Does My Crush Like Me Back? (Girls Ages 11 - 15)

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Do you have a crush? (I am guessing yes, since you're checking out this quiz!) So, is the question, "Do they like me back?" on your mind? You and like, MILLIONS of other people! Well, this quiz will tell you whether or not this special someone feels the same! Try it now! P.S. This test works best for girls, but if you're a guy who's wondering about a girl, go ahead and give it a try!

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    How did you guys meet?
    How did you guys meet?

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71 days ago
He stares at me in class and im gym he sorta tries to show of in school he send goodnight text but is always late for Goodmorning ones im to shy to talk to him and he to shy to talk to me !
81 days ago
Im actually dating mycrush
95 days ago
It needs a I don't have a phone answer! Also one of my friends told him I like him, does that affect any thing?
98 days ago
ight so me and my crush have known each other since we were babies. ik. rlly long. me and him do things our parents dont like, we have legit everything in common, my friends SHIP me with him, and i just wanna know if he likes me back and if he will ask me out cuz his friends tease him whenever im around. what do yall think..?
100 days ago
So I like this person and he is 5years older then me. But he has a awesome personally and is very thoughtful. He helped this old lady carry stuff to the car. Me and him go to the same school. And he winks and waves at me every time I see him I love him but I don't know if he even cares bout me and advice? ♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋
102 days ago
So, I’m kinda caught up in a bad situation rn. I just moved to this school last year and since the first day, I had a crush on this really cute boy. The bad thing?I found out that my BFF HAS BEEN CRUSHING ON HIM FOR 4 YEARS! I get really jealous when he jokes around with her and stuff at recess EVERYDAY... Last year, my friend told me my crush said he likes me. I took the risk to ask him to be my bf...I got rejected...This year, he acts like I never asked him anything. He’s not my friends so I hate it when he talks to other girls. However, on the 14 of February(AKA valentines day),he asked one of my classmates to tell me he said “Happy Valentines Day”.That’s why I wanted to take this quiz ^w^
104 days ago
Um sooo my friend Kadence i think he might like me but im not sure...
do i like him? Maybe id give em a chance the quiz said that were just good friends and im ok with that
104 days ago
Um soo i have this friend named Kadence and i think he might like me... do i like him? Maybe id give em a chance this quiz said we are prob just close friends and im ok with that
107 days ago
btw im in 8th grade and he's in 7th grade
107 days ago
hola peeps so i'm kinda in a bit of a situation. so i did a skit like two years ago with like 7 frickin other boys (IT SUCKED) and i found out that one of them liked me but hes like a grade younger than me and after that skit we did a dance we ended up together as partners and i asked my bestie about him because she's known him for like along time but she said i don't have to worry cause he likes some other girl now and so two years later(NOW) he has like completely changed like taller and stuff but anyways i told my friend this story and she says she's seen the way he still looks at me in the halls (since now he's in the same school). in the beginning he like sorta avoided me but now it's just like who cares but he like SUPER annoying and popular(unlike me) so i just don't know what to think right now!
107 days ago
So I wrote shes merging but what I meant is he might.
107 days ago
I like this boy and we’re in the same class but Idk if he likes me too. The quiz to ask him to be friend and she merging might develop but I’m not sure. He sits next to me in math class and we joke around a lot, but he’s mean to me sometimes. I can’t even date since my parents won’t let me, so why am I taking this quiz you might be wondering, cuz a few girls say that he likes me saying that he stares at me sometimes and that he’s mean to all the girls in my class except me but IDK! What if he just finds me funny or something I hope someone will help me. So should I ask him to be friends idk tbh. Help! I promise to help anyone with their crush’s if they help me out too.
109 days ago
Okay so I’m replying thatsadbisexualpotato: First of all, as a fellow bisexual umbrella term... person(?) (pansexual), ik the feeling, girl, so many girls that were straight and guys that were gay and people of other genders who weren’t into girls and it SUCKS, but the best advice I can possibly give is to take it slow. Drop small hints, maybe flirt a small bit, and if she reacts positively, try different things. If she wants to talk about her sexuality with you, she probably will, although it wouldn’t hurt to judge her just a little bit. Hope this helps, much love, and good luck.
109 days ago
@Pissedofflesbian I know, right!? Dude I have a MASSIVE crush on a girl right now, and so do millions of girls around the world. Not to mention the other countless girls who have crushes on people of other genders. Please, just USE THEY THEM IN YOUR CRUSH QUIZZES PLEASE
111 days ago
Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Gianna Candice Candice Candice Luca Luca Luca
114 days ago
so me and the guy i like (let’s call him jake) and another girl (let’s call her emily) were best friends at school before i moved. we had a class that only had 4 people in it and we all 3 hated the other kid that was in it with us. we were always hanging out. they were and still are my best friends. but then jake started dating a girl (let’s say her name is daisy). i got really jealous even tho at the time i didn’t like him and they broke up pretty quickly because they just didn’t work out. then a while later jake started dating emily and i third wheeled really bad. i was actually the one that got them together. i honestly didn’t mind much because they were adorable together. but then i started getting jealous of them. not because i liked him but because i didn’t want their relationship to take over our friendship and me be completely left out. then when i moved schools, emily texted me and she said i think me and jake are about to break up and of course i was super sad. i asked why and she said that it was because they didn’t click like they used to when i was still there and i said so basically i’m the reason y’all are breaking up and she said no...maybe so yeah. then after a while of them being broken up and i told emily that i had like him because i thought all the jealousy was me actually liking him (and i was right). then (my sister still goes to the same school as them) and i went to one of her games and jake is on the boys team and i emily cheers and after emily was done cheering me and her went and sat with jake and we talked but he would randomly leave and take to daisy and other girls and i kept getting really jealous. and i kept saying to emily stuff like i wish y’all would date again and stuff. and she was like saying stuff like i wish y’all were dating. so obviously emily who is jakes ex ships me and jake together. idek what to think anymore. me and jake used to talk and we still talk but just not as much as we used to. and i’m really sad. but sometimes i think he kinda likes me but sometimes i don’t. but he’s coming to my birthday party so that’s good !!!!!
117 days ago
All of these quizzes say ‘he’ bruh I’m gay af
122 days ago
all the quizes say he doesnt like me :( oh well
135 days ago
@Shi_Ying I know right?
137 days ago
Should I tell my I like her because I done a lot of quizzes and it said yes should I do it yes or no I need advice