ago
I fogot I already took this test it said the same thing it might be because we are homeschooled it kind of hard to see if someone likes you when your homeschooled and live far apart😢😢
Lily (82189)
230 days ago
Omgggggg. WE ARE MEANT BE !!!❤️❤️❤️
Ibby (07121)
238 days ago
It said we'd better off being friends
It seems there are a lot of people who better off being friends suspicious
Anon (00139)
247 days ago
This quiz was wrong so it can't be that good
Rain (88602)
247 days ago
Yeah it says you'd be better off as friends, even though I legit die whenever he walks up to me
GIRL (73347)
248 days ago
It says that we would be better as friends... :(
Mama (96471)
253 days ago
Just flirt with her and feel out her vibes. If she touches u a lot I would say it was a safe bet she likes u! Good luck!
Angelina (10507)
253 days ago
I only did this quiz to see if a girl likes me and it said the opposite of every quiz I ever took because they all say I should ask her put(yes I'm a lesbian) but how